Why MSPs should be reluctant to ask clients to setup Matterport account

Hi All,

If you are a Matterport Service Provider (MSP), you may be tempted to ask your clients to create a Matterport account given the introduction of Matterport 2023 New Pricing on Tuesday (17 May 2023):

1. Matterport Classic Pricing (2019 and earlier) - See this WGAN Forum topic
2. Price increase for all - see this WGAN Forum topic
3. You do Matterport spaces with 200+ scan points - See this WGAN Forum topic
4. You need to unarchive-to-active spaces - See this WGAN Forum topic

If your clients have their own Matterport Cloud account (that you upload your Matterport spaces to), you may be creating these unintended consequences:

1. Matterport promoting its Matterport Capture Services On Demand service to "your clients" (as previously reported in the WGAN Forum)
2. Matterport Promoting its VHT Studios Digital Pro Services
3. Easier for "your client" to switch to a different Matterport Service Provider

When your client has their own Matterport cloud account -- or Collaborate Account (How to reduce Matterport Capture Services poaching of Collaborators), Matterport can easily, promote its services via the Matterport portal and email.

What are your thoughts about asking your clients to create a Matterport account?