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Best Android tablets for Matterport Pro2/Pro3 Capture in 2024?19669

Fathom3D private msg quote post Address this user
We have a new scan technician getting started with us; he'll be using Pro2 mostly; sometimes Pro3.

He prefers Android over Apple so we're going to try getting him an Android tablet to see how it goes.

Does anyone have recommendations?

Prefer 8 inch screen for ease of use
Prefer 8+ GB RAM for larger jobs (physical RAM; not sure how well "virtual RAM" works)
Prefer faster processor

After an hour or so of research, it looks like the 8-inch form factor consists of just older or less powerful tablets. For watching videos or reading books. But am I missing something?

I guess we would also consider getting a phone with a large screen (and just using it as a tablet; no cell connection). But there are so many Android phones available; it's hard to know where to start looking.

Any advice is appreciated, even if it's just some general concepts to keep in mind when shopping for Android devices.
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Fathom3D private msg quote post Address this user
For others following along, so far the favorite options for the 8 inch form factor are:

Lenovo y700 $329 (12gb RAM Snapdragon 870 chip)
Aldocube iPlay Mini Pro $160 (8gb RAM / Helio G99 chip)
Samsung A9 $150 (8gb RAM / Helio G99 chip)

Lenovo y700
Sold by Giztop:

y700 uses a Chinese ROM based on Android 12; might be tough to access Google Play store for in-app purchases, possibly hard to get Android software updates

Aldocube iPlay Mini Pro available on Amazon: NFE 8.4 inch Tablet, 16GB(8+8)RAM 256GB ROM 512GB Expandable, Helio G99 Android Tablet with Widevine L1, 1920×1200 FHD+ Android 13

Samsung A9 is evidently hard to find in the US
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