Video: Academy Insights: Matterport Camera Scanning Height | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel (2 April 2020)

Video: Matterport Camera Height for Scanning for Property Insurance Claims

Hi All,

What's the best height for the Matterport camera when scanning for property insurance claims?

In this Actionable Insights YouTube Channel video, you will get the "down low" - in a New York minute - on:

✓ the best Matterport camera height for water loss, fire loss, comprised building materials
✓ why the Matterport camera height at four (4) feet makes sense for property insurance claims

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Transcript from Actionable Insights video above

- But it's our belief that folks are scanning wildly too high for the property insurance space. And one of the ways to think about that is if we think about a flood, a water loss, or even a fire loss, where's most of the action, Harrison? Is it at the baseboards or is it at the crown molding?

- It's down low.

- So if that's the case, most of the action and damage compromise building materials down low, it makes all the sense in the world just to have the camera about four-foot height.