Screen Grab from Matterport Blog (16 May 2023)

Matterport tour with more than 200 scan points (spins) will count as more than one (1) active tour.

New policy for large spaces
Until now, spaces of every size—whether a small apartment or a massive stadium—were considered equal and counted as one active space each on your plan. It’s been this way since our founding over a decade ago.
Capture devices like our Pro3 and improvements to our capture app and Cortex AI engine now make it possible for customers to capture, process, and host massive spaces. However, these large spaces require significantly more processing and storage. As a result, we’re making a change to more closely map our business with our underlying costs and value we deliver.

As part of the updates we’re announcing today [16 May 2023], active spaces with over 200 scan points—typically more than enough to capture spaces up to 10,000 sq. ft./1,000 sq. m. (sometimes much larger depending on the space)—will use more than one active space on your plan. The chart [above] outlines how these large spaces are counted. For the majority of our customers, we expect that the 200 scan point threshold will have no impact on the way active spaces are counted on your plan.

Source: Matterport Blog | May 16, 2023

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Matterport Announces (16 May 2023) New Fees for Tours with 200+ Scan Points

Hi All,

Do you create Matterport digital twins with 200+ scan points?

Then it is going to cost you more under the pricing announced today, Tuesday, 16 May 2023.

For example, if your Matterport plan includes up to 25 active spaces and you create a Matterport space with 201 scan points, that Matterport space will count as two (2) active spaces (even though it is one space).

The new fees for tours with 200+ scan points is not retro active.

For clarification, if you have many Matterport spaces that are active (or not active) in your account - with 201 or more scan points, this Matterport models will count as one active space. Only new Matterport models with 201 or more scan points will count as more than one active space used (see chart above).