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Matterport Testimonial Videos: Keller Williams Agents11052

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Video: The Lawton Team (Keller Williams) - A Matterport Story | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (18 February 2020) | Keller Williams Realty Productivity Coach Bill Lawton

Hi All,

Matterport testimonial video (above; more below) from Keller Williams real estate agents.

Tip: Ask your clients for a "shout-out" video: shoot it with a smartphone so that they don't feel intimated by a big camera and lights.

After they do the first one, ask them to do it again with more energy. After they do the second one, ask them to do it again with more energy and passion. (They will be happy to have the art direction and you will end up with a better "shout-out" video.

Got a "shout-out" video to share?



Transcript (video above)

- We have not lost a listing presentation since we've started using Matterport.

The only ones that we've lost are the ones we didn't want. Twenty-three years ago my mom brought me kickin' and screaming into the business. We got started in 1996, I believe. Formed a Lawton team in 1998 and been doin' it ever since. I am Bill Lawton.

I'm a productivity coach, MAPS coach, and my brother and I started TLT3D Visual Tour Company about four years ago. The principles of the business, the fundamentals of the business, haven't changed. It's still a relationship business.

Everything else has changed. When I got started, there was no Internet. The way the market is working now, we really have become information resources. Relationship managers. One of the things that we started doing a long time ago was tracking, right, 'cause how do you know if the things that you're investing in are creating a return on your investment?

So we started tracking everything. Since we've introduced Matterport, we went from about a four minute interaction with a client to an initial 14 minute interaction with a client.

I think what Matterport does so well is it gives people an opportunity to actually put themselves in the house. It's a really unique experience. How does that help? It's keeping them attached to you. Having the interaction with you or your website. Our websites are us, which means more time engaging with our websites, which meant more opportunity to create a new client. It gives them an opportunity to look at the house from every angle and do it from the comfort of their own home.

It's a 24-hour open house. So they're already putting themselves inside the house. I think what I see is people don't think big enough when they think about Matterport.
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Video: Robison Realty (Keller Williams) - A Matterport Story | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (18 February 2020) | Keller Williams Realty Director of Operations Valarie Andrews (Montana) and Keller Williams Realty Agent Services and Agent Jana Robison (Arkansas)


- My name is Valarie Andrews. I live in Bozeman, Montana. I'm the Director of Operations for Robison Realty Group in our Keller Williams Montana Realty office.

- And I'm Jana Robison, and I live in northwest Arkansas, Bentonville specifically. And we have expansion teams in Fort Smith, and I do both agent services and also am an agent myself.

- And she's my mom.

- Previously, whenever we would talk about a 3D virtual tour, cause I've used those terms, everyone was like, "Oh yeah, we've seen that." The homeowners would, and what they really saw was a fancy slideshow. So whenever I showed them what it can actually, what it really is, then conversation's over.

- We're able to communicate and work on the same project, and that's huge. That's huge for expansion teams. And I'm building my team right now. So for me to have a Matterport has been great for recruitment. I think for me, I definitely used it multiple times to say, "Look at what I can do, and this is on our team."

- We have to build our wall of value because anyone can go out and purchase leads or anything that they want to do. So for us to be able to offer things that are out of the ordinary, because it is so affordable, we can do every home. We don't have to pick and choose. We can afford to do every home.

- Importantly, I think social media has changed everything. And so being able to FaceTime is great, but taking it to the next level and letting people actually feel the house has really become a game changer in this industry. It is so easy to add it directly to YouTube, add it directly to Facebook.

What you're looking at has to be, we call it scroll worthy. If it's scroll worthy, you stop it. And you're like, "Wait a second. "I want to look at that." And that's what Matterport's done. I mean it looks like we hired all of these people to come in and take care of this one house.

- And it's us

- And it's us. It's little old me. So often times, a client will be like, "Man, y'all really went all out for us." And we did. But it was simple for us.

- There's a lot of times I don't even do traditional photography. I can pull them straight out of there and use them, and post them within our social media.

- We've created an experience with our client that they'll never forget and hopefully refer us out because of that experience.

- I'll tell you the most special thing. And I don't even know if Valarie knows this or not. But my family home, sold it last year. It was hard. I held on to it for awhile before I did. But before we even moved any of the furniture out or anything, I did a Matterport of my home after my parents had passed away. And you know, everybody has those family photos and you know, everything. Well I have, I can walk through the house anytime that...

I know. I knew you didn't know that. So that's probably the most special thing to me that I used it for. Didn't know that, did you?
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Video: The Grander Group (Keller Williams) - A Matterport Story | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (18 February 2020) | Matt Grander with Keller Williams Realty Infinity


- I want to use the best technology in the marketplace, and the best thing I've found by far is Matterport. My name is Matt Grander, and I am with Keller Williams in Naperville, Illinois, and I'm the rainmaker for our team. We have 10 people on our team.

We have a fantastic group of individuals, that we specialize in residential real estate. And we started using Matterport two years ago. And I liked it so much, I started our own company.

And it's called M & M Digital. And we shoot all of our own properties. You know, this is the entire property. People could see it all. And anywhere you want to go, you just touch and you're in that room.

So, it's about your experience. It's not about what I want to show you, it's about what you want to see. We do a lot of and our specialty is, we talk to people that have failed the first, second or third time selling their home, which, by the way, is 50 percent of the people.

So when we call 'em up, they're hearing a lot of the same old things from all the other agents. We're going in with a value proposition that says, "hey, we're using "state of the art technology."

We're going to allow them to look at it on a computer, iPad, or phone, and they can walk through it the way they want to see it. "I had no idea, "I thought you had to be "a professional photographer "to use it."

You don't. It's built for real estate agents, it's built for people that wanna go to the next level in terms of representation of their properties. So, I did video before Matterport, but what it would do is it would bring people through the kitchen very quickly.

They may want to stop in the kitchen, they may want to look at the countertops, they might want to look at the appliances.

Video didn't allow you to do that. Matterport did. It absolutely makes me different. I have a value proposition that's different.

I'm going to use the best technology in the marketplace to present your home, and people want to hear that. They want to hear what you're doing differently.

I go through three things: presentation, marketing, and pricing. By the time I go through the presentation, I can see somebody's eyes when I show them the Matterport on a iPad, and I can see that they're so jazzed up that often, I don't have to go any further.

When you show them a Matterport video, they know exactly what it is. So if they don't like the house, great.

My client does not have to fix the house up, they do not have to clean the house, they don't have to stage it, they don't have to do anything.

So I think it cuts down on a lot of time. I thought this has benefited me and my team so much, why shouldn't I share this? So we're getting ready to roll it out to a thousand agents and offer the service to them.
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Video: Real Estate By Design (Keller Williams) - A Matterport Customer Story | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (18 February 2020) Keller Williams Realty Co-Owner Jay Acker | DFW Texas


- Matterport is just one of those arrows we pull out of the quiver that's been incredibly impactful, very cost effective, and the results are proven.

- Hi, my names Jay Acker, I am co-owner with my wife, Real Estate by Design Group with Keller Williams Realty.

Our home base is in Denton, Texas, the FW area, and then we've also got an expansion location in San Antonio. Tech rules, no question about it, so if you think about the evolution of real estate, 20 years ago, 25 years ago, there was still a big book of listings and it was updated once a week and half the time you'd go show something and it was no longer available.

Everything is instant. Everything is in an agent's, and a consumer's, more importantly, fingertips.

The thing that's changed the most is the marketing aspect of things. The old days of an agent getting a listing, putting a sign in the yard, and crossing their fingers is no longer a viable strategy in today's market.

Saying you market something is all good and well, show them how you do it. We can track the results. We know how many views we're getting, we know if it's been forwarded, favorited, the whole nine yards. It allows us to see what it's performing like.

We saw instantly, within the first six months we tracked it, we saw our average days on market dropped from 30 to 21 days, and our average sales price to list price jumped from about 93 percent to about 97 percent in that first six month window.

Finally we bit the bullet about three and half years ago, and pulled the trigger and bought our first camera at that point.

And it was phenomenal, I mean it was an instant game changer for us. It's an incredibly powerful tool, when we are discussing what makes us different than other agents, we really start to see people jumping at us to come out a do a listing presentation for them, based on what they're seeing.

And a big part of that's Matterport. So when I'm sitting there for a listing presentation, I'm talking about it on the iPad, and I say 'oh let me just pull one up for you.' In fact, this was when we did a scan on San Antonio today, or yesterday, whatever it may be, and I give them my phone and let them play around with it.

The conversation just goes a different direction from there, and at the moment I know it's my listing to lose.

We were on an average selling about six of our listings per year, sight unseen, typically the out of state buyers obviously.

And within six months of having Matterport, and again, we got it three and a half years ago, we saw that number jump up to 9 to 12, now we're trending 12 to 16.

These are homes that people never set eyes on. We can literally upload the link, fire it off in a minute, and save ourselves an hour of going out and walking around a hot house.

The person who has the information is the winner in the end, so our ability to effectively market our listings, be able to advertise not only our services, but our performance based on our competition, is absolutely paramount.
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Video: See how customers realize new efficiencies with Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 26 February 2020

Hi All,

This video is a composite, highlights of "shout-outs" from Matterport clients.

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