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To help you Succeed Faster in 2019!

You have a personalized Network Map (like above with your company name) because you are a WGAN Forum Member. You get the personalize Map - free - simply by being a WGAN Forum Member (free). (Not jet a WGAN Forum Member? Join Here (free)

Add your branded Network Map to your website (and link from your home page) to help:

generate in-bound leads. You can book a Matterport scan anywhere in the world by using our the WGAN Find a Pro Map to find a Pro to scan for you (and you make the difference between what you charge the client and what you pay the Matterport Service Provider. Or, offer the lead to other Pro and ask for $$$ in exchange for the lead (if the lead turns into business)
show that you are [b]bigger than just yourself[/b]
✓ ask Clients for referrals outside your local coverage area too!

It is Easy to Get Started

1. To get the embed code for the [Your Company Name] Network Map for your website, simply click on the My Profile tab (above) while signed into the Forum.

Look for the following ...

Screen Grab: Example from 3D RoomScapes

2. Embed the Map in your website
3. Send a link to your clients letting them know that you now offer One Order for One or More Markets and ask for referrals.

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✓ Embed your Network Map on your website - and add a Our Network tab to your home page - to save 10 percent on your monthly Membership and receive an additional full-page profile (location pin) on the WGAN Find a Pro Map.

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