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LCP MediaLCP Media Help WantedTourBuilder by LCP Media

Real Estate Photographers Needed - Raleigh NC18414

by LCP Media
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LCP Media

Real Estate Photographers Needed - Raleigh NC


Please email with Raleigh Real Estate Photographer in subject line


LCP Media specializes in virtual marketing solutions to showcase space and increase online awareness. We are a Trusted Digital Content Partner for Google. Over the past two years, LCPMedia has become one of the nation's largest agencies specializing in larger-scale projects. We are trusted by the largest real estate, hospitality, and healthcare companies in the world to digitally showcase, market, and map their properties.

We are looking for qualified individuals to join our network of photographers. Our projects include hotels, resorts, retail establishments, commercial buildings, and residential housing.

Working with LCP Media, you will get to work in some of the most high end homes in your area. You will also have the ability to set your schedule and determine your own hours. Our Operations team handles all communication and scheduling with all clients. There is no external lighting necessary as we HDR all of our images; and we do all post production in-house.


▶ Two DSLRs or mirrorless set-ups: one of these must be full frame and above 20mp
▶ Fisheye and Wide Angle lenses
▶ Pano Rotating Head
▶ Two Heavy Weight Tripods
▶ Built-in or external Levelers


Our goal is to establish long term relationships with local photographers that we can work with around the nation. In addition to having the right equipment, you must:

▶ 1-3 years photography experience; 360° and architectural preferred
▶ Have flexible availability to accommodate our client's schedules; Mon-Fri preferred
▶ Able to professionally interact with our clients at each job site
▶ Perform up to our standards providing consistent high quality files
▶ Communicate effectively throughout the project from start to finish
▶ Reliable Transportation
▶ Consistent and strong Wi-Fi connection
▶ Physical requirements - standing/walking for 1-6 hours
▶ W9
▶ Certificate of Insurance (COI)


▶ Previous experience photographing homes, apartments, and businesses
▶ Customer service oriented
▶ Great organizational skills
▶ Familiarity with uploading to Dropbox
▶ Google calendar for scheduling


▶ Direct Deposit
▶ Non-compete not required
▶ Ability to set your own schedule

Applications without the following will not be considered. Please send with your cover letter:

▶ Portfolio including 360° tour examples & architectural still photography
▶ List of all current applicable equipment:
▶ DSLRs or mirrorless camera bodies with 20 megapixels or more
▶ Lenses used for 360° & still photography
▶ Tripod(s)
▶ Leveler(s)
▶ Panoramic rotating head (nodal ninja or similar)
▶ Additional accessories (remote/timer, filters, etc.)
▶ Job Types: Contract, Full-time


▶ $20.00 - $129.00 per hour


▶ 10 hour shift
▶ 12 hour shift
▶ 8 hour shift
▶ Day shift
▶ Monday to Friday
▶ Weekend availability


▶ photography experience; 360° and architectural preferred: 1 year (Required)
▶ License/Certification: Driver's License (Required)

Please email with Raleigh Real Estate Photographer in subject line
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