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My Impressions of the Apple Vision Pro18737

Hopscotch private msg quote post Address this user

My Impressions of the Apple Vision Pro

Hi Friends,

I am sharing all of my initial reactions here...note this video covers a lot of topics, 3D photos, Lightroom in AR, form factor, etc.

I don't go too far into the LiDAR capabilities, Field of View (FOV) as we will likely cover those on a WGAN Live at 5 with Dan here soon, but if you'd like my unfiltered thoughts, here they are.

The ski goggles are to prove a point about comfort and form factor, I'm NOT poking fun at Apple, I am very excited and thrilled about this release and am looking forward to a great discussion with you all on this topic!!!


Transcript (video above)

Emily Olman: Hey, what's up, you guys? It's Emily from Hopscotch Interactive. Today was a big day for all of the XR folks that I know out there. I am starting things off by trying to get comfortable in something that approximates what I think it's going to feel like to wear the new headset. These are Scott goggles, I think 3499 from our last ski trip with my daughter.

I'm just going to rock these for now because I think this is probably what it's going to be like. Oh my goodness, I was on the edge of my seat today for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. I'm just kidding about these, but it's funny. There is a resemblance, so you've got to give it to them. I was on the edge of my seat as we went through iOS 17 updates.

We heard about the iPad, we even got to PDFs, we were like an hour and 45 minutes into this conference, or into this keynote. I was just going, is anything going to happen? Are they going to announce anything? Then, of course, Tim Cook hit us with one more thing. That one more thing being the announcement of the next amazing release from Apple.

And really a groundbreaking historical release of hardware, which is the new Apple Vision Pro. Here's the deal. Let me move this over, so that I'm not cut off from the video here. But basically here's the scoop, 3499 available in early 2024. You've seen all the news, but now what I want to do is walk you through the things that I reacted to while I was watching.

It is of course, according to these guys, the first Apple product that you look through and not at. I was thinking about that. That's true. There's the pass-through element. We've seen this before with the HoloLens, we've seen this with HoloLens 2, we've seen it with Magic Leap, Magic Leap 2, we've seen this with pretty much any wearable device that passes through as a huge part of the product design.

It also, especially with the Quest and Meta Quest, and Meta Quest Pro request to Inquest Pro. That pass through is really really important because it helps us communicate better and to just feel like we can go in and out of experiences without feeling like we're stuck in VR, which is great for certain use cases. Here is the story. As we are introduced to this.

There is an explanation for folks who are not familiar with VR or maybe who have never tried any of the existing headsets that are already on the market. You control the Vision Pro using your most natural and intuitive tools. This is wrapping up a statement that really describes pretty much every single current hardware headset that I've tried recently, which uses any type of inside-out tracking.

Inside-out tracking in hand. Gesture recognition is pretty standard now even though a few years ago it really wasn't. That's something that is like they make it sound so sexy, but it's been around for quite some time. Also viewing your world in new ways. Expanding beyond the limitations of our screens and our monitors to be able to put content anywhere in the room.

If any of you have already tried any of the current generation of headsets, you will know that this is not novel by any stretch, but it's probably going to be really good fidelity and it's probably going to have a great form factor and feeling for you when you're wearing it. Also the Apple Vision Pro. Here's what Alan Dye says, the Apple Vision Pro allows us the freedom to imagine and experience.

What he's talking about here is explaining spatial computing to people who are unfamiliar with the term. Because of course, as things shifted to metal verse, and then they shifted to AI, everybody forgot about spatial computing and they stuffed it away. But I started a company in 2017 called Spatial First. We were a spatial interface, spatial computing company for commercial real estate.

We knew we were ahead of the times. But one of the last things I was expecting was all of a sudden for spatial computing to come back around as the way we're going to describe this according to the world, or with the world according to Apple. But there you have it. Also, I feel it's really important that you hear about some medicine regimen you need to take from the wrong person.

Somebody can tell you that you should do something. Then if it's not coming from the right person, say your spouse tells you you should do something you're like, no. But then your friend tells you and you go, oh, of course, that sounds like a great idea. It's a little bit like who delivers the news, is who's going to be most impactful with it.

The fact that Apple got behind AR so much today and they finally released to the world all of their plans, or at least the plans for this spatial OS, spatial computing. For them, it really feels like they're trying to translate what this technology can do to the masses. I am excited about that, growing beyond your physical environments.

Again, none of this is really new. It's not that novel even, it's a lot of things we've already seen. From some of the commentary that I've seen from friends in the industry, I think it's because they want to encourage developers to feel like they can port their existing apps to the headset. That this is just a continuation, an organic continuation of those apps into a headset rather than being in your hands.

So a hands-free device. Again, this was where they walked us through the gesture stuff, and also through the pass-through. As I illustrated before in my very rudimentary designs, it's not that far off. I know that it is full of incredible computing and computing power, and lidar, and spatial recognition, and spatial awareness with the technology that's going to be in this headset. I'm not even pretending.

Emily Olman: But look, it's amazing. This is when you're in pass-through mode. I think I'm just going to bump into this one just for a second so you can see this. Let's go to the next one. When you're in I can talk to you mode, you've got the pass-through, the vision, but you can see there is a blue light there, so you know that there's something on screen.

Then here you can see that it's a little bit blurred so we can't interrupt them at the moment. I wonder if parents are just going to stick those on when they get home from work, and that's what they're going to do. Let's take a look at this in action. This is the model showing us her home environment and somebody comes up to her and says.

I'm going to chat with you. I'm here in the home environment. She's like, great, I'll switch. Now I can see you again. I switched modes. That was pretty cool to be able to see that and let's see if we can get back to the other use cases. Besides sitting on the couch and ignoring your family, which of course, or I don't know, talking to your family in 3D video chat.

We will talk about that in a second. But the Vision Pro is always in sync with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and, of course, your watch. I love wearing my Apple watch. It helps me find my phone. It helps me with a lot of things but certainly this is intended to get you excited about work. While I was in my viewing party with my friends watching this earlier, we were all wondering, where's the cord going?

The cord, of course, was attached to a battery. We'll get into that in a second, but the idea is that you can remain present in your space and connected to others with this video pass-through and let's take a look of what this is supposed to look like in that. Let's look again and let's go to full screen. Here we go. This is the dude with the battery obviously attached to it.

I'm assuming that the battery needs to be attached all the time to power it. I'm not really sure but if we replay that, he's able to have as many screens as he wants and he's able to use that as his desk. They explained using the Magic Keyboard and using some of the other accessories. You're really going to have a seamless experience so they'll look at that right there.

That is a keyboard that would be gesture-controlled if I'm not mistaken because that is in the experience. He's not even using a real keyboard, he's just there using that on his desktop or on his desk. He doesn't need a desktop. He just needs a desk. Next one up. Let's talk about FaceTime and let's talk about why I think that this is really a push towards the masses.

In this example, we've got somebody doing basically like a team meeting even though she's in maybe her hotel room or in her bedroom and she's got her teammates chatting with her while she makes a presentation. That would be a very cool use case for this. Obviously, it's the next step beyond immersion after a regular Zoom call.

But we've already illustrated with many other things that we can do with entering into any chat right now in VR or in the Meta Quest 2 that we can accomplish a lot of these things with existing programs and apps. It just might be that it is more elegant and more accessible to people because they are already big users of the Apple ecosystem.

I do like the idea of Facebook being something that has spatial audio in it. That was one of the things that they mentioned was that you will have the audio spatialized based on wherever the person is in your home screen. I like that. I think that's very cool. Also this color pass-through, I'm not sure. We can also dial in the occlusion, they were showing basically you could put a skybox or a 360.

That there were a lot of different options for including immersive environments that would add occlusion to the scene. That makes me excited for maybe a renaissance for 360 content as well. Now let's get into some of the stuff that really excited me, which as a photographer I think would expect you to. Lets you capture and relive your memories in 3D with spatial audio.

Guys, so this is it. The photography of the future is not going to be enough like everyone thinks it is right away, it's going to be a 3D photograph captured on your Apple Vision Pro. You're going to hold onto that memory and here's what it's going to look like, if you're going to be able to watch it and relive it in 3D.

Now, I guess it looks to me like it's still a 2D projection, but maybe we can make that spatial somehow. I don't know. It says you can capture spatial video of a fun moment with your kids. How much spatial video are you able to capture? How much of a moment is that? Are they trying to say? It's going to be like capturing up to eight seconds of spatial videos so that you don't use up all the storage.

Or I'm trying to figure out what that is going to be and there are no answers yet. There might be some answers, but we'll get to that in a second. Cinematic experiences, going beyond two dimensions. Then this is where we got into stuff that helped raise the stock prices of companies other than Apple. The first one that they talked about was, what if you could bring a Disney world to you?

I was literally onstage last week at Augmented World Expo talking about location-based entertainment. I said, sometimes you have your first experience in XR location-based entertainment when you go to a theme park or if we bring the theme park to you. I felt like that was a little bit prescient of this amazing presentation here.

There were over 1 million people watching it on the live stream with me on YouTube today. I know that a ton of people are watching it and it's great and I was in a chat as well with my friends. But seeing Bob Iger, seeing Disney talk about the way that they see this becoming a way to create more immersion. I'm already a Disney Plus subscriber, I have kids.

Seeing cool ways that like AK content or Disney content can become more immersive, or that this could be like a major treat for our kids to let them watch movies or watch an episode of The Mandalorian in this, I can imagine that being truly epic. Also remember, you're going to have those pass-through cameras, so your mixed reality gaming environment slash contents overlays are going to be wild.

Like this definitely opens up a channel for marketers and for advertisers, and for product placement and interaction and all of these different more immersive ways to do brand and storytelling are going to explode because people are going to get behind the Apple game. Here's what's under the hood. The frame completes the form. It has so many specs.

One of the things that I thought was cool is that they partnered with Zeiss for the optics so you can get special lenses for these. They want you to wear it comfortably for a longer amount of time. If it were a VR device, I would say that's not really going to make it because people don't want to spend endless and endless hours in VR.

They want great experiences in VR, but they don't want to spend eight hours a day in it. But for an AR device, for a mixed reality device, I think it will work. Now, coming into that, they studied thousands of heads to get a detailed understanding of the form factor and how comfortable it needed to be. This allows us to tailor the product to fit you perfectly.

It is modular, I think that's great. It looks comfortable, it looks like I could wear it for a long time. It also looks like, here's the thing, let's talk about hairstyles and fit. Every current device. This is the thing. I'm going back to the ski goggles, guys. Check it out. Going back to the sea goggles because these pretty much fit anybody's head, anybody's hair, anybody's helmet.

I have a ponytail on, no problem. I think that they got that the headband display was going to be a game changer for women and that they also got it that it was going to also work for people with, let's say, black hair. You've got your hairstyle and putting something that has the fastener to tighten it over the top of your hair, smashes your ponytail, wrecks your hair, and is one of the deterrents.

People don't want to put something on their head that they can't just rock as a headband. I think that this is a big win. I think that honestly was not talked about by a lot of people today or at least not commented on from people that I saw, but for me that was a big aha moment. Also spatial audio.

They talked about this a lot and I have to say, I'll have to go back and re-watch everything about it. But I love the idea of matching the sound to your room and my husband, he's a music professor, and he studies spatial audio. We were discussing how we'd like to see exactly how this works. I think the jury is still out on this one, but we'll come back to it.

Getting into the encoder-decoder neural networks. This is basically like studying your face and then fitting the system to you or at least recognizing you so that you can put it on and quickly get access to it. I think that's the part that this was. Let me know in the chat if I messed it up. By the way, if you haven't yet, please like and subscribe because I love making these videos.

If I hear from you, it motivates me to do more, which I think is a good thing. Definitely add into the comments and let me know that you're watching and what you think. I love to chime in on things like this because I'm not a journalist, I've just been following this industry for absolutely years and years.

Emily Olman: Here we come back to Apple Vision Pro is more than a new product. It's an entirely new platform and this is the stuff that gets me excited. But at the same time, I think I'm going to temper my enthusiasm because I feel like the best is yet to come. Reality composer. They will be making new apps for the vision Pro.

I think that one of the complaints is that we didn't see a launch app that was a major game-changing wow, launch app. I think that the product itself is the launch. We haven't seen that killer app yet, but maybe that's because the product is the killer app, but Reality Composer is so easy to use. It's drag-and-drop AR, if you're in the Apple ecosystem.

It is actually quite simple and I can even make AR experiences using Reality Composer. Check out the rest of these apps and look for new ones. Including ones that you already have, photographers and talking to you. This is Adobe Lightroom in the Apple Vision Pro. What that means is that you are making your adjustments on an enormous screen.

My current issue with that is that unless it's like I have a 5K Retina screen up in my office, and that's what I use. Look so you can easily color this with your eyes and your hands. Does that mean I'm going to be painting in AR to use gesture control for Lightroom? Or will I want to use some old pencil or a wand or is it just going to be so hard to let go of using my hand gestures.

I've been the gestures that I use to edit in Lightroom and in Photoshop because I've been doing that for years. Also, if that screen is not calibrated then what? I have a lot of questions about this, but in theory, I think it's awesome, and I also have registered a couple of domains that are related to photography because I think I could end up doing something with this to be continued.

Just some ideas that I had once I saw that, as well as of course, the enormous widescreen possibility and immersion. This is something more like a cave experience where you've got your panorama and you're looking at your content that way. If you are a current Unity developer, this was a good day for you because it was confirmation that maybe you weren't one of the folks that has been already testing.

This or has already gotten access to start developing for it. But if you're in Unity, all of those apps are going to be something that you can pour into the Vision Pro. It was a huge day for unity. It was a huge day for game engines, not Epic, not Unreal. There's a rivalry there, but for Unity, man, this was like the best news. Because they needed it and I love it.

Privacy and security. Ironically, there are like a dozen trackers and cameras that are always on with this, but this is putting privacy and security at the center. I love this where your browser, like unless you click on something to go through to it, what you're looking at and what you're searching for, that data is not stored in the Cloud, that data is just local and that's it.

Again, the price is 3499. They were like come to the store, it was built for stuff like this. I was thinking to myself, I hope that they understand that when you are putting a headset on a person and not a person, I've been to so many XR trade shows. After a while, I just didn't want to try the headsets on anymore even with cleaning them and all that.

Yes, it's great and people will go and demo it. But I'm also a little bit like, I wouldn't say a German film, but I think I would definitely temper my enthusiasm for App Store or Apple Store experiences with it. And then they had this ad that came up, which for me it was a little bit like Wait, are we preaching to the choir?

I didn't feel like this was as global enough of an ad with his global enough of an appeal as I would've liked. I would've liked to have seen them really make a commitment towards, we want you to talk to people in Africa. We want you to talk to people in Japan. We want you to feel closeness to your friends in South America or in Europe, and they didn't do it.

The star of this commercial was like a dad with what looked like pretty privileged kids. I was like, that was a missed opportunity for me because even though it is expensive, I feel like it is something that would replace a nice computer in somebody's home and do a lot more.

Emily Olman: I didn't see me in the ad, I guess is what I could say. Maybe some other people didn't see themselves either. Now, let's see, this is just people watching video and Apple's first Spatial Operating System. This is truly going to be a historic moment for Apple and for the next-generation of spatial computing, which we already knew was.

As some folks have called it in the past, maybe the fourth transformation or the next Web 3.0 cycle. Or as things move from a graphical user interface into the spatial web or to mobile and then into the spatial web. This is the beginning of the spatial web going mainstream because it's Apple, it's the iPhone moment. Here are some better marketing photos.

You know what guys? This looks so much like the magic leap. I just have to say with the battery pack attached to it, I knew that is what that was when I saw it. I hope that this is lighter, that it's slimmer, that it has a nice battery life. I think he's going to be awesome. Here's another one, explore the Cosmos. A little hint at the content that they're going to be having in their sky guide.

Look at the sky and then see what happens. You can do that on your phone. You can do that already, but you're going to probably enjoy it more with AR, it will be cooler. You'll be able to work. Here is a dude. Let's see. Does he have a monitor in this photo? I feel like there's a monitor here as well. He's got the monitor, he's got his trackpad, he's got his stuff, he's got his coffee.

Emily Olman: Does not much change and again, this is exciting. This is that wheel where you can roll in and out of occlusion. An occlusion, guys is full occlusion being virtual reality, nothing else gets in. You can't see anything else and then partial occlusion would be you having a more open hardware for a form function or form factor.

Also, glass just passes through when you have less occlusion so that's the difference. Then are we going to be chatting with our friends and being hey, what's up? Did you need me? I can see you. I think that's funny and again, just the fabric, and here's what it looks like. Here are my big takeaways. Spatial computing plus a big plus for spatial computing today.

Eyesight is what they are calling this transformative pass-through. The eyesight is what allows you to be able to see and then also, to be able to dim or occlude when you want to have a fully immersive experience. The folks that I've been following on Twitter have been talking about it. Yes, it will be able to do VR.

We're not there yet talking about VR because we're trying to get people excited about this being a next step. Optic ID secure authorization to get into it. That's probably that scanning. I'm guessing that's the scanning. I have to refresh my memory. But, again that's something new. But what did the markets say? I was watching the stock price as I went through this two-hour keynote.

It was up, until just about when people started talking about those PDFs and I swear they lost people. People were like PDFs, you're losing me stickers. Awesome social media, awesome. I was 17. Awesome. All of that was great. The MacBook, 15-inch Air, all the new chips, the M2 Pro or the M2 ultra chip, all of that stuff was like, yes, it's fanfare and excitement.

But it ended the day trading down. Now this happened, I want to say in the fall as well. There's a tendency for this to happen, but it seems like as soon as the headset was announced, I felt like I could see those investors just ratcheting back their enthusiasm just a little bit. I think it's because there's still a little bit of reluctance after the pain of the metaphors coming off of its hype cycle.

That happened for Apple a little bit. I'm not that bad but look at the day that Unity had up $5.32. I think they close the day around a little in the mid-30s of 17%. Unity had an extraordinary day. I think there is confidence in the developer ecosystem using Unity now. That's a big deal. Disney also, they got a little lift for the day and I think that we'll have to see if it translates into much more success down the road.

The question is, will I buy it? The answer for me right now is yes, 3,499 I feel is a lot of money but for me and for the journey that I'm on with XR, it makes perfect sense for me to invest in this, to have a headset, to be able to use it before other folks are figuring it out and getting excited about it. Remember the first iPad? Do you remember the first iPhone? Not everybody had it, the early adopters had it.

This is exactly the same. It's still going to take a few generations of this device before we get to the point where everyone will want to use it and maybe that's in 10 years. It's probably going to be in 10 years. But in the meantime, I think I'm going to get behind it because I've continued to get behind it. But what do my indie creators have to say about this? Well, tilt five, Jerry Ellsworth, and team.

You can get almost nine till five enough for the whole family. In the meantime, if you want to have the world's most fun gaming system for literally one-tenth or almost one-tenth the price you can get a tilt five and have it in time for Christmas. You will not have an Apple Vision Pro in time for Christmas. Lucas Risotto.

Again, this needs to be said and Lucas, if you don't follow him, you should definitely follow him. He's an amazing mad scientist of XR, machine learning and AI, and all of these things and music. Brilliant. Apple's vision of spatial computing was almost exactly what Magic Leap has been pushing for years under Rony Abovitz.

What they announced is cool and super polished, but it is new. Recognize your visionaries Worldwide Developers Conference '23. I think Lucas has a point, an Apple spent, and his Benedict Evans from A-Z. Andreessen Horowitz, Apple spent 10 years as a huge VC, one of the most well-respected and well-known VCs in the world of stamps.

The kiss from them is the kiss of approval, and the rest is history. But Apple spent 10 years building a privacy brand and now launches a device with a dozen always-on cameras. It's a mystery, but it makes sense and Rony himself says it was like watching a greatest hits album of everyone else's work. I do feel Rony's pain today because I know that they've been working on it, but I have friends out there.

Inga Petryaevskaya, who is the CEO and Founder of shapes XR and she says she can't be more excited for whatever is ahead of us. Inga, I know you are near me and I am going to hit you up to get a demo of this if I'm allowed. Again, for the shapes XR team, this is a perfect example of companies who have already been developing in XR for a long time.

They have their chops, they are doing amazing work and she's aimed towards collaboration and design. Design collaboration in XR, multi-person multiplayer. When she says or when they say we will shine on it, you better believe it. It's going to be a great day for companies like this who get a big lift way over what they have currently on the Meta Quest platforms and even on the Vive, etc.

Overall I would say thumbs up, I'm really excited.

Emily Olman: In the meantime, I will remain in my wishing that I had it and hoping that I get one soon. But I think it's great. I'm really happy and I couldn't be more excited because I feel having been in the XR space and having been an evangelist for it for so many years, I never see a lot of friends coming out of the closet today letting me know and letting everybody know.

What they've been working on in secret. I was checking to see, you were on this. I thought you were. It was very exciting and I can tell that wonderful things will come. The rest will be history, but certainly, it's been a great day. If you enjoyed this video, if you enjoyed my thoughts, if you have thoughts of your own and you would like to comment or join in on the fun.

Please like and subscribe and put what you're thinking down at the bottom if you're new to the channel, I cover a lot of tech. Specifically, tech as it relates to media photography, video, and especially new media like this because I love XR.

I have been an XR advocate and evangelist and creator since 2015. Please follow the channel and let me know what you think. I look forward to seeing you next time and have a good day.
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Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live | WGAN-TV | Matterport + Apple Vision Pro: Imagining the 3D/AR/VR/XR/AI Spatial Data Possibilities | Guests: Hopscotch Interactive CEO & Chief Media Officer Emily Olman (@Hopscotch) and Tosolini Productions Founder and Creative Technologist Paolo Tosolini (@Tosolini) | Episode #194 | Thursday, 22 June 2023
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