Video: Chervenich Realty efficiently markets listings and rentals - A Matterport Customer Story | video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 17 March 2020

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- I'm Dave Chervenic with Keller Williams Chervenic Realty.

We're located out of Stow, Ohio and we have about 400 agents. Over the last 40 years, I mean when I first got into real estate, the only means of marketing was a real estate sign and the local newspaper, so it was a whole different world back then. And then it has evolved and then now it's, the technology today is just unbelievable, I would have never imagined it.

- As a company we try to stay up, again, on all the technology and all the marketing things that are available, because that's what your client expects. I became aware of Matterport probably about two years ago. I thought it was a great technology.

My wife listed a home about four months ago and she took that tour and she boosted it on her Facebook and within seven days she had 2,700 views of the tour. Everywhere we go in town, any restaurant, people were coming up and talking to her about that house and about that tour because they had never seen anything like that.

What has happened since then because of doing that has really boosted her business because of using this technology.

It's about what it does for your reputation in the community.

The more people that see you promoting your real estate with that technology is going to boost your reputation in the community, so they're going to want to call you when they want to sell their house because of what you're doing to market the other properties. Well it's very easy to order a tour, they're out within 24 hours, they get the tour done. So within probably 48 to 72 hours it's on our website.

They put tags on them so they can tag different things, like the granite countertops, the subzero refrigerators, the jacuzzi tubs.

And so it's really amazing that you can just go to the tour and then you click on the tags and you can see the special features, the extra special features on the property. We promoted that to the other agents and now they're all using it. When they're doing a listing presentation, that seals the deal with the listing.

And once they post that virtual tour online and on their social media, it really boosts everything about them and the homes sell within days. As agents from other companies see what we're doing and the technology and how we're implementing it, which they're not doing at their companies, they want that. They want to be able to do the same thing.

As we marketed the student rentals, the landlords would want us to do a 360 tour of their apartment because they were tired of showing their units.

A lot of times you have four or five people wanting to rent one unit, so one would find it, show it, and then they could share it with the other students and they could share it with the parents.

We went to Kent State University to see if we could get them to refer us to the students and when they saw the technology they asked us if we could provide some help to them.

They want to use it for their incoming students so they can see the university and see the different areas within the university. Our website has blown up with views and everything coming, students coming to look because they are referring us.

It's a phenomenal tool to use for anybody coming that can't spend the time or the money to get here to see what they need to see. Just the time to find a place, it's difficult, so them being able to get on a website and see the units and do a tour is just phenomenal.

I think this is just the beginning of Matterport, that's where we need to be and that's where you guys are going. Especially with our younger millennials, that's what they expect.

They don't want to go look at houses, they want to go see 'em online and then choose the ones they want to see and then go.

And they'll pick one house and they'll go buy it. If you put your house on the property with a Matterport tour, you'll get three times the hits in the first day than you will if you don't have a tour.

Going to the future, we need the technology more than ever, so that's where we're placing all our bets is on the technology for the future, for the future buyers.