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WGAN-TV | How to Use Matterport + ZUANT3D for Live Video, Chat Function and Live Receptionist | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Marketing Specialist Sam Wolford | Episode: 213 | Thursday, 4 April 2024 | www.ZUANT.com | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett @samwoolford


Matterport Digital Twin powered by ZUANT3D | Lotus (Bell & Colvill - Selling and servicing Lotus 1970-to date - World’s Longest Serving Lotus Main Dealer) Showroom

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WGAN-TV Podcast Top 10 Takeaways: How to Use Matterport + ZUANT3D for Live Video & Text Chat

Hi All,

Here are the Top 10 Takeaways from the WGAN-TV Podcast show (above) featuring ZUANT3D powered by Matterport.

1. Integration of Live Video and Text Chat: Matterport digital twins can now incorporate ZUANT3D's live video and text chat features, enabling real-time interaction with visitors.

2. Enhanced Lead Management: ZUANT3D provides a comprehensive lead management system that captures visitor details, tracks interactions, and integrates with CRM systems for effective follow-up.

3. Real-Time Insights: The system offers detailed analytics on visitor behavior within the Matterport tour, including tracking dwell time, clicks on Mattertags, and areas of interest, which help prioritize follow-up actions.

4. Gated Access for VIP Experiences: Matterport tours can be gated to require visitors to fill out a form with their contact details, creating a VIP experience and ensuring the capture of lead information before allowing access to the tour.

5. Use Cases and Client Success Stories: ZUANT3D has been used successfully by clients like Toshiba, Tesla, Verizon, and Plug Power for trade shows, exhibitions, and factory launches, significantly increasing visitor engagement and lead capture.

6. 24/7 Availability and Multilingual Support: The system supports 24/7 operation and can handle multiple languages, enabling global reach and continuous engagement without the need for physical presence in the showroom or exhibition space.

7. Seamless Navigation and Engagement: Visitors can easily navigate between different parts of the digital twin, and sales agents can engage with high-scoring leads in real-time, either through text chat or live video calls.

8. Scoring System for Lead Prioritization: Visitors are scored based on their interactions within the tour, such as dwell time and engagement with specific Mattertags, helping sales teams prioritize the most promising leads.

9. Flexibility Across Industries: The integration is versatile and can be applied across various industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, and travel, enhancing customer experiences and driving sales.

10. Future Enhancements: Plans for future enhancements include more sophisticated gating mechanisms, such as using light questionnaires to guide visitors through different parts of the tour and capture additional information.

These takeaways highlight how Matterport and ZUANT3D are transforming virtual tours into dynamic, interactive, and data-rich environments that significantly enhance lead generation and customer engagement.

Bonus Takeaways

Here are 10 more top takeaways from the WGAN-TV Podcast show (above) featuring ZUANT3D powered by Matterport.

11. Automation and Immediate Follow-Up: Automated lead emails are sent to sales representatives immediately after a visitor exits the tour, ensuring timely follow-up with detailed information on visitor interactions.

12. Industry-Leading Clients: ZUANT3D's solutions are trusted by leading companies across various sectors, including Honeywell, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Lotus, demonstrating the platform's effectiveness and reliability.

13. Real-Time Engagement Dashboard: The ZUANT3D RADAR Dashboard provides a real-time overview of visitor activities, allowing sales teams to monitor and engage with multiple visitors simultaneously.

14. Digital Twin Flexibility: Digital twins can be updated regularly to reflect the latest product offerings and configurations, providing an up-to-date virtual experience for visitors.

15. Extended Shelf Life of Exhibits: By digitizing physical exhibits, companies can extend the life and reach of their trade show investments, making them accessible 24/7 for continued lead generation.

16. Customizable Navigation and Interaction: The navigation and interactive elements within the Matterport tour can be customized to guide visitors and highlight key areas, improving the overall visitor experience.

17. Improved Visitor Experience: The combination of Matterport and ZUANT3D enhances the visitor experience by providing personalized, interactive, and immersive tours that are more engaging than traditional methods.

18. Increased Sales Opportunities: The ability to engage with visitors in real-time through video and text chat increases the chances of converting leads into sales, as immediate questions and concerns can be addressed effectively.

19. Scalable Solution: The solution is scalable, allowing companies to manage large volumes of visitors and interactions efficiently, making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.

20. Future-Ready Technology: The integration of Matterport and ZUANT3D positions companies to take advantage of future technological advancements in virtual and augmented reality, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital innovation.

These additional takeaways further illustrate the comprehensive capabilities and benefits of using Matterport in conjunction with ZUANT3D, emphasizing the significant impact on lead generation, customer engagement, and overall business growth.


[Note: Top 10 Takeaways by ChatGPT-4o from a transcript of the show. Lightly edited by @DanSmigrod]

ChatGPT-4o Prompt: You are a Subject Matter Expert on Matterport and ZUANT3D. Your readers are Matterport Service Providers. Read the attached WGAN-TV Live at 5 show and list the top 10 Takeaways with a couple of lines of description [Attached WGAN-TV Podcast transcript as .txt file]. 10 More Top Takeaways?