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Stating a Matterport Service Provider business: Do I need a drone?18656

User372826 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello I am in the process of getting a 3d tour business going and one issue I have ran into is potential clients asking about drone photography. I have nothing against drones it’s just that i am able to get basically everything I need efficiently from moving a Matterport camera around except for, of course, aerial photography.

I am wondering if there are other options for getting quality aerial (3d?) photos (and maybe integrating them into Matterport somehow?) or is there something I can say to clients to appease them?

Maybe extending the 3d tour outside would help? Although I’ve heard that can be difficult. To me aerial photos are more of an extra wow factor unless you are doing huge or expensive properties where they are needed. Im sure one day I will grab one but until then.

Any help is appreciated thanks
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EaglePrecision private msg quote post Address this user
Other than zooming in on Google Earth, there are no other options. If a client wants an aerial photo showing the property's proximity to the ocean or the clubhouse/pool, only a drone can do that (without hiring a helicopter).
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
Nathan Cool has a channel on YouTube that is one of the top real estate photography channels. He recommends building a complete solution package to offer clients so they can deal with one service provider.

So you could find a reliable drone pilot and partner with then so you can offer their services as part of your package. I think Nathan Cool does that, actually.

If you go the route to provide the drone services yourself, the test fee was about $275 a year and a half ago. I studied by watching a LOT of free online training over a couple weeks.

I bought the lowest cost DJI Mini drone in a Combo kit off eBay new from the DJI store for $299. It takes very acceptable quality photos and video for real estate applications.

And as far as your question about other options for getting quality aerial photos, nothing comes to mind except an attempt at being funny...
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EaglePrecision private msg quote post Address this user
The drone operator option is best.

If you want to do the drone work yourself, consider the following:
1) As Dataventure mentioned, you have to take an FAA authorized course and pass the Part 107 Remote Pilot exam to get a commercial license in order to fly legally.
2) You need to check your state's laws to see if they also require a certificate (e.g., North Carolina DOT does)
3) You can buy a cheap drone but you will get a cheap camera with a small sensor and all the settings automated. My suggestion for a best value camera platform is the DJI Air2S for about $1,000 with all the accessories. You get a 1" sensor and enough control with automated shots to have a nice balance.
4) Don't forget drone liability insurance - if the drone crashes into someone or something (and they sometimes do), you could be on the hook for a lot of money. You must have the FAA license to get insurance.
5) Watch videos and practice in an open, safe place away from people. You will crash, so keep #4 in mind.
6) It's going to be another workflow that you need to set up and be efficient at.
7) Don't forget checklists & backups for everything.
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Club Member
Suisun City, California
ScanYourSpace private msg quote post Address this user
You dont need a drone to launch a matterport business... however being a one stop shop is always valuable to clients.

Tom Sparks Scan Your Space (a Division of Sparks Media Group) Founder and CEO Tom Sparks | |
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user


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