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What is the average cost for a 40,000 SQFT Matterport scan?18675

WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN Question of the Day (All)

Question of the Day: What is the average cost for a 40,000 SQFT Matterport scan?

Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Tuesday, 23 May 2023:

What is the average cost for a 40,000 SQFT Matterport scan?

Hi All,

A visitor to the WGAN Forum Chatbot for Matterport powered by ChatGPT-4 asks:

What is the average cost for a 40,000 SQFT Matterport scan?

What questions would you ask this WGAN visitor in order to provide a quote?

I could imagine that there are many questions that you would want answered before you could/would quote this project.


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Puget Sound, Washington
seeinside private msg quote post Address this user
What does the floorplan look like?
How much furniture/equipment is there?
What camera are you using?

If it is a wide open space with no furnishing it will take far fewer scans and a lot less time. It will take between 4-20 hrs for this job depending on the layout and the camera you are using. A wide open unfurnished space captured with a Matterport 3 may take 4hrs or less, while fully furnished offices could take as long as 20hrs.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

The question that I would suggest asking is:

=> Tell me about the space and how will the Matterport tour be used?

These two open-ended questions would likely tease out what you need to know to quote on the project.

To help me think through the potential client request, I asked ChatGPT-4:

You are a Matterport Service Provider. What are 50 questions that you would want to ask to quote on a Matterport scanning project when you are asked: What is the average cost for a 40,000 SQFT Matterport scan?

ChatGPT-4 replied:

When providing a quote for a Matterport scanning project, many factors come into play. Here are 50 questions you might want to ask to help determine an accurate quote:

1. What is the location of the property?
2. What is the layout of the space? Is it a single open area or divided into multiple rooms?
3. Is the property residential, commercial, or industrial?
4. Are there multiple floors? If so, how many?
5. Will the scanning project include exterior spaces?
6. Are there any unique architectural features in the space?
7. Will furniture or other items need to be moved around during the scanning process?
8. Will the space be prepared and cleaned before scanning, or will that need to be part of the project?
9. Is the lighting sufficient for scanning, or will additional lighting be required?
10. Are there any safety concerns or hazardous areas within the space?
11. What is the purpose of the scan? (e.g., real estate listing, virtual tour, construction documentation, etc.)
12. Are there specific deadlines or time constraints for the project?
13. Will additional services be required, such as drone photography or 360-degree outdoor scans?
14. Are there restrictions on when scanning can take place? (e.g., business hours, security clearances)
15. Will there be people present during the scanning process?
16. Are there any areas within the property that require special permissions or clearances for scanning?
17. What is the desired level of detail for the scan?
18. Is there parking available near the property for easy equipment transport?
19. Does the property have electricity available for use during the scan?
20. Are there stairs or elevators to access different floors?
21. Is there a floor plan available for the property?
22. Are there any areas of the property that do not need to be included in the scan?
23. Will you require 2D floor plans or other additional assets?
24. How many scans are typically required per room or per area?
25. Are there any specific areas that you want to highlight in the scan?
26. Will you require Mattertag posts or other types of annotation within the 3D model?
27. Are there any elements of the property that require extra care or sensitivity?
28. Are you requiring any post-scan editing services?
29. Are there any spaces such as closets or storage rooms to be scanned?
30. Do you require the scans to be integrated with a Google Street View?
31. What is the internet situation at the property? Is there a good WiFi connection for uploading the scans?
32. Will you require the raw scan data to be delivered to you?
33. Are there any mirror or reflective surfaces that could pose issues during scanning?
34. Will you require virtual staging services?
35. Will you need guided tour functionality within the Matterport model?
36. Will you require the data to be stored for a certain period?
37. Do you expect any changes to the property during the scanning process?
38. Will the property be staged prior to scanning or will it be empty?
39. Is the property currently occupied or in use?
40. Are there any pets in the property?
41. Are there any specific branding or customization requests for the virtual tour?
42. How soon do you need the completed scan?
43. Will you require any training or support in navigating or using the Matterport model?
44. Do you want the virtual tour to be compatible with Virtual Reality devices?
45. Are there any areas with low ceilings or tight spaces that might be difficult to scan?
46. Are there any secure or restricted areas that will need to be obscured in the final model?
47. Will you require additional photography or videography services?
48. Are there any potential issues [ChatGPT-4 stopped here]
49. [Left Blank]
50. [Left Blank]

What questions are missing that would help you answer the WGAN Question of the Day?


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