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Matterport Survey - Your Expertise Can Guide Our Journey Forward19814

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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
What did you share for changes with the Matterport survey? Not like they listened at any time in the last decade. Why would they now. 17 questions.

15. What would personally motivate you to use or sell Matterport 3D tours on more of your jobs?

Matterport CEO’s kiss the ass of investors and shareholders. Matterport CEO’s and Sales team has gone behind the backs of many photographers paying for their service and compete directly against photographers by contacting their clients to win them over on monthly fees. Matterport does not understand the importance of sharing portfolio work needed to secure future work. Current pricing models give little to no room for saving portfolio work to win over customers. Sharing a beach front condo as a high rise example doesn’t work in the desert. Nor does a home near the woods. Sharing others work in a generic does not truly represent what final product a client will get without the shooting style. Matterport was dumb for loosing Super Dee Johnson the one customer service liaison for Matterport who reached out to photographers. Ask around or look into her. Matterport showcased services that took years to materialize or have yet to come such as virtual staging. As many early users invested, we later found ourselves being charged for services. Fix the war wounds.

Don’t compete with my small business. Offer an affiliate option for use to pass monthly customers over to Matterport when it’s time to graduate them. Allow some tours to be used for portfolio that are not charged for in efforts to allow more possible clients to Matterport’s potential. Bring back Dee Johnson! Get more Matterport’s out there for others to see in efforts to create demand for the product. The service is unaffordable for many with minimal features in its current state.

16. How can Matterport be a better partner and support your business needs?

See above. Are we Matterport Service Partners when your sales team hounds my clients? Earn some trust. You do your thing getting the word out. We will fill the empty slots we pay for each month.

Question 17 allows more remarks.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV SURVEY!!!! They reached out to you with a request to participate in a survey? I must be on the naughty list neither I or our business received one.
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Fathom3D private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the heads up. Found our survey in the spam folder, from April 29th.

Matterport may be more receptive to feedback and suggestions from photographers since CoStar is planning to invest heavily in improving the core product features.

We suggested streamlining the scan / edit process. Including window/mirror, disabling scan positions, highlight reel, 360 views, tags, etc. These could be handled automatically, or with some input in the Capture app. We shouldn't need a whole separate editing process after the tour is ready.
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