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We covered this in a previous WGAN Forum discussion a while ago, but it is so important, I want to share it again.

As promoted in the Google Street View Trusted Newsletter (April 2018).

Video Capture Launched

"Trusted photographers and Local Guides level 6 or higher who use Ricoh Theta V can now be the the first to test the Street View app's brand new video mode feature. This feature allows you to easily record
while hiking or driving. Instead of working with individual photos, now you can just upload a 360
video and it will be automatically converted into connected Street View images," according to the Google Street View April 2018 Newsletter.

Why This Matters to You

1. To qualify for Google Street View Trusted status takes about 50 360º photos published to Google Maps. You will achieve this status when you publish one or two Matterport 3D Tours to Google Maps.
2. Either you will quality for Level 6 or greater soon there after if you are publishing Matterport to Google Maps
3. If you are thinking about buying a 1-click 360º camera for the still photography, think about video capture too. Video Capture WILL become part of your workflow for publishing to Google Maps.


What it Takes to Become Google Street View Trusted



P.S. CUPIX allows video capture to upload to their platform now to create 3D Tours. CUPIX also enable publishes to Google Street View. You could capture 100,000 SQ FT in a day with video capture, upload to CUPIX and then publish to Google Maps. There are all kinds of possibilities with capturing 360º video mashed up with Google Street View.


WGAN-TV CUPIX Update-Videogrammetry, Animation, and Much More-1 Camera at a Time