Video: See how customers realize new efficiencies with Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (26 February 2020)

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In this Matterport marketing video (above), Matterport clients - in various verticals - give Matterport "Shout-Outs" about why they Matterport.

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Transcript (video above)

- Real Estate: Bill Lawton with Keller Williams Realty - We have not lost a listing presentation since we've started using Matterport. The only ones that we've lost are the ones we didn't want. It's keeping them attached to you, having the interaction with you or your website. Our websites are us, which means more time engaging with our websites, which meant more opportunity to create a new client.

-AEC: Melissa Parry with H.H. Angus and Associates - For our Toronto Western Hospital project, we got our online site walkthrough, point cloud files, Mattertag's ability to embed information, reduce return visits to site. Comparing that to your more traditional site surveys, where you get all of those photographs, very hard to organize, we spend about double the amount of time on-site with traditional site surveys, and that's double the cost. We're able to reduce our cost by about half.

- Insurance & Restoration: Nick Hobbs with Dalworth Restoration - I no longer have to have somebody go out and measure the house, which takes a significant amount of time. Now, we have our project managers going in, scanning the whole home or commercial space. It's rendering all the measurements. It's producing a sketch. For us, that's saving a lot of time, and, ultimately, we see that on the bottom line.

- AEC: Farbod Mehr with Arup Group - Sometimes if you miss something in the construction phase, it is much harder and much costlier to address it when the construction is progressing. We definitely found some issues that, just through virtual walkthroughs, and doing measurements, and verifying the scans versus the drawings, we've found some issues that we immediately addressed. Definitely saved us time and money in the long run.

- Insurance & Restoration: Danny Strong with Disaster Restoration Services - With me covering New England, sometimes we're driving up to six hours out for a job. Instead of it being my time, I'm capable of sending out a lower-wage tech, because I'm gonna be able to see the full job site without even being there myself. Last month we did 20 scans. I only had to go to one property. As to before, I woulda had to go to 20 properties. Times that by two to three hours on a clip, that's quite a significant time savings. I was writing estimates. It would take me about four and a half, five hours. After Matterport, now it's about an hour and a half.

- Real Estate: Jay Acker with Real Estate by Design Group - Matterport is just one of those arrows we pull out of the quiver that's been incredibly impactful, very cost-effective, and the results are proven. Within the first six months, we tracked it. We saw our average days on market drop from 30 to 21 days, and our average sales price to list price jumped from about 93% to about 97% in that first six-month window.

- Insurance & Restoration: Antony Nelson with Premier Restoration Hawaii - We did have a brush fire on Maui that affected approximately 500 homes. We did 212 of them. I grabbed the canter, and I became our first Matterport tech. I was able to scan 40 losses, send them over to our Oahu department. They were able to estimate them, and we were able to go ahead and push those out, faster than we ever have been able to before.