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SIMLAB Secures Series A to Fuel Growth of SIMLAB STAGES and SIMLAB SIM-ON20031

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Investment strategy meeting in SIMLAB head office, 8th May 2024 | From left: Karolina Drwięga-Waliczek (COO & General Counsel, SIMLAB), Marek Koźlak, (Founder & CEO, SIMLAB), Łukasz Gawlik (Founder & Managing Partner, Carpathian Partners), Jun Inoue (VDC Business Development Executive, Nohara Group) | Image courtesy of SIMLAB

WGAN-TV | SIM-ON by SIMLAB + NETxAutomation: A Next Level of Interoperability with BMS | Guests: NETxAutomation Software GMBH Sales & Business Development Suvankar Das and SIMLAB Product Owner/Project Manager (SIM-ON) Michał Szopa | | | Episode #217 | Thursday, 16 May 2024 | @Jedrzej @SIMLAB

Video: SIMLAB Secures Series A to Fuel Growth of SIMLAB STAGES and SIMLAB SIM-ON | Video courtesy of WGAN-TV YouTube Channel | 1 July 2024

WGAN Forum Podcast | Episode #303

SIMLAB Secures Series A to Fuel Growth of SIMLAB STAGES and SIMLAB SIM-ON

Gliwice, Poland (Monday, 1 July 2024) SIMLAB, a B2B construction software platform, has secured Series A financing to fuel its rapid growth and accelerate its product roadmap. The round was led by Carpathian Partners, a London-based specialized software investor focused on deep-tech B2B scale-ups. SIMLAB was previously funded in a seed round led by its technology partner, Matterport, and also received European funding.

The funds will be used to develop an aggressive go-to-market strategy centered around partner channel distribution and to further expand SIMLAB’s product functionality. The product roadmap will enhance API integrations with the global construction and prop tech ecosystem across construction data management, building automation, asset management, digital twin, and AR functionalities.

“This funding secures our go-to-market readiness. Financial stability enhances our credibility as a reliable strategic business partner, opening doors to new clients and segments. Through our direct and indirect go-to-market capacity, we will reach a broader target group in the global markets of construction, property management, and smart buildings," said Marek Koźlak, Founder & CEO, SIMLAB.

SIMLAB develops SaaS software that combines inputs from CAD, BIM models, construction data, asset documentation, and IoT with visualization technologies like Matterport. It specializes in digitizing buildings throughout the design and construction phases, providing toolkits for AEC professionals to communicate more efficiently at every project stage. For property owners and managers, SIMLAB integrates its digital twin with smart home and building automation technologies.

SIMLAB’s solutions are unique in combining project management, construction, asset management, and smart building controls into one ecosystem. This comprehensive platform provides quick access, analysis, and interaction within a complete repository of building data and integrated IoT systems, without requiring specialized knowledge. There is no comparable solution on a global scale.

Our software has a large global addressable market and a wide set of applications across the construction and property/facility management space. Our B2B2C model involves working with partner networks, including scanning companies, hardware resellers, and installers supporting SIMLAB’s building automation standards. SIMLAB already collaborates with major AEC market players like Matterport, KNX, NETx, and Fibaro (Nice Group), and has a roadmap of further integrations with other industry leaders like Procore or IBM.

Nohara Group, a leader in digitizing construction and property management in Japan, was the first company to use SIMLAB software commercially in 2019 and is rolling out our platform in large-scale projects in Japan, such as hospitals, schools, railway stations, and data centers.

The company’s founder, Marek Koźlak, has spent the last 18 years advancing BIM, VR & AR technology, including his position as R&D Director at BIM Object, working on real-time applications for clients worldwide. The idea for Digital Twin products came from Marek’s experience building his own house, where he observed the need for a comprehensive solution supporting property owners from construction to operation.

The company is headquartered in Gliwice, Poland, with plans to open a branch in Tokyo, Japan. SIMLAB’s team consists of 28 employees. The core team has been with the company since its inception in 2019.

“Through the partnership with Carpathian Partners, SIMLAB will have access not only to reputable sources of international capital but will also benefit from our ecosystem of advisors, entrepreneurs, managers, technology partners, and potential clients, which we built over almost two decades of institutional investing experience," said Łukasz Gawlik, Founder & Managing Partner, Carpathian Partners


Source: SIMLAB | Reprinted with permission of SIMLAB
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inmerso3D private msg quote post Address this user
It's a great product, and SIMLAB is a great team. Success!
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for sharing.

How do you use Matterport + SIMLAB?

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inmerso3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hello @DanSmigrod
We are a reseller of Simlab in Panama and offer their platform as a value-added service to Matterport scans. We do not have any direct projects with some of the solutions since the end customer manages it in their own dashboard.
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