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Matterport snapshot aspect ratio7772

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I just sent an email to Matterport support asking if there's any way to change the size of the snapshot screen in Workshop. This isn't currently possible, is it? (If it is, I'll be very mad at myself that I haven't discovered it yet).

My MLS uses photos that are 4x3 and as Matterport images are closer to 16x9 they get shrunk to fit the photo frame on MLS.

If I want to use the Matterport photos I could always crop them to 4x3 after the fact, but that would be incredibly time consuming and then when I go to take the snapshot I would never be 100% certain where my crop marks would end up.

Does anyone use the matterport snapshots for their clients, and if so, have you had any complaints about the size ratio of the photos?
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Sarnia, Canada
June private msg quote post Address this user
No complaints at all here. I am in Ontario, Canada though.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
A lot of my realtors actually love the 16x9 because they display them on screens in a window at their offices. I just created a batch action for photoshop to crop the images and resize them for our local MLS services and give them both.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Import files into Lightroom using a 4x3 crop ratio preset. Export.
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Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Expertise Only problem is that I take the snapshot when I have the room framed as best as possible, and so I would have to guess what part would be cropped.

As an FYI to anyone who's commented on this thread, here's what Matterport Support got back to me with:


"Thanks for contacting Matterport Support. We do not currently have an option in our system to either take a Snapshot at 4:3 aspect ratio or to download in that ratio, but we recognize that it is a needed feature. We do not, unfortunately, have a timeline for when we will be able to make this a feature, but I will pass along priority to management.

For the most part, when cropping, you'd just end up cutting the left and right edges off. So, when taking a Snapshot you can keep that in mind.

Looking online I found It doesn't look like they do multiple photos at a time, but I found their UI easy to follow. I found a couple that had bulk images, but didn't seem to have an aspect ratio option. It also seemed like to get aspect ratio and bulk, there were some paid options.

I'm sorry that we can't provide more help on this currently."


Anyhow... hope it's a feature that comes out soon!
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