WGAN Offer: Buy 10,000 Credits from PhotoAndVideoEdits.com, and receive the following free ...

Hi All,

A WGAN Black Friday Offer ...

If you buy 10,000 Credits from PhotoAndVideoEdits.com by midnight EDT Friday, 30 November 2018, you will receive the first 12 months of WGAN Standard Membership for free.

Already a WGAN Standard Member? The next 12 months will be free.

Simple buy your PhotoAndVideoEdits.com credits here and email me the PhotoAndVideoEdits.com receipt.

By the way, unlike other photo editing outsourcing services, you can rollover 100 percent of your unused credits and you can change your monthly plan to any amount.

Succeed Faster when you outsource your photo and video editing to PhotoAndVideoEdits.com.

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P.S. If your Matterport Service Provider business does taxes on a cash basis – and you had a great 2018 - this is a great way to reduce your taxes in 2018. (I am not a lawyer or accountant. Please consult your tax advisor.