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Residential property with 3 buildings and MP CAD files20023

DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user
I’m forwarding a proposal for a as-built scan with Pro3. The property has a 6500 sq ft main, a 600 sq ft ADU and a 1400 sq ft gym. All separated buildings. Am I able to scan all of the property as one space then order CAD files for the 3 individual units? I’m waiting to hear from MP support but we know how that goes. Any input would be appreciated!
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@DigitalReplica3D using a Pro3 depending on the density of the scans, even if you get one overall CAD drawing a good architect, drafter should be able to take the DWG file and separate them into separate drawing. The problem if you order the basic floor plan I think it comes in PDF. Which is still no big deal for a good architect or drafter they should be able to create three separate drawings.

If you have any CAD drawing experience even if you get a PDF there are some free PDF to DWG conversion program that do a pretty good job of turning 95% of the floor plan into a useable CAD file. I have used them for basic floor plans. Hopefully that helps.

I am just afraid Matterport will want to charge you an arm and a leg to do it for you.
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DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user
@ron0987 Thanks for your input. I was able to talk with MP Support and they told me I can scan the property as one Space. Then I can order MP CAD files for the 3 separated buildings. Perhaps they meant that it’d be one CAD file that the architect can take the DWG file and separate them to individual drawings. Fortunately the architect requested the Matterport scan. Fingers crossed!

This is my first experience with ordering add-on files. MP quotes approximately $600 - $1000 for CAD file between 5,000 and 10,000 sq ft. A 3 to 8 day turn around time. Final quote comes once processed. Fairly vague and makes it a tricky situation when quoting my services.

How do the rest of you handle that?
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SCAN TO CAD FILE SERVICE Baezeni private msg quote post Address this user
Hello @DigitalReplica3D

Why not try the many year registered WGAN service provider Baezeni.

Our engineers have experience in all types of BIM and CAD and presentations from Matterport and other scan data, or manual input, to produce fast and affordable what you need and without any limits in size or what equipment used. When order from Baezeni you will as well have direct contact with the production team by chat or email.

Depending on your needs and accuracy here is 3 input options when order:

1. Matterport link
Only send the Matterport link, We can convert Matterport to DWG with the correct dimension (same as you get when use the Matterport dimension function).

The price for each 1 MP project is then 35 USD for area <=10 000 sq.ft. If MP >10 000 sq.ft then the price is twice. Time of delivery is within 24h

2. Matterpak
If you want a more accurate dimensioned CAD file, you can order Matterpak or e57 from Matterport, and send the link for download to Baezeni. Then the pointcloud (closer to original scan and more accurate for details) will be used to make the DWG plan drawing

Price for that is 45 USD/Matterport project/link <=10 000 sq.ft and double if >10 000 sq.ft. Time delivery is within 24h

3. Any BIM add on
If you want 3D BIM or other types of CAD or DWG plan projection drawings like elevation drawings, or section drawings, or any LOD or detail feature type or presentation style.. then just send us the Matterpak or e57 format too.

Baezeni can deliver 3D BIM (Revit. IFC, 3D DWG, SKP...) or any 2D elevation or plan section drawings as you want. The price starts at 200 USD for area <= 10 000 sq.ft. Time of delivery is within 3 days.

Be aware that there is either no limit in units or floors and we arrange one or several parts of projects or scans together ready made to you as wished.

Baezeni was started in Bangkok by 3 Norwegian Engineers in 2007 and we are 120 employees within 3D presentations, BIM, Photo editing and digital transformation services. We are always looking for good competent partners for cooperation. The company are owned solely by its employees. This means you interact direct with our production, and not need to cross rivers to get to the water!
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@DigitalReplica3D I have used Matterport for floorplans once and the dimension's were all wrong. I pointed that out to Matterport. They only could change in one of two other directions and even after I include photo of what was wrong, they still got it wrong. After that fiascoes I asked for refund and still have not received it but will not use them especially if the prices they quoted are true.

I have used Baezeni for another project and they delivered as promised.
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DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user
@ron0987 Good to hear. I’ve read good things about Baezine from other WGAN members. I’ll look to reach out to them after the holiday. The architect requested the .DWG, .DXF and .PDF files in particular.

Wish I read more success stories, regarding MP’s add-ons and support versus frustration stories. Anyone else have input regarding MP and their CAD files? I know it’s a newer option. Appreciate it.

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