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Zillow 3D Home Apps "Revolutionary" New Camera Integration: A Bitter Review18643

WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a journey into the twisted world of Zillow 3D Home and their latest camera integration extravaganza. Brace yourselves for a satirical exploration of the challenges faced by photographers in the real estate industry.

Zillow 3D Home, the company notorious for making real estate photography a headache, now proudly announces their integration with Insta360 cameras. Hold on tight as we take a humorous look at this development.

[Camera Integration]
Oh, the wonders of technology! Zillow 3D Home claims to support select models of Insta360 cameras, promising the creation of the "highest-quality rich media" for clients. But let's not be fooled by the shiny gadgets they dangle in front of aspiring photographers.

Imagine capturing interactive floor plans and virtual tours with these cameras. Sounds impressive, right? Well, that's the bait they're using to distract you from the bigger picture. It's like they're saying, "Hey, look at this cool toy! Forget about the frustrations and challenges that lie ahead!" Like, your updated camera settings not showing up in shots.

Hold your applause, here comes the grand offer! Zillow 3D Home graciously presents a discount for these Insta360 cameras (Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition, X3, and X2). Use the code Zillow2023 to enjoy a whopping 5% off your purchase, along with a free all-purpose tripod and an invisible selfie stick. Oh, how generous!

[Official Offer]
*You can update your 360 camera for a top notch virtual tour and interactive floor plan experience by leveraging our discount when purchasing an Insta360 camera. Use the code Zillow2023 to receive 5% off a ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition and a free all-purpose tripod and invisible selfie stick ($100 value) or, a free all-purpose tripod and invisible selfie stick for X3 cameras ($60 value) when you purchase from Offer valid through June 5.*

But wait a minute, folks. Let's not get carried away with excitement. While a free tripod and an invisible selfie stick may sound like fantastic additions to your arsenal, ask yourself this: Can these trinkets compensate for the endless frustrations and lowball offers that Zillow presents to photographers like $18 to shoot a property?

In conclusion, dear aspiring real estate photographers, be cautious. Zillow 3D Home may parade their fancy camera integration and tempting discounts, but behind the scenes, they play a whole different game.

Don't let their distractions blind you from the true value you bring to the table. You are artists, professionals in your field, and your time and expertise deserve fair compensation. Let's not let companies like Zillow undermine the worth and passion that photographers contribute to the industry.

Remember, folks, your craft is an art form. Explore other options, demand respect, and stand up for yourselves. The real estate photography world deserves better, and so do you.

And with that, we bring our satirical journey through Zillow 3D Home's camera integration to a close. We hope this blend of humor and critique has shed some light on the challenges faced by photographers in the industry. Stay strong, stay true to your worth, and continue capturing the essence of real estate in your own unique way.
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
I have yet only seen 1 Zillow tour shot with an Insta360 camera (the ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition) and the quality was pretty grainy.

The Theta X or Z1 are still my recommendations for Zillow tours
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
Don’t bother with Zillow tours is my recommendation for Zillow tours.
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

I include them with my basic photo package
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WGAN Basic
pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
I sell Zillow 3D tours all the time. Great product for me personally. Easy sell too considering the boost you get in search results and the floorplan is a great add on my clients purchase. Yes there have been some backend headaches, but overall a good experience. Not sure about the 18$ thing you mention. My clients pay me to do Zillow products. Never had Zillow offer me a dime to do anything.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks VTLV for saving me from considering trying 3D Home for the Nth time. Results are always underwhelming.

For the WGAN membership, please know there is no connection between Zillow’s 3D Home and our company, We predate the Zillow app by several years, so I do wonder if they borrowed our name, but thus far we’ve suffered no ill consequences so I wish them well.
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
Info: Herein are some details that I obtained by pestering my Zillow 3D Home Group contact about "the marketing benefits" from using a Zillow 3D Home Tour. I wanted to know SPECIFICALLY, what was offered. Here's the scoop:

A Zillow listing with a Zillow 3D Home Tour receives promotion in the Area Search Results by displaying at the top of the results in the right hand column. That means if someone searches for homes in Denver, FOR THE FIRST WEEK AFTER THE LISTING HITS THE MLS, it will show up at or near the top of the results (depending upon how many other listings in the timeframe have Zillow tours).

The second benefit was more elusive to get defined... When a visitor "Favorites" a listing with a Zillow 3D Home tour, Zillow will send out a push notification within 24 hours reminding the person about that property that they had favorited.

The ongoing benefits include a 3D Tour icon displayed on the map and displayed on the thumbnail in the search results. These two benefits also are received by Matterport tours.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that in January, Zillow stopped hosting video tours on their site and in their photo carousel at the bottom? There is now ONE link buried in the Facts and Features > Other Interior Features section labeled "View Virtual Tour". I have been bugging my local MLS product director to confer with Zillow and get straightened out which media field/s from the MLS get pulled into that link. I have been tracking the new listings that come up in my area and about a third of the links are not showing up properly based upon which MLS field Zillow had said they were pulling from. I have been chasing this for almost three months...

Zillow 3D Home Tours have a niche!

Zillow 3D Home tours are a good option for the budget-minded agent! In my area a Matterport tour costs at least $250 up to $350. But very, very, very few media providers in my area are offering Zillow 3D Home Tours! Two weeks ago I clicked on over 50 properties in the Zillow site that had the 3D Tour icon on the map and found only 1 with a Zillow tour and 1 with an iGuide tour.

I think the lack of market share by Zillow in my area is because the real estate media providers (the big ones that have service agreements with the large brokerages to provide media subsidized by the brokerages) have invested in the Matterport cameras. If you have a car lot selling Lexus or Hyundai, what are your sales people going to push??? Same deal here. Why undercut your sales opportunities?

I agree that the Matterport tours present a smoother experience but a Zillow 3D Home is better than nothing, and that is what many of the agents choose because of the cost. And because they don't know about the Zillow 3D Home Tour option.

That means there's some opportunities in the home listings with lower selling prices where the agents are looking to minimize marketing expenses!!!
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WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@Dataventurer - Yes I am aware Zillow claimed your listing gets bumped for first 10 days. Now you're being told a week. The representatives at Zillow don't know what's coming down the pipeline until about 2 days before an announcement.

Good luck with the MLS battle to get the right links to sync. My local MLS opened to the media providers and Zillow now shows slide show tours as 3D. It's a mess. They had a good thing going and somehow messed it up. Now you can even get the in app edits to work.

They dissolved the video position back in 2019.

Speaking of video. This is from a Facebook post earlier this month. Pointing out Zillow video icon was back after removing the upload 5 month prior.

Point of the post was look at this shiny object. We haven't fixed our back end and encourage more people to "get in the biz". Barf
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV Thanks for your addition to the conversation.

I checked my email messages and found the email reply from Zillow on March 23, 2023. I'll paste it in here in it's entirety:

(My question) How long does the listing receives prominence in area searches; How many days?

1.7 days beginning the day that the listing goes live on the MLS. Therefore to receive all 7 days of premium placement in search results, the Zillow 3D tour should be posted to the listing before or on the day that the listing goes up for sale on the MLS.

(My question) The second benefit that you mentioned was push notifications. Can you be specific?

2. Zillow specifically sends an email and a push notification in the Zillow app to any Zillow user that saves a listing that has a Zillow 3D tour. The push notification and email tell the user to view the listing and drive additional views.

Your Facebook photo of Odessa, FL listing
Regarding your mention of a video displayed for that property in Odessa, FL, I checked Zillow and that property is currently shown as Pending. The Facebook photo shows 100 photos but I did a quick count and Zillow shows 64. No video. So I would deem that photo on Facebook as inconclusive about Zillow reinstating support for video. We will watch and see!
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Once upon a time we had a really good client (who was also a friend) who suddenly stopped using us for photos.

I emailed and asked why she ghosted us. Zillow.
Her Zillow rep convinced her that she needed to be doing Zillow 3D tours and Zillow videos. We weren't Zillow "certified" so she hired an imbecile who was. So, we got "certified", bought a piece of junk Ricoh camera and tried the Zillow 3D app. Total garbage. A joke.

We did like 10 of them. Still have the Ricoh camera, somewhere.

She still a customer, for quality real estate photos, aerials and Matterports.
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

I have about 500 of these Zillow tours under my belt. I include them in my basic package for a Zillow 3D home tour and stills at $375. I like this package as it is an easy run and gun that provides service to the agent and seller. And there is always room for them to add on other services like Matterport, Video, & other services.

These days I primarily use the Theta X for Zillow tours but, the Z1 also creates a good tour

This was using the Theta X on a shoot from this morning (floor plan is still processing)

Current photos showing on the Zillow listing are a previous rental Listing
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
@Expertise It sounds like you have a customer with distinguishing taste and a budget that can afford Matterport. She stuck with you through the learning experience with Zillow and you probably now have a customer for life because of your tenacity! Nice!
Post 12 IP   flag post
WGAN Standard
Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@Expertise has a good one here adding more to the ick. Sad story but I love the certified imbecile

Becoming Zillow Certified required uploading 3 Zillow 3D's and a talk with a 3D home rep and Bam.. You get to put this cute badge on your site and give your self another title. Welcome Welcome to being a "pro" photographer with your $400 camera. Drop $500 on your credit card and you're a 3D pro. Charge up another $500 and your a Drone pro. Recognizing a pattern here? It's all over Youtube.

Prior to the end of the year, everyone was instructed to remove the Zillow Certified from any and all advertising. We can assume they want to preserve that title for their Showingtime+ photographers. Certified imbeciles willing to work for $18 a shoot.

Your question 2 doesn't do much for us as photographers and our relationship with a listing agent. Other than some BS they can tell their seller to make them feel warm an fuzzy about how the tech behind Zillow 3D. Seller agents look at this as a Zillow ploy to send an email to homebuyers to generate another click and push a another lead revenue stream for Zillow Premier Agents seeing big numbers to pay big dollars.

Zillow takes down 3D tours when homes go pending. This was a blanket way to appease a variety of MLS's that have a "Contingent No Show" status. Home buyers in contract would complain when their listing status was "Pending" where contingencies dates had past. They didn't want others still coming to the home, seeing the home, destroying the home, trying to make back up offers on homes where a Seller could find a way out. Zillow Premier Agents were fighting with home buyers explaining the homes were not available. Zillow has been doing for years including the times when they had Zillow video.

I don't have time to scour he market searching for active listings with video to prove a point on a forum. This could be in beta testing.

Keep yours eyes open and see what you can find out about Zillow video. I would love to see the option come back and the removal of slide show videos being called 3D. Perhaps the inclusion of Showingtime+ Photography got a boss to show Zillow some past sales numbers on what they were making before on video sales and told them to bring back the Zillow Marketing Outreach Coordinator for Zillow Video. A program that was ignored and later dumped by the old CEO.
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