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Need Resources for Presentation to Architects19652

Bon Secour, Alabama
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All -

I just got the first big break of 2024 - an invitation to present Matterport 3D scanning and the various downstream uses of that to a large architectural firm in my area. They are very interested in the topic, since I was invited by one of the principals of the firm, and had an office follow-up within 24 hours.

They have alloted me a one-hour time period.

Does anyone know of a good presentation that Matterport has provided for such a use? Ideally, do they have an accredited AIA Continuing Ed short course that could be presented?

IF not, does anyone out there have a good presentation that has been given to an architecture firm that I could use as a basis for creating my own?

I'm actually under the gun here time-wise, which I view only as a positive!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Keith Foster
ID360 Media
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV | How Architects Leverage Matterport Tours Shot with a Leica BLK360 | Guest: Immersaf Media Principal Matt Crowder @MattSCrowder | Thursday, 3 February 2022 | Episode Number: 133

Hi @Chemistrydoc

Congrats on getting the appointment.

Hopefully, some architects in the WGAN Forum -- or Matterport Service Providers that have architects as clients will weigh-in on your questions.

In the mean time, I have shared the video above. Additionally, it may be helpful to view WGAN-TV Podcast episodes with "architect" "AEC" "construction" "as-built" in the headlines. Search WGAN-TV Podcast.

To help you tailor your presentation, you may want to ask your client (sooner than later):

1. What percent of your business is re-imaging existing spaces?
2. How are you presently creating "as-builts"?
3. How involved are you in construction progress monitoring?
4. What is your existing workflow when there are no CAD files for a space that needs re-imaging?
5. Do you have out-of-state projects?

Additionally, you may want review this WGAN Forum discussion:

List: Matterport Partners and Additional Value-Added Solutions

For example, see the sections on:

BIM File
Inspection Reporting


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DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user

Congrats with the opportunity!
Matterport released a new video a couple days ago. Regarding the new Cad File add-on. It’s a nice option along with XYZ, E57, MatterPak and BIM files. The beginning of the video shows the compelling reasons for an AEC company to choose Matterport.
Matterport’s Add-Ons may require third party programs. AutoDesk, AutoCad, SolidCad, ProCore, SketchUp with Revit and Xactimate are popular examples. Find what systems they use and the type of files they are looking for.
Good luck,
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