Video: Matterport Satisfaction and New Feature Survey - WGAN Forum Founder Dan Smigrod fills out Live

I completed the Matterport Satisfaction & New Feature Survey 2017 on WGAN-TV Live at 5 - (5 pm ET | GMT -4)on Monday, 18 September 2017 and and provide a running commentary about my answers.

Index of Forum Posts for Each Section of the Survey

1-Matterport Survey 2017-Overall Thoughts
2-Matterport Survey 2017-Matterport Spaces
3-Matterport Survey 2017-Matterport Workshop
4-Matterport Survey 2017-Matterport Cloud
5-Matterport Survey 2017-Matterport Virtual Reality (VR)
6-Matterport Survey 2017-2D matFloor Plans
7-Matterport Survey 2017-Billing and Pricing
8-Matterport Survey 2017-3D Showcase for iOS
9-Matterport Survey 2017-Matterport Service Providers
10-Matterport Survey: Customer Support/Transfer/Rights
11-Matterport Survey 2017-End of Survey Info

Anyone watch all 4.25 hours of the video?