Hi All,

360Rumors.com (1 May 2019) Convert your 360 photos into a 3D virtual tour AFFORDABLY with floorplan and dollhouse view with Benaco

Hmmmmmmmm....... sounds (very) familiar!

From the article ... by 360º Camera Subject Matterport Expert Mic Ty with 360Rumors.com ...

"How would you like to turn your 360 photos into a 3D virtual tour with a floorplan and dollhouse view? Benaco is a virtual tour system that allows you to take 360 photos from any 360 camera or DSLR panoramic rig, and uses computer vision and photogrammetry to automatically convert the photos into a 3D virtual tour. Find out how this can help you create virtual tours faster and more easily."

"A 3D model also enables a fly-through type transition between nodes, similar to Matterport. You can also take measurements and distances using the 3D model."

"To create a virtual tour with Benaco, you need to take a photo every 5 feet or so (tight spaces such as doorways will need more photos). When you upload them to Benaco’s servers, the servers will convert the photos into a 3D model automatically, which will be embeddable on websites, and can be viewed on a browser or on a VR headset via WebVR."

"The amount you pay for a tour is based on the number of photos you upload from it, and it is a one-time fee."

See the article for detailed pricing and a free offer.

If you take Benaco for a spin, let let us know what you think (compared to Matterport, Cupix or GeoCV.



P.S. First time I have heard of Benaco. The Benaco website says, "Since 2017 the Marriott Taipei features Benaco 3D scans on its own website. You can view a selection of them here."