check your SEO and see what phrases you site and scans are ranking for. see any that are page one but the scan hasn't had their hosting paid for in years? repurpose it. Turn the scan and listing website into a sales page. Put Calls to action that gets them filling out form to be contacted.

How about "get marketing like this for free when you are thinking of selling your home! ask us how!"

you first have to change your terms and conditions if you don't already have a clause that says you own the rights and non payment for annual hosting releases you from representing the client (don't have forms and legal stuff? check @DanSmigrod 's section about that)

The point is use the free seo checker at and check your site. repurpose and then when leads come in offer them strategically to agents that understand they have to go through you AND commit to a relationship in order to get them.

Now there is a regulation called RESPA and you cant receive a referral fee from agents unless you have a real estate license but you can charge them for services. Need help reach out and we can zoom to talk about.

Doing the matterport site and seo for 9 years I am finding page 1 results that if converted will generate business for you just because you forgot and the agent thinks "its up there and they are not charging me so why should I reach out to them to offer something because its getting me business?"

now you send an email to all clients current and past and you have it include many things (again try dan to see what he has for terms and conditions and then add this) so when they get email and click to your site and reading this huge amount of stuff they do what we all do when apple or microsoft does an update :-)

If you need help my team will help for free (we are not taking new clients but will help those that help themselves and sees the world as a wonderful place and not a conspiracy form _____)

Not your cup of tea? I thank you for reading till the end and when it grows on you reach out then.