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Brief overview on Syndication of Matterport tours10711

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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
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Just a quick overview on Syndication of Matterport tours for Real Estate this is based on the US market

Transcript of Video

- [Jeff Nitschke] All right, good morning.

I wanted to do a quick little video kind of explaining syndication and how that works with a Matterport 3D tour and some of the basics and then a little bit of lifting up the skirt, showing you kind of how the backend of an MLS works. Just to give you a better idea on how to better serve your agent or brokerage in what you're shooting for.

So I'm going to get started with the inside of Matterport and the is probably one of the easiest, although it can be a little bit tricky making sure that you're matching addresses properly. So making sure that you're matching addresses properly has nothing to do with this title up here at the top. It's everything to do with this address panel down here in the details page.

You want to make sure that this address matches this address. So typically what I like to do is, if at all possible, I like to Google the property prior to going out and shooting, to see if the listing's live or to see if it's been listed before, so that way I can get that information and that's what I typically put into the tour prior to shooting the property.

And then a couple days after the listing goes live, I like to go back and double check to make sure that these two match because that's how you end up with this nice, little Matterport 3D view icon directly in And the importance of that is, first and foremost, that the consumer sees it in and knows that that information's there. On mobile, you can actually search for listings that have Matterport tours directly on the mobile app, to where you can filter out all the other properties and just look for ones that have Matterport tours.

And that's just something that I like to go back and do because I like to make sure that that Matterport logo is front and center in because return on investment, if an agent sees it and it's out there, they're more like to come back to you and do it again in the future, just because you are being the professional in making sure that they know where it is or how to get it there.

Now, outside of, we start looking into the MLSs and MLSs are a little bit tricky because they change radically from MLS to MLS. I work with two main systems here in my area, although I have three different Paragons and then I have just the one Flexmls.

Paragon is probably the most prominent across the country, although there's a couple other ones. I think there's one called Sparkle, which I haven't had any actual hands-on.

But Paragon is up to each individual MLS. They can choose what fields are available and not available, so knowing what they'll have for virtual tours is going to be MLS-dependent.

So let me open up this same Freeman Lake listing, 'cause this one is entered to both MLSs. ... I want active. So with the particular MLS, we actually have an unbranded Matterport tour, because we actually have some people on that board of this MLS where we actually talked to them and had them add a field specifically for Matterport in this MLS. But very few MLSs are going to allow you to edit or talk to them and suggest how they could do things better.

But here we have an unbranded Matterport and then we have a virtual tour. Some, you may only have one virtual tour link.

A couple have two. This MLS gave us the ability to do video and Matterport, in addition to the virtual tour. Kind of important to know here because in some MLSs, you're limited to how many photos you can have. I've seen MLSs that have as few as 20 photos available on the MLS and sometimes a property needs more than that to showcase a property or to show what's all available there at the property.

If you're limited to the one, you may be able to get them to put the Matterport tour link in there, but sometimes they might want to put a video in there instead or something like a TourFactory tour, which a lot of photographers don't like because it's just a slideshow.

But TourFactory's actually kind of interesting because with the inside of a TourFactory tour, you can actually embed video or a Matterport tour as well.

I like to do that there as well, just so you are getting everything.

Because here, the Matterport tour is showing up front and center. And with this, you just have to reach out to the TourFactory rep in that area and they'll actually give you an email to where you can just email them the Matterport tour link and they'll embed that right into it.

So you give 'em the tour number and the Matterport link, so the TourFactory tour number and the Matterport link, and then they'll hook the two together, which is pretty slick.

So, if you don't have multiple spots, just know that not all MLSs give you more than one or two virtual tours in Paragon. And I think Las Vegas only has one and, once again, they're a Paragon system and a lot of times people like to use video in that spot, down in Vegas. In Flexmls,

I haven't ran into a maximum number of tours in what you can add in there, to where basically you can do Matterport tour with the embed code, so that way it shows up as a video. And then if I go back to edit listing in virtual tour, looks like the front desk person that input this one didn't get to my virtual tour in there, so let me go into Sotheby's Agent, Pamela, and let me fix that really quick. Yeah, so they had just put the TourFactory tour in there.

But Matterport tour, if I wanted to add another one, typically this would be branded and unbranded, but I can grab the unbranded code, pop the link in there, unbranded Matterport tour, save.

Now if I come back out and view my listing and look at my photos, I will now have the embedded Matterport tour and then I have just a regular virtual tour and then I also have the Matterport tour which pops you out into a new window. There's one other place in the real estate world outside of an agent's own website that a tour could possibly go, which would be whatever their real estate company's in is a backend. So in the case of Sotheby's, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, their backend is something called Dash, which is through their member site. Let me just get logged in here on this other screen.

And some companies have another program or whatever that takes the information that they input from the MLS and then directly put it into this other system. See if my member site's working this morning.

Those sites peg slow. So in access, their backend is something called Dash and Dash will get you the same for pretty much all Realogy brands, so this includes Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's, I think Better Homes and Gardens and there's a couple brands underneath that umbrella. So here if I find this same listing. So here under media, then you have to scroll, and they call it a 3D video, and then this is where that Matterport tour link can go once again.

And Sotheby's right now has probably the best front-end integration of a Matterport tour out of the brands. So for sale, let me go to 973, if I can spell right. To where it shows up front and center with the Matterport logo. So once you click on that, it hits the play button to where then you can actually go in and view that property. Now, this also trickles down to the local website within Sotheby's. This is the only brand that does this right now, to my knowledge.

If I look at her listings, that Matterport tour link pops right in and is front and center. And so if I click on Matterport, it loads the Matterport and doesn't take you out to a third-party site. So it's just kind of knowing how and where a Matterport tour can go in your agent's backend systems. And if an agent doesn't know, you might be able to either reach out to the broker at the office and see what their tools are, see if you can sit down with one of their sales managers.

Or reach out, do a Google search of whatever your town's association of realtors and see if you can't ask them how their backend or what tools are available to agents so that you can better serve the agents in your area. I just like to deliver all I can with all the tools in which I have. I actually come from a different background. I used to actually develop a lot of the systems for our local real estate group, which included Coldwell Banker, C21, and Sotheby's offices.

So I just happen to have a little bit better grasp on what happens in the underbellies of real estate. And then the other thing that I like to give any agents that I'm shooting tours or videos for is this little PDF that I have a fillable form for, which gives them the branded and unbranded video links, as well as embed codes, as well as Matterport links and embed codes, with a little bit of direction on what can be done in our local MLSs. So this is the part that would change for other companies or other areas, just because I don't know what's available in your area.

But it's just a very helpful thing where they have that link, or links, just ready and handy. And then I've also trained the front desks in the offices in which I work with, as well as the some of the agents' assistants on how and where these links can be used. Hopefully you found this video useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching and have a good afternoon.
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
Related... I have often been asked if a Matterport tour can be added to a Zillow listing. The answer is it can, kind of.

Transcript (video above)

- [Jeff Nitschke] All right, so another question I get from time to time is people asking if a Matterport 3D tour can be added to a Zillow listing.

And this can indeed be done, kind of. So, let me grab an address here of a Matterport tour that I've seen input into Zillow, which will be 10924.

So, here's a listing that's a Coldwell Banker listing, and what they've done is they've put the Matterport 3D tour in place of a virtual tour in the MLS. But it is buried underneath this More button. Nope, not that More button. See More Facts and Features.

And it's buried all the way underneath the See More Facts and Features, all the way at the bottom, Virtual Tour, which then will open that up in a pop-up for the Matterport tour.

So, while it is possible, the consumer really has to dig for it, and most people may not see that front and center.

This is why I've also started shooting Zillow 3D tours while I'm already on-site, as an add-on, just so that you can actually get the best of both worlds to where you have that Zillow tour living front and center where the consumer is, and then you get the Matterport tour, which is the higher quality and gives you the dollhouse and some of those other additional features.

I hope you found this useful, and thanks for watching.
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
Very nice thank you. Always nice to have reminder of what we can do for our clients.
Happy Holidays
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