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I love WGAN Forum lurkers!19242

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Photo of Urbanimmersive President and CEO Ghislain Lemire, Ghislain's wife, Veronique, and We Get Around Network Founder and Managing Editor @DanSmigrod meeting up at PMRE Conference 8-9 November 2023 in Las Vegas. | Image by Ghislain Lemire

I Love WGAN Forum lurkers!

Hi All,

I WGAN Forum lurkers.

At the 2023 PMRE Conference 8-9 November 2023 (available On Demand) in Las Vegas, I wore a We Get Around Network baseball cap (see above) to help conference attendees either find me in the crowd or to help WGAN Forum members introduce themselves.

Turns out that many WGAN Forum lurkers introduced themselves (and they introduced themselves as WGAN Forum/WGAN-TV fans and lurkers).

-- "Keep doing what you are doing!"
-- "I recognized your voice before I saw the hat."
-- "I watch your show (WGAN-TV) and read the WGAN Forum."
-- "I am a WGAN fan and lurker."
-- "When I Google questions, I end up in the WGAN Forum."
-- "I do not post, but I enjoy reading the WGAN Forum."

Great to meet so many lurkers (and WGAN Forum Members at PMRE.

While the WGAN Forum has 8,900 registered members in 147 countries, we get nearly 14,000 unique monthly visitors to the WGAN Forum. So, that's lots of lurking!

While I would love for everyone to join the WGAN Forum - it's free and includes 50+ Membership benefits - our lurkers count when it comes to WGAN Sponsors: particularly those members and guests researching cameras, platforms and 3rd party services.

So simply by reading the WGAN Forum, you are helping the WGAN Forum to grow.


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BuckeyeDrone private msg quote post Address this user
"I recognized your voice before I saw the hat."

Glad to say hi in person!

Cliff @BuckeyeDrone
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