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The Bull Market Back Off of 200 Scan Models10092

WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
The Bull Market Back Off of 200 scan models.bold text

Have to admit I was upset to see the removal of Super Dee who could address issues in 24 hours if not blanket answer a number of support tickets on Tuesday Mornings on FB Live. Instead we get the Customer Support Director Reverting things back to the old model of requesting tickets where they will "try" to address in 48 hours. The efficiency timeline difference has me scratching blood out of my head.

But when my Fellow WGA member mentioned a Genius Thought:
Originally Posted by Gerhard

Good luck creating your 100,000,000 spaces won't happen. That is roughly 237,000 per day, now let us say the average MSP scans three a day that is 79,000 MSP world wide. If you can't even get the basics right.
- Found in the Death to Matterport Stream

More Questions Arise Here that we may "figure out among ourselves" a common term dished back to paying Matterport Service "Partners" who need some help from time to time with zero backend options to fix or change. Thank goodness for @DanSmigrod of WGAN or this topic would be dumped and banned like so many others in Facebook Land.

Shout out to Dee Johnson for innovation on customer service and speed

Shout out to @DanSmigrod for holding a structure and search engine for answers. Something difficult to find anywhere else in our business.


Could Stitching Larger Models be a hindrance to the speedy results Matterport Executives want to show their progress with. Don't their shareholders want progress towards that giant number of 100,000,000 spaces? If 2 models become 1 model at some point there would be 3 Model Numbers to help skew their tally. Perhaps one or both original models go away hurting their model number tally. But if they keep these for 10 years, they gotta still have those original model numbers in there tally

Another thought lead me towards their crappy billing service that has been this year and last.

Rather than acknowledge their billing system sucks which was selected by the upper management. The bosses always need a fall guy to point at for the problems that come with their decisions. New CEO has been gone for too long to blame him, need a new target. Hire a Chief Revenue officer to tank your numbers and point the blame at a single person costing the business money. Managers and CEO's do this all time when they're locked into a timeline contract to make a change and prove growth for bonuses and contract renegotiation.

Take this analogy to stitching Super Extra Large Model together. Fall guy becomes customer service department who would stitch say 500 scan points together to make one model. In the billing department, it could be possible the top out product on billing was at the 200 scan point model. Perhaps charging for going over 200 scans with an agreement button to acknowledge no liability while charging larger sizes is on the back burner for future growth. Missing out on billing for 2-3 (Large, under 200) models the next time for renewal = Lost Revenue. New Revenue Position gets to keep his job for the next year.

Just like Dave Chappelle mentions at the end of his latest special. I can't think this stuff up without putting myself in their shoes. - Things that make ya go hmm

We still love you Super Dee - You're eyes were focused on Long term like the rest of us. Given the "About Us" LinkedIn profiles and announcements, I see a different pattern.

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RomainReparage private msg quote post Address this user
The questions are :
is it possible to stitch 2 or more models now ? It seems that the answer is 'not anymore only with mattertags' (i red that on the moug forum as an MP support mail answer).
What a regressing technical issue for a company wich do not guaranty spaces with more than 200 scans and who wants to "scan the world" and "open markets (like AEC)".
One of the main advantage of MP is the ability to show/understand a space. This doesn't work with mattertag stitch. It's a really big mess for big projects (not even so big...).
We all now that stitch is possible and does not look so hard to do.
If this is confirm this needs study and explanations from MP ?

The other one is :
It seems that MP wants to go to "strictly answer with support mails".
I ve look at the MP support forum page(on the MP site)yesterday: the last post is 10 month ago... Where will those regulars bugs and technical problems will be mentioned and where we will know that we have solution to avoid them if there is no MP support team members to interact with us on forums ? (btw I m so glad to see some of the MP team here). i try to not engage myself with a client on specific things when i saw a report of something that is bugging at the time. If those bugs are only mentioned with private emails that means that they will not show up in public and a lot of us will have to experienced them too. We all know that it's really embarrassing to deal with a client when there is a bug on their model. Thanks i could avoid some because of this forums and official answers.
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Brooklyn, NY
Oboldyrev private msg quote post Address this user
I posted this on MOUG but of course it was removed. This is my conclusion about all of this.
Of course I am going to give huge shout out and thanks to Super Dee, who have helped tremendously with issues that arose with Matterport.
That aside I honestly don't think Matteport cares about MSPs that much. According to RJPittman, the goal is to collect enough data where the AI can recognize correct depth from 2D images. At that point they will probably just make an app and sell subscription to anyone with a cell phone. We are just a by-product in my opinion. Now, how long it's going to take I don't know.
This is my 2 cents.

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