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WGAN-TV - 10 Takeaways for Real Estate Photographers from AWE USA 2024 and its Vision Workshop | Guest: Hopscotch Interactive CEO and Chief Media Officer Emily Olman | Wednesday, 26 June 2024 | Episode: 220 | | @Hopscotch

List: 10 Takeaways from AWE USA 2024 and its Apple Vision Pro Workshop


The 2024 Augmented World Expo (AWE) showcased the latest advancements in spatial computing, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), with significant implications for real estate photographers.

The event featured innovative technologies that promise to revolutionize how real estate is marketed, photographed, and experienced.

Here are the Top 10 Takeaways from AWE USA 2024, including insights into the tools and technologies that will shape the future of real estate photography from Hopscotch Interactive CEO and Chief Media Officer Emily Olman.

1. Apple Vision Pro

Takeaway: The Apple Vision Pro, while still in its early stages for real estate applications, offers high-fidelity content viewing and spatial video capabilities. However, its full potential for real estate photography is yet to be realized due to current development limitations.
Website: Apple Vision Pro

2. Ray-Ban Meta Skyler

Takeaway: Ray-Ban Meta Skyler smart glasses enhance social media engagement for real estate agents by enabling hands-free photo capturing, AI-assisted captions, and seamless integration with Instagram and Facebook.
Website: Ray-Ban Meta

3. Treedis

Takeaway: Treedis leverages Matterport scans to provide augmented reality wayfinding and virtual pathfinding, enhancing the navigation and visualization of real estate properties.
Website: Treedis

4. Zaubar

Takeaway: Zaubar offers location-based augmented reality storytelling, perfect for enhancing property tours and providing contextual information in an immersive way.
Website: Zaubar

5. GeoPogo

Takeaway: GeoPogo’s visualization platform aids in the presentation of unbuilt environments, making it easier for developers to showcase proposed structures and modifications in real-world settings.
Website: GeoPogo

6. Anna Pro

Takeaway: Anna Pro provides a comfortable head strap solution for the Apple Vision Pro, reducing strain and improving the user experience during extended use.
Website: Anna Pro

7. XREAL Beam Pro

Takeaway: The XREAL Beam Pro offers a cost-effective alternative to the Apple Vision Pro, providing similar spatial video capabilities and mixed reality experiences at a lower price point.
Website: XREAL

8. air2 ultra

Takeaway: XREAL’s air2 ultra AR glasses cater to gamers and early adopters, offering immersive AR experiences that could be adapted for real estate marketing and virtual tours.
Website: XREAL

9. Microsoft Mesh

Takeaway: Microsoft Mesh integrates VR and AR into collaborative workspaces, enabling real estate professionals to host virtual meetings and immersive property tours directly within Microsoft Teams.
Website: Microsoft Mesh

10. Meta Horizons

Takeaway: Meta Horizons aims to provide a platform for immersive virtual reality experiences, enhancing the way real estate professionals interact with clients and showcase properties.
Website: Meta Horizons


AWE USA 2024 highlighted the transformative potential of spatial computing and immersive technologies for the real estate industry.

From Apple Vision Pro's high-fidelity viewing capabilities to Microsoft Mesh's integration of VR in collaborative workspaces, these innovations promise to enhance how properties are marketed and experienced.

Real estate photographers and agents can leverage these tools to create more engaging, immersive, and effective property presentations, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

As these technologies continue to develop, they will undoubtedly open new possibilities and redefine the standards for real estate marketing and photography.

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