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Matterport + Arcadus for Federally Compliant Matterport for Gov Offering19442

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Matterport Media Release

Video: 256. Matterport + Arcadus for Federally Compliant Matterport for Government Offering | #mttr | Video courtesy of WGAN-TV YouTube Channel | 1 February 2024

WGAN Forum Podcast | Episode #256

Matterport Partners with Arcadus to Deliver Digital Twins to US Public Sector With Federally Compliant Matterport for Government Offering

SUNNYVALE, California, Thursday, February 1, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading digital twin platform to access, understand and utilize properties, announced a partnership with Arcadus, a leading reseller of digital transformation products and services for the public sector, to offer the Matterport Digital Twin Platform to its customers in the United States.

Arcadus is a leading value-added reseller of 3D, spatial data and related digital twin services, helping organizations advance their operations with digitally-enabled solutions. Arcadus’ clients include federal, state and local agencies across facilities, public safety, education, housing, social services, conservation and energy, as well as regulated industries like utilities, aerospace & defense, insurance, and manufacturing.

Matterport first entered the public sector in 2021 with the Matterport for Government SaaS offering, providing a turnkey solution for federal agencies to assess, manage, and improve their spaces’ operating condition—all online, in a Federally-compliant cloud.

With this agreement, Arcadus will become the first value-added reseller of Matterport’s digital twin platform for the public sector, offering the company’s three core solutions in Property Marketing, Design & Construction, and Facilities Management. Arcadus will support Matterport with access to various government purchasing vehicles, additional support services, and enabling seamless engagement with public sector agencies, contractors, and integrators.

“As a company dedicated to the 3D spatial data and digital modeling space, Arcadus looks forward to bringing Matterport’s products and solutions to agencies and other regulated organizations,” said Javan Clark, Founder & Principal of Arcadus. “Matterport’s hardware and software are incredibly easy to use, and Arcadus is committed to maintaining that same experience in the acquisition and support of these 3D digital twin capabilities.”

“As organizations continue to embrace the value of Matterport, the public sector remains a significant opportunity for growth,” said Jay Remley, Chief Revenue Officer, Matterport. “Our partnership with Arcadus adds more powder to our efforts to drive progress and excellence across the U.S. public sector, empowering federal, state, and local agencies to revolutionize how they assess, manage, and optimize their spaces with our federally compliant digital twin platform."

To learn more about Matterport for Government and the company’s public sector offerings, visit: Matterport for Government

About Arcadus

Arcadus is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions tailored for the public sector. We serve federal agencies, state and local governments, regulated industries, and non-governmental organizations with a commitment to harnessing the power of digital twins and cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to seamlessly transition organizations from their present state to a more advanced and efficient version. By implementing affordable, high-value, and low-risk solutions, we infuse technology innovatively and ensure tangible results with the desired outcomes for our clients.

About Matterport

Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking digital twin platform turns buildings into data to make every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 177 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing. Learn more at:

©2024 Matterport, Inc. All rights reserved. Matterport is a registered trademark and the Matterport logo is a trademark of Matterport, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.


Source: Matterport via Globe Newswire

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
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261-WGAN-TV on Location | Matterport + ARCADUS for Federally Compliant Matterport for Government Cloud Offering with ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark | Monday, 12 February 2024 | Episode #261

ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark at Geo Week 2024 in Denver | Image by We Get Around Network Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod

Geo Week 2024 in Denver (Colorado Convention Center) 11-13 February 2024 | Matterport Digital Twin courtesy of Founder Mike Vorce (@MatterFix)

WGAN-TV | Matterport + ARCADUS for Federally Compliant Matterport for Government Cloud Offering

About This Episode (written by ChatGPT-4. Lightly edited by @DanSmigrod)

In this WGAN-TV on Location at Geo Week 2024, WGAN-TV Managing Editor and Host Dan Smigrod interviews ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark to find out how ARCADUS is transforming the procurement process for Matterport Service Providers targeting the public sector and large enterprises, offering a streamlined path through the often complex and secure demands of government and big business contracts.


1. ARCADUS's Mission: Javan Clark introduces ARCADUS, emphasizing its unique role in facilitating the purchase of Government cloud for Matterport through partnerships with Matterport and Carahsoft. This collaboration aims to simplify the procurement process and ensure data security on AWS GovCloud, offering a reliable solution for sensitive government and corporate data.

2. Solving Procurement Challenges: Clark discusses the intricacies of government procurement, highlighting how ARCADUS enables bypassing the lengthy bidding processes through its partnership with Carahsoft, offering a smoother path for providers.

3. Data Security and Ownership: The conversation turns to the paramount importance of data security, where Clark explains how ARCADUS ensures client data is securely housed on AWS GovCloud, allowing clients to maintain ownership of their data, a crucial factor for entities with high-security needs like NASA and the US Department of State.

4. Addressing Service Provider Pain Points: The dialogue covers common challenges faced by Matterport Service Providers when engaging large companies and government entities, including security concerns and the benefits of having ARCADUS and Matterport’s solutions engineers facilitate these discussions.

5. Broad Market Opportunities: Clark shares insights into the diverse market opportunities within the public sector, from law enforcement to insurance, stressing the importance of identifying and empowering internal champions for Matterport solutions.

6. Streamlining the Upload and Contracting Processes: This episode of the WGAN-TV on Location podcast explores how ARCADUS simplifies the upload process to the Matterport for Government cloud and accelerates the contracting process, turning what could be multi-year negotiations into matters of days.

7. Navigating Contracting and Compliance Challenges: Clark outlines how ARCADUS assists with overcoming common barriers such as meeting minimum insurance requirements and navigating the complex demands of government and large corporate contracts.

8. Expanding Market Horizons for Service Providers: The discussion concludes with Clark encouraging Matterport Service Providers to consider pursuing government and large enterprise clients, highlighting how ARCADUS’s services can facilitate access to these markets.

Transcript (video above)

- Hey, there, so my name is Javan Clark, and I'm the Founder and CEO of ARCADUS. What we specialize in is the public sector, essentially being able to facilitate the purchase of the Government cloud for Matterport.

So we have a partnership with both Matterport and with Carahsoft, and it helps kind of solve several problems within the industry that we experience; one of them being the procurement process.

So something that's really difficult to get across is if you have a large client or a government entity and they have the ability to go through a government contract vehicle, you then will need to get into the procurement and bidding process.

If you're able to be onto a government contract vehicle, which we've secured as a partnership with Carahsoft, then it allows you to bypass that process.

The other thing is basically around data security. So everything with Matterport for Government is on its own AWS GovCloud server.

And so think of, even though it says GovCloud, you can think of your big commercial clients. Anybody who would be potentially open for an enterprise solution or just needs incredible data security, that's where the GovCloud comes in, and that will essentially allow you to own your own data.

So instead of being on an enterprise where Matterport owns the data, we can bring that across to the AWS GovCloud and Matterport GovCloud, and that data becomes yours.

So if you've got a client, whether it's an energy agency who has highly sensitive data, some of our clients are NASA, it would be US Department of State, US Army Corps of Engineers. Those are the type of clients that have a specific need.

It could be also regular corporations that have that need. And that's really what we're trying to solve here, is connecting all those dots and make it easier for you guys as providers to make sure that they can actually make the purchase and move forward with scanning their facilities, and doing it in a way that is very secure.

- [Dan Smigrod] Tell me more about the pain points that a Matterport Service Provider might run into talking to a large company, large utility company.

- So a large company, they're going to ask you a lot of questions about security. They're going to ask you what happens to the data, they're going to ask you how you solve for that data, and that's where we can come in and really help.

I have a partnership with Matterport where we can bring in one of the solutions engineers who literally can speak on the intricacies of it and make that a really seamless process for you.

So we would love to partner with you and actually work with you on those clients and make it to where they are able to be confident in moving forward and purchasing things from you.

- [Dan Smigrod] In terms of, again, a Matterport Service Provider, knowing that there are government facilities, state, federal, within their geography, what would typically be the title of the kind of person that would buy Matterport-related services?

- That's pretty broad. If you're talking about public sector, which is where I have a passion in, you're talking about anybody who's in law enforcement, fire investigation, insurance.

It really is a broad spectrum, and really what you want to get down to is the people who use the data because they're going to be the ones who can go up the chain and get the contacts that may be out-of-reach for you.

But if you can make them your champion, your advocate for this solution, then that's really where you're going to get some good traction and be able to move it forward in a meaningful way.

And then bring us in and let us deal with the upper-end of all that solution of the security and why everything matters and why we deploy it in specific ways.

- [Dan Smigrod] At the point that a Matterport Service Provider is successful working with you to get their client onboarded, what is the upload process like?

- So government cloud services are identical to everything else with Matterport. So essentially, there's the same collaborator access that you're used to on the standard side is all available on the Matterport for Government. So Matterport for Government, you would basically...

The agency, what likely would happen, is would give you access as a collaborator, and then you would upload to that, and it would upload it to a specific folder that they then have access to for the augmentation or administration.

They can also employ us at ARCADUS to do that administration and act as that vehicle to make sure that they have an end-to-end solution. And then that's where we bring in you guys to make sure that all the scanning is getting done, and we're more of a partner than anything else.

- [Dan Smigrod] I imagine, if you're talking to a local utilities company and you end up going through 10 meetings, in-person meetings, demos, and they finally say, "GREAT!" they're going to hand you a 50-page contract, where do you fit in on that request for this 50-page contract?

- So that is really the specialty of ARCADUS, which is making it as seamless and as easy of a process as possible. Specifically with Matterport, that is the solution that we've come to.

They had some issues finalizing contracts with some government agencies.

And as soon as we step in, something that took two years was done in 30 days because we're able to provide a different level of service, instead of us being a business-to-business direct, where there's a lot of terms and conditions, a lot of pass-throughs that need to occur that are really difficult to come to conclusion on, we're able to step into the middle and agree to everything and pass those on to the end user.

So it really helps in that entire process to be much more expedited and get? the client to their end result way faster.

- [Dan Smigrod] So in the contracting process, either with a government or a very large company like a utility company, I would imagine the Matterport Service Provider is fully capable of doing the scanning, but totally gets stuck at the ability to meet minimum insurance requirements.

- Right.

- [Dan Smigrod] A litany of challenges.

- Yeah.

- [Dan Smigrod] How does ARCADUS fit in there in terms of solving contracting problems?

- So I guess it would depend on the situation, but essentially, there's different ways that you can go about it. And that would be more of a case-by-case basis on what that agency would be willing to do. So it may come down to the fact that maybe the agency, the data is so secure, that they want to provide you with the equipment.

So they provide you with the iPad and with the scanner, and you're in there actually doing the work, but then everything stays in house, and that kind of alleviates a lot of that problem of the potential risks for bringing another user in. When you're talking about corporations, generally it's not a problem.

It's incorporated in part of the contract with us, with ARCADUS, and with Matterport on how those get resolved.

- [Dan Smigrod] And if a Matterport Service Provider was able to help land a large client, would they need to meet any type of security, any background checks?

- Again, that would be dependent on the client. If it's government-based, the best solution would be to be a US citizen with a background check, so that could come up. But in general, it's been a very small group that have had to actually move towards that.

So I would say that in most instances, if you're talking like power companies, anything that's a private corporation, you're not really going to run into that issue. But it could be something that is part of the conversation during contracting.

- [Dan Smigrod] If you're a Matterport Service Provider and government and large companies have never been really on the radar, does your service, [ARCADUS], provide a solution that should make service providers rethink, perhaps chasing after some larger companies in their market?

- Yeah. I would say definitely if you have the ability to access and speak to anybody who would potentially be in a market that has otherwise been outside of your reach, get a hold of us because we can either help you develop a strategy or we can directly make contact and utilize you as the end user for that contract.

So what we can do is we can help you, both in the things that we've already done and the contracts that we've already secured, and give you information on how to best address those, how to target them, as well as if you need us as an actual point of contact, we're happy to step in and have a Zoom meeting or any type of meeting, direct whatever it may be with the client and with yourself.

And then that way, we can make sure that we're covering all of the bases and we're having them be more secure in the decision that they're making.

- [Dan Smigrod] Thank you very much.

- Absolutely. Thank you.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
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261-WGAN-TV on Location | WGAN-TV on Location | Matterport + RSET + ARCADUS for Emergency Responders using a Federally Compliant Cloud with ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark | Monday, 12 February 2024 | Episode #263

ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark at Geo Week 2024 in Denver | Image by We Get Around Network Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod

Geo Week 2024 in Denver (Colorado Convention Center) 11-13 February 2024 | Matterport Digital Twin courtesy of Founder Mike Vorce (@MatterFix)

WGAN-TV | Matterport + RSET + ARCADUS for Emergency Responders using a Federally Compliant Cloud

About This Episode (written by ChatGPT-4. Lightly edited by @DanSmigrod)


In this WGAN-TV on Location at Geo Week 2024, WGAN-TV Managing Editor and Host Dan Smigrod interviews ARCADUS Co-Founder Javan Clark to explore the groundbreaking partnership among Matterport ARCADUS and RSET. Javan delves into how their collaboration is revolutionizing training for first responders, including police, fire, medical services, and potentially military applications.

Key Highlights

ARCADUS and RSET Partnership: Clark discusses how RSET complements ARCADUS by integrating Matterport scans into a game-like training environment for first responders. This innovative approach allows for detailed, scenario-based training exercises.

Use Cases: The partnership is currently focusing on a fire campaign, assisting fire investigators in reconstructing incident scenes for training purposes. The technology enables the combination of multiple 3D models, including drone and Matterport scans, for comprehensive training scenarios.

Benefits for Matterport Service Providers: Clark addresses the ease of use and security as primary advantages for local emergency services using this technology. He also highlights the strategic alliance with Matterport, emphasizing features like unlimited access to MatterPaks and secure data storage on AWS GovCloud.

Government Contract Procurement: Through the collaboration with Carahsoft, ARCADUS facilitates the procurement process for government agencies, bypassing the need for extensive bidding processes. Clark’s background in law enforcement and his partnership with Carahsoft and AWS GovCloud offer a streamlined solution for agencies to adopt this technology.

Key Questions Answered

1. How does the partnership improve training for first responders?
2. What are the technological advancements introduced by ARCADUS and RSET?
3. What are the specific benefits for Matterport service providers in this ecosystem?
4. How does the collaboration with Carahsoft and AWS GovCloud benefit government agencies?


This episode provides an in-depth look at how the synergy between ARCADUS, RSET, and Matterport is setting a new standard in training for first responders. With Javan Clark's insights, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology's potential to save lives through enhanced training scenarios.

Call to Action

For Matterport Service Providers and government agencies interested in leveraging these advancements for first responder training, visit:
WGAN Forum topics tagged: ARCADUS


Transcript (Video Above)

- Hey there everyone. So I'm Javan Clark, the CEO and Founder of ARCADUS. And here today I'm going to talk to you about our partnership with RSET. And so what RSET can help us with is essentially provide an additional layer to provide training resources; to really could be focused on government sector.

But it's going to be mostly towards first responders, so police, fire, medical, and potentially even military type situations.

And what RSET can do for us is it allows us to take, once the scan has been completed with a Matterport, we can take that OBJ file, we can draw it down and we can bring it into the RSET ecosystem.

And once it's in there, it very quickly gets dropped into almost like a game-like environment where you can drop an actual NPC down into it and you can walk around.

So you can go beyond where the photo spheres are and really start to get granular with whatever the [training] situation is.

Now, some of the best use cases for this are going to be right now we're working on is a campaign with fire. So fire investigators who need to look into a potential injury or a death of a firefighter in an incident, they can scan the entire location.

And then they can rebuild and restructure everything that happened on that day. And they can build out a scenario to help better train other firefighters on how to either not make a mistake or the signs that they need to look for in those really critical situations. So this has been deployed in a couple different ways, but it's a very powerful technique.

And one of the really interesting things about it and what we're working on fire investigators as well as insurance companies is being able to marry multiple OBJs into one model.

So think of if one agency were to do a drone photogrammetry model that really lives independent of anything that you would do with Matterport.

But with RSET, you're able to actually marry those models together. You take the drone and you underlay the terrestrial model and you make it to where when you drop your person in, you can not only walk the entire area and that could be a huge area, but you can also then walk through the door and enter seamlessly into the Matterport model.

The other good avenue of this is if you've got multiple buildings that were part of a critical event and you don't want to have access all over the place, you could put all of those models side by side and then make it to where you can walk between them.

So those are some really good use cases. This is going to be deployed potentially as training scenarios for law enforcement, for police, for education. Think of having a school scanned and being able to do training scenarios inside of those schools.

The other cool things you can do with it you can actually drop 3D assets directly into the model. You can set fire to things, you can train on medical responses.

So you can have an NPC that's on the ground having a heart attack, and you judge how the response of that goes. There's tons and tons of use cases for it.

And it's just another partnership that I'm really excited about.

And we also have it with our partnership with Carahsoft to where we can get them directly on the government contract vehicles and make it really easy for anybody and any agency who wants to procure that to do so.

- [Dan Smigrod] If you're a Matterport service provider, what are the pain points of the local police, the local fire, the local emergency services that they would find using Matterport plus RSET plus ARCADUS, a helpful, useful solution?

- So I would say first and foremost is going to be ease of use. And then second would probably be security. So first, ease of use. Everybody knows that Matterport has probably the easiest solution in actually capturing.

So if you need to have certain times when it has to be an officer that's responding, they're then able to do the capture. As a service provider, you can contract with them for non-critical events where maybe it's a space that doesn't need that high level of security and you're able to go and do it.

And as we all know, that's a very easy process. So then the other part of it is security.

Now security is going to be very important because when you're talking about something that's going to go to jury, it's going to go to trial. You need to know and verify where that data has been. It needs to be audited, it needs to be logged, and we need to know who has had access of it.

And that's really where the GovCloud comes in. And it allows us to maintain all of those necessities that make it to where any government agency, including SLED, law enforcement, fire, all of those agencies are going to be confident in the data that they put up, is not going to end up on YouTube someplace.

- [Dan Smigrod] Matterport recently announced a strategic alliance with your company, ARCADUS. And so that's what enables a Matterport model to be able to live in a [AWS Govcloud] like Matterport, but with other features and benefits.

- Right, so we kind of

- Could you highlight?

- Moved beyond-

- What those features and benefits are of the problem that the AWS GovCloud solves that's different from the Matterport cloud?

- So GovCloud, specifically, when we're talking about government agencies, there's a couple solutions there. The primary obviously is going to be security and access.

So making sure that everything is secure in where it is and the people who are accessing it are allowed to be accessing it.

So every user comes with an SSO. In addition to that, everything is logged and audited. So if you need to pull a report for who's been accessing the models, that's all part of that. The other thing is it has a different set of the structure. So there's really only one Matterport for government account.

It's not like you have different tiers, you just basically get the services or the spaces that you need.

And then beyond that, if you need to always have, let's say you need to consistently pull down MatterPaks to be able to integrate into our set, you can download an archive module or a MatterPak module where instead of it being based on just when you click to order it, it allows the account to have unlimited access to MatterPak downloads. The same thing is true for archiving.

So it makes it to where if you have, like for me, a law enforcement agency that needs to be able to retain any of their cases in perpetuity, they can do so because they can just archive it with an unlimited backdrop to allow them to come back to that case, should it be be pulled back up into court again.

So those are just kind of a couple high points. But they're really important to pivot on because if you have an agency, they're going to have a budget.

And that budget is going to be a fixed budget. They're going to have $50,000 for the year, it can't change. Whereas if they're on the standard server and they need to make a purchase of a MatterPak or they go over on their archiving, that's going to change, right?

They can't make that purchase. So having it all built into the Matterport for government service is really what helps make it a robust system to be able to deploy on an annual basis.

- [Dan Smigrod] So for clarification, we're standing in front of the Matterport Pro3 Camera that is not necessary in order to work with Matterport plus RSET. Because RSET is actually using the MatterPak.

- Correct. They're using the OBJ file.

- [Dan Smigrod] So you can use either a Matterport Pro2 or Pro3 Camera for law enforcement?

- Right.

- [Dan Smigrod] For fire department, emergency medical services, for police.

- Yep.

- [Dan Smigrod] Knowing that the RSET platform thrives using the Matterport OBJ file, the object file.

- Correct. And if you happen to have an OBJ from another provider, you could basically marry it into the same instance with something that came from Matterport. So it doesn't need to be just a Matterport camera. You can pull it from another source and be able to integrate it as well.

- [Dan Smigrod] So if you're a Matterport Service Provider and you're talking to police, fire, or emergency medical services, you could offer the solution with Matterport plus RSET, the problems that you'll run into are the following where it then makes sense to have ARCADUS that working in conjunction with Carahsoft working in conjunction with AWS GovCloud.

Those problems that get solved by working with you are?

- So first and foremost is experience and past performance. So I am a retired law enforcement. And so, I have the ability to understand deeply what the use cases are and why they need access to these things as well as be able to speak their language on how to deploy it.

And make sure that it's not something that goes to an agency and then sits on the shelf. That's a significant value that I bring. But then in addition to that, being able to deploy a government contract through Carahsoft will allow us basically to not have to manage the procurement and bidding process.

So if we can prove that we're a sole source and that we are the only ones who have access to say the GSA schedule or NASA SEWP or ITES, then that really helps facilitate the purchase in a much smoother fashion to where it's a matter of can you provide it and not let me go out and bid 30 different agencies or 30 different MSPs in order to find out who the lowest bidder is. So it helps you in the process.

And we're more than happy to be that point of contact to where we can either speak to the law enforcement agency, the fire departments, whoever it may be on your behalf, or we can help kind of guide and train you on what some of that conversation, how it might go, some of the questions they might ask you and how you could potentially respond to that.

- [Dan Smigrod] So the problems that a Matterport Service Provider might hear when getting close to a done deal with a fire department, the police department, emergency medical services will sound something like, either "I need to be on AWS GovCloud, can you do that?" "I need to be working with Carahsoft because they're the entity that eliminates us having to put things out on bid."

- Right.

- [Dan Smigrod] Are there other problems that of how it would get stated to a Matterport Service Provider that immediately comes back and says, "oh, you really need to be working with ARCADUS." "You need to be working with ARCADUS that works with Carahsoft." "You need to be working with ARCADUS because it also works with AWS GovCloud."

- So the other potential thing that could happen is they would want you to be on their vendor list, which is different everywhere. But essentially the requirement could be that you are a registered supplier, a dedicated vendor with the state before you can ever do anything.

So we recently went through this with Tennessee to create a solution for Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. The cool thing is, especially with Carahsoft if you've got any agency that has specific like geographic requirements, then they can help solve that. So one of the ones they helped solve with us was within Washington, DC.

And that was really a location that we weren't able to have access to, but we're able to get through Carahsoft partnership.

So it's going to be all about how much you want to deploy, how many resources you want to deploy to registering to these state agencies and try and be a supplier or a vendor or if you want us to be that avenue of attack for you to where we can go and do all of that contracting, all of that paperwork to make it to where we can just purchase it directly for you.

- [Dan Smigrod] Javan, thanks for your time. Appreciate your help.

- Thank you very much.
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