Video: 360fly Director of Prototyping Kolja Hegelich presents at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).


Unfortunately, the audio is difficult to understand.

360fly 4K and 360fly 4K Pro Highlights

Google Street View Mobile Ready
✓ Major retail distribution
✓ Single button to control the camera
✓ Slightly bigger than a golf ball
✓ 360fly 4K Pro includes HDMI for live streaming
✓ Engineered for extreme use / action sports (scuba diving special housing)
✓ Still Imagine / Video / Live Stream / Time-Lapse / Burst Mode
✓ Blue-Tooth
✓ Audio + Motion trigger
✓ Smart triggers
✓ share via social media (without going through a desktop)
✓ Nadir (bottom): Overlap of images, logo and text (including dynamic info via API)
✓ Nadir (bottom) Overlay map and coordinates: enable live GPS based maps in the na
Sensors: accelerometer / e-compass / GPS / Altitude / Gyroscope
Sensor Data Overlay on video: many APIs and pairing with devices (such as FitBit)
Sensor Data Overlay examples: Duration, distance, elevation, speed, heart rate
✓ Auto Pilot Action Finder – When watching 360º movie, Auto Pilot finds where the action is and follow it around automatically making sure the viewer never misses a thing.
✓ Eco-system of accessories

Price: $499.99 (360fly 4K) | On Amazon: $319
(360fly 4K Pro not presently available. No price or delivery discussed.)

Official website:

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