RELA Website | RELA Landing Page for Real Estate PhotographersRELA Website | RELA Landing Page for Real Estate Photographers

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RELA Website
RELA Landing Page for Real Estate Photographers

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WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros with RELA CEO Mike Land | (20 February 2020)

If you are using many tools to manage your business, RELA simplifies with its "swiss army knife" all-in-one platform.

RELA solves these problems:

✓ creating Single Property Websites (branded, unbranded)
✓ getting paid (option to release digital assets when paid in full or part)
✓ delivering digital assets in one place
✓ booking shoots
✓ reminder notifications to client and photographer (and/or 3rd party service provider such as drone)
✓ invoicing
✓ simplify display of pricing
✓ help up-sell Optional Extras (how services are presented)
✓ easily offer different clients different pricing (such as legacy or large clients)
✓ receive deposits
✓ automatically deposit payments to your checking account
✓ accepting payments
✓ providing client with dashboard for all digital assets, invoicing (and more)
✓ couponing (one for all; unique one-time use, expiration date, only work for certain client)
✓ online ordering
✓ online booking
✓ close leads
✓ manage multiple photographers
✓ see photographers' availability in real time