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Image courtesy of Matterport | Matterport Price List

Image courtesy of Matterport | Matterport Price List

Matterport Blog (16 May 2023) Expanding our Digital Twin Platform with Updated Subscription Plans and Pricing | Improved subscriptions provide greater flexibility to find a plan that fits your needs and budget

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Matterport adds hosting fee aka "Reactivating" ( "unarchiving" ) Matterport Tour that is not Active)

New policy for archived spaces

We introduced archiving back in 2019, and it’s one of our most used capabilities because it saves you the risk of deleting an older space that you might need again. One of the key benefits of archiving is the ability to reactivate a space seamlessly on demand. But archiving also means we’re storing an ever-growing number of archived spaces that we keep online and available for immediate reactivation.

To keep this popular feature available, we’re updating the policy for reactivating (unarchiving) spaces as described in the table below. We’re providing Starter, Professional and Business plans with a certain number of space reactivations that will reset every month.

You can reactivate additional spaces for a small fee. There remains no limit on the number of spaces that you can archive.

Source: Matterport Blog | 16 May 2023


Matterport Announces (16 May 2023) "Unarchiving" to Active Fee

Hi All,

If you are presently pay Matterport for active models, you will now be charged a "Reactivating" fee for "Unarchiving" to Active.

I could imagine that if you reactivate a model to active and then de-activate it again (to keep you within your current active limit) and then then reactivate again, you will be charged again.

For clarification, imagine that you have thousands of Matterport models that only get activated when there is an insurance claim. So, your active model count can be very low. Matterport will now charge you each time you need to reactivate the model for your insurance claim.

Depending on your plan, there is a small free allowance for unarchiving models per month.