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WGAN-TV | Mosaic Co-Founder Jeffrey Martin Shows Mobile Mapping Camera19553

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: 265-WGAN-TV | Mosaic Co-Founder Jeffrey Martin at Geo Week 2024 Shows Mobile Mapping Camera | 12 February 2024 | Episode #265

WGAN-TV on Location at Geo Week 2024 | Pitch the Press Event
Mosaic Co-Founder Jeffrey Martin at Geo Week 2024 Shows Mobile Mapping Camera


- How's it going? My name's Jeffrey Martin. I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of Mosaic.

We are a mobile-mapping camera company.

Our general thesis is that as computing improves and various algorithms improve, it becomes less and less important to use high-end LiDAR, which is extremely expensive, cumbersome, and hard to use. Companies such as Trimble, Hexagon, and others are stuck in an innovator's dilemma.

And we are coming after you because we don't need these extremely expensive lasers anymore.

You can achieve even better results in a fraction of the time of data collection using photogrammetry. And in many cases, you can get even more detailed 3D model using photogrammetry. So while we do use LiDAR as well, we take a camera-first point of view.

So both with the devices that go on the cars as well as the device on my back, we have extremely high-resolution cameras with very high image quality with a very high level of synchronization and a very good calibration of the optical properties of the cameras that allow users to derive measurements and create 3D models, point clouds, and textured meshes with ease.

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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds interesting, what about file formats, workflow and postproduction? I could imagine to work with this camera, but I need to know more about the workflow. What is the output? 3D only or also photography? Temperature restrictions? Where is the data stored? Whats the runtime of the battery? Where is it processing? What file format(s)? What postproduction possibilities? Can I edit directly in 3DVista for example? What is the end to end speed from capture to presentation? Etc. etc.

And of course: what does the result look like?Many many questions. Long FAQ section
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
Many questions indeed.

Saw the demo 3d on the website

- is photogrammetry handled by 3rd party or your platform

- what are the prices of the cameras

- are there any more detailed high resolution 3d environment samples to share?

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