If your ranking is dropping and when you send out emails you see they are not going far here are some things to consider that you can do yourself for free.

You need to make your email SPF and DMARC settings for your domain compliant. They affect your google credibility in the next SEO algorithm change. Get a free account at www.diib.com and check

Next is checking your domain for toxic back links.

Search engines, including Google, evaluate the links pointing to your website. Good ones will help your rankings and bad ones can lower them or even get your website penalized.

The majority of the spammy backlinks we see usually come from one of three sources:

1- Very old, outdated links from websites that might have become penalized.

2- Bulk link purchases from disreputable firms. Usually the get 100 backlinks for $10 schemes. These are never a good idea and always need to be disavowed. They create hundreds of backlinks on one site instead one backlink per site on hundreds of different sites that the site is focused on a topic or business not just backlinking.

3- A competitor who pays for banned/penalized websites to link to yours. Common in some industries that are highly competitive online such as locksmiths, real estate, photography and web services.

Remember: Google allows you to disavow “spammy/bad” backlinks.

Once you have provided Google with a disavow list, the backlinks you specify to Google will no longer negatively impact your website. However, since it is impossible to remove these backlinks from the offending websites, So this is a monthly thing to watch, find and report them to google.

Just remember, once disavowed, these backlinks will no longer have a negative impact or be counted by Google even if they still physically exist.

Want to see for yourself and try to do it?
You can go to https://www.semrush.com/backlink_audit/ to see if you have toxic links.

If you have some you can go to https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/4-steps-to-removing-spammy-backlinks-from-your-website/ and learn how to do it yourself

or call us for an affordable quote.