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We Get Around Network: 25 Rock Stars of 20163539

WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

The We Get Around Network #1 Rock Star of 2016 honor is shared this year [2016] by:

✓ Developer @Metroplex360 (Chris Hickman) MatterApps / MP2SV
✓ Developer @rpetersn (Ross Peterson) WP3D Models / Zip It! Tool

Chris and Ross have created essential tools to help us all succeed faster.

@Metroplex360 “Must Use” Innovative Tools and Solutions:

WordPress Shortcode
REST API Documentation
Extended Embed Parameters

@rpetersn “Must Use Innovative Tools and Solutions:

WP3D Models
WP3D Models Zip! It Tool

We Get Around Network 25 Rock Stars of 2016

1. @3MOD for creating our “handwritten” whiteboard videos
2. @alx3D – for creating iPad videos from Matterport and iGuide tours
3. @DannyBasting for his innovation in Matterport to CAD
4. @FloridaProperties representing the best of agents and Pros
5. @GarySnyder with MP2VR for enabling Matterport VR for the masses
6. @immoviewer for offering an innovative 3D/VR tour option
7. @Jamwoc for custom printed Unofficial Google Cardboard VR Viewers
8. @jasonfpm with CartoBlue for introducing us to interactive maps
9. @jfantin for his marketing insights and thoughtful commentary
10. @JoshReadhead with Veriscian for Matterport to CAD solutions
11. @Kevin_iGuide / @Alex_iGuide with iGuide for embracing us
12. @KoaWare for its Single Property Website solution
13. @LisaHinson for her frequent and helpful posts
14. Matterport for creating an amazing end-to-end 3D/VR platform
15. @Metroplex360 – for MatterApps, MP2SV and so much more
16. @MikeW from Ninja Post for tricking out our Forum hosting
17. @PetraSoderling from Blue-Sketch for 2D/3D/Virtual Staging//Smart Tags
18. @pirusan with Inspirational Views for FLY-IN 3D videos
19. @rpetersn with WP3D Models for his essential tools
20. @srennick with Perspective 3D for her MPS 1-sheets
21. @StevenHattan for his always insightful posts in the Forum
22. @Tosolini for showing us what’s possible with Matterport
23. @UserName - for always insightful posts in the Forum
24. @VideosByAnimamos for creating hundreds of animated videos
25. @YairYepez with We Get Around for pioneering work with Sketchup

Please join me in congratulating and thanking the We Get Around Network 25 Rock Stars of 2016.

The prize is your thanks!

Happy New Year,

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New Orleans, LA
PetraSoderling private msg quote post Address this user
Whoohoo this is awesome! Thank you Dan for 2016 and congratulations and thanks to @Metroplex @rpetersen

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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
Chris and Ross's work have literally changed my approach to 360 tours and made me think outside the box.

Without Dan's forum, I would never have read about their achievements and taken the direction I'm going.

For me, an equal thanks goes to all three of you.
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jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
My congratulations to @Metroplex360 and @rpetersen ! A very well deserved recognition for their outstanding contribution to this community.

And thank you Dan for including me in the list! It is a great honor.

This has been a very intense year with lots of things happening. We are certainly entering in a new era, and all the experts are betting that 2017 will see an explosion of VR and the use of 3D models in the industry. We will see a lot of activity in the market.

Let's hope for the best.

A wonderful 2017 to all my friends in the We Get Around Forum!
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Great list Dan! All winners are deserving of their titles!
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
Beer on me for the 25 rock stars if/when u come over to Singapore!
(oh and Dan too !)
Thank u guys for helping out the community!
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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
Great group of people. Thanks for your work. Rock on.
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JC3DCX private msg quote post Address this user
Well done to each and everyone on the list as well as all the others behind the scenes.

May 2017 be an even greater year for all.

And thanks to Dan, always ready to help and walk the extra mile.

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lisahinson private msg quote post Address this user
Great job everyone!!
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Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you all for you kind words and well-wishes.

And, without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest rock star of them all is you @DanSmigrod. Thank you for all you have done to create this community, and for all that you've done in helping to promote WP3D Models.

Here's to a fantastic 2017 and the great things in store for all of us this year.

(Also, stand by for a new version of WP3D Models soon, we're polishing up a few details on some heavily requested features and will be pushing out these new options very soon!)


Ross Peterson (@rpetersn)
WP3D Models
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