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Help WantedImmersion Data SolutionsReality Capture Expert

Matterport Pro Help Wanted by IDS: Omaha, NE18371

Manager, Scheduling and Field Partners
Rockford, Minnesota
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Immersion Data Solutions (IDS) has Help Wanted Privileges in the WGAN Forum

Matterport Pro3 Pro Wanted by Immersion Data Solutions (IDS): Omaha, NE

Immersion Data Solutions (IDS) seeks a Matterport Service Provider for the following project. Please note four (4) gear requirements:

Project Details

▶ Matterport Service Provider
▶ Location: Omaha, NE
▶ Space Type: 15,000 SQ FT - Commercial Space
▶ Deadline: Project to be completed before: Friday, 24 March 2023
▶ Gear Requirements: [must have all four]

1. Matterport Camera: Matterport Pro3 Camera (Preferred) or Matterport Pro2 Camera
2. Must ALSO Have: Ricoh THETA Z1 or Ricoh THETA X (to be used with IDS Capture App)
3. Licensed UAV (drone) operator with 20MP Camera (or better)
4. Laser Measuring Device [Need One?]

Note: If you are a Matterport Service Provider with a Matterport Pro3 Camera (preferred) or Matterport Pro2 Camera and a licensed UAV (drone) pilot, but do not have a Ricoh THETA Z1 or Ricoh THETA X but are willing to buy one if you get this IDS gig, please (still) also reach out!

If you live in or near Omaha, NE, and would like more details, please email:

Tanner Loukusa
Manager, Scheduling and Field Partners
Immersion Data Solutions (IDS)
Immersion Data Solutions
Rockford, Minnesota


About Immersion Data Solutions (IDS)

Immersion Data Solutions (IDS) provides 3D Building Scanning Services Across America at Scale for real estate, construction and facilities management:

1. Interior or Exterior
2. Matterport Digital Twins
3. 3D Point Cloud
4. 3D Mesh Model
5. Measurements and Dimensions
6. CAD/BIM Models and Exports

The ways Immersion Data Solutions (IDS) thinks about and execute the built environment are changing every day, and with that change comes new concerns of how to best manage and improve these facilities. To keep up, we need a detailed, 360-degree view of all of our facilities, paired with anytime access to the right data that will help us make critical and informed decisions for our buildings and the people inside them.

IDS provides businesses and service providers with this wall-to-wall capability, integrating our extensive field network of image capturing solutions with our robust and intuitive data visualization platform. We don't simply walk through your facilities taking pictures or do a couple drone flyovers.

IDS captures every detail of your facility from every angle, creating immersive virtual environments that allow you to place yourself within any one your properties at any time. Then, we bring this imagery and all the right figures together in one place, so you can make the critical decisions necessary to advance the future of your business.

From aerial and 3D imaging to BIM/CAD and asset tracking, we capture every aspect of your environment and bring it to life with the data you need to grow your business. While our business may seem small, our relationships, approach, and capabilities are colossal, serving to provide retailers, hospitality companies, contractors, and more with tailored solutions for any and every challenge.

In the spaces of integrated facilities management, as-built construction, real estate, and more, we partner with clients to serve as a true extension of your strategic planning team, backed by our longstanding culture of trust and a mutual desire to see you grow. When you unleash the power of immersive and actionable imagery, you win.

More Info: | 612-564-0074
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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
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