Frustrations with Virtual Tours

Hi all - I hope everyone is well.

Recently we have been contacted by a large number of real estate photographers becoming increasingly frustrated with a particular Virtual Tour Platform, resulting in large numbers moving to us. There have been many reasons why they have decided to migrate; the overriding one being price. As such we have restructured our pricing accordingly.

As a result we have introduced a PAYG plan with no monthly subscription and additional hosting or hidden costs. We simply charge $1 per 360 image (typically 1 image required per room) with a minimum spend of $15 which includes 12 months hosting + automatically built Virtual Tour, 3D Model, Floor Plan & Teaser Video (plus features, i.e info labels, blurring, own branding etc).

We have, however, still kept our monthly subscription plans, but we have thrown more value at them. They now include ‘free tours’ every month.

$12.99 / month - includes 1 x tour (up to 25 images)
$35.99 / month - includes 3 x tour (up to 25 images)
$54.99 / month - includes 5 x tour (up to 25 images)

See how to upload images on your iphone to create a tour: clickable text

Download our app on android: clickable text

Sign up (first tour is FREE, no card required): clickable text

Thought it was worth highlighting, if you’re also getting frustrated. If you do have any questions just drop me an email at