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'Tripod Height' Topics

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Video: The Best Way to Set Camera & Monopod Height for Zillow 3D Home Tours DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (29825): The Best Way to Set Camera & Monopod Height for Zillow 3D Home Tours | video courtesy of @Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel with Emily Olman | 28 August 2023
Video: IDEAL tripod height while shooting real estate photography DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): IDEAL tripod height while shooting real estate photography | Video courtesy of Jordan Nielsen YouTube Channel | 19 November 2021 What height do you shoot real estate photography? Dan WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Tripod Height
what Matterport pro 2 camera height are you using? adc1967 10 4 yearstoddwaddington (526): @rzphotoman, good to know. I have noticed that eye level is not ideal for pulling real estate photos. ok, for large areas, but not for medium to smaller rooms. Lower would be better. Thanks
Camera Height with Ricoh Theta Z1 for Matterport Tours? marcoastan 1 4 yearsmarcoastan (47): Hi, What is the best camera's Height if I use Theta Z1 on matterport platform? Because when I use Matterport Pro2 Camera we can adjust the camera between 4-5 feet depend on the how height the ceiling, but Pro2 has infrared so it can do measurement. My issue is when I use theta camera I can get the floor plan because there is no infrared. But I can ask 3rd party to make a floor plan. In this case, how they are calibrate the measurement?...
Dome - can camera see height - is there a limit? SpencerLasky 23 4 yearsSpencerLasky (398): If I use the BLK360 or apparently the Z1 or insta360 one of the smaller 360 camera's can we go through the front doors and get a bit of the outside world? this would create a better dollhouse I would think. Anyone have an example of that with the small 360 camera and ... which one is the bang - quality images is the main thing. Thanks !
Video: Matterport Camera Height for Scanning for Property Insurance Claims DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Academy Insights: Matterport Camera Scanning Height | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel (2 April 2020) Video: Matterport Camera Height for Scanning for Property Insurance Claims Hi All, What's the best height for the Matterport camera when scanning for property insurance claims? In this Actionable Insights YouTube Channel video, you will get the "down low" - in a New...
Tip: Why you want to lower the Matterport Camera (especially hotel rooms) DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): [wp3d][/wp3d]Matterport 3D Tour by We Get Around Network Photographer Dan Smigrod Hi All, When you "walk around" this Matterport 3D Tour (above), you may - or may not notice - that the camera height is: ✓ just above the bed ✓ just below the bedroom mirror ✓ just below the bathroom sink ✓ the vertical remain vertical while...
Question of the Day: What height do you set your Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 13 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, This question seems to come up a lot. I agree with ... Wondering if @Property3NZ sets it any lower than 4 feet (1.22 meters). The following is also great advice by @walkintour Other thoughts on the topic of Matterport Pro2 3D Camera height? Enjoy your weekend, Dan
Question of the Day: Matterport Camera at 4 feet to capture 3D Tour-Photos? DanSmigrod 6 5 yearsron0987 (2788): Nice these look really good.
Why I shot this Matterport 3D Tour at Different Camera Heights DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Hi All, I received a follow-up email ... Dan --- Dan, That clarifies a bit. I assume you went through multiple rotations of the space, to utilize your muse, the fill in the majority of space. I understand that over scanning will result in a cleaner dollhouse, and will be hidden during workshop. I just was curious if there was another reason. Are you pulling still shots from these models at different heights? I assume...
MP Scanning at 5 feet or Door Knob Level? DanSmigrod 2 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): I think that height can be subjective to room. Dropping the camera to avoid mirrors is sometimes necessary in bathrooms, although not ideal. Having different heights if the second floor or a loft area has lower ceilings can feel natural as the entry to these spaces is by climbing a stair case. Door knob height is a BIT low, but for hotel rooms and apartments with low ceilings, dropping the camera by 1/2 a foot can make a big difference. My...
Multi-Scan Heights Snap 14 7 yearsSnap (194): Thank you @mori I will have a look
Effect of Camera Height Richierichks 15 7 yearscraigsauer (1075): I'm just finding this thread as I'm searching for threads about verticals. I'm hoping to get some opinion from Matterport with regards to this issue now that they are really marketing the new camera as providing sufficiently high quality captures to use for real estate marketing stills. I'm pretty unconvinced, primarily because of the issue of the verticals in the Matterport images. Whenever I capture images (primarily for Guided Tours) I...
Matterport Height Recommendations Wonderdawg 8 9 yearsWonderdawg (343): Thanks for the examples Dan!
Lowering tripod and its effects? EricThomas 4 9 yearsdfellars (52): This is a VERY early model we ran while testing the camera. This was pre-release and the showcase view was not yet available so we captured at multiple heights to try and create a more photo-realistic mesh view. Creating a better mesh view was not successful, but as you move through the kitchen you can see that we took sweeps at both a high and low position and it should give you an idea of the...