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WGAN-TV Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett @samwoolford

WGAN-TV Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett

WGAN Forum Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett

WGAN-TV eBook | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett

WGAN-TV Training U

WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) - Free Course | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett

WGAN-TV | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | www.ZUANT3D.com | @petergillett






WGAN-TV Training U in ZUANT3D: Sales Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport via ZUANT3D

Hi All,

[WGAN-TV Training U in ZUANT3D - Free Course above / Transcript Below]

It's now easy, fast and affordable to get real-time sales leads and real-time insights with Matterport tours powered by ZUANT.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 19 January 2023, my guests will be:

1. ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and
2. ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson

Peter and Dave will demo and discuss on the show:

WGAN-TV | Real-Time Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT

Demo and Discussion Topics Include

✓ Intro to ZUANT3D - getting the full value from the Matterport tour experience
✓ Monitor visitor activity -- Zuant 3D supports detailed visitor tracking. A full matrix of visitor interactions can be downloaded, or pushed through to your CRM of choice. High-quality sales leads can be delivered direct to your inbox.
✓ Pain Points (solved)
✓ CRM/Marketing Automation Integration

✓ Live Guided Chat (within Matterport tours)
✓ Virtual Trade Shows - Zuant3D can have a reception desk just like a real live show, so new visitors can be welcomed in to browse on their own or have a guided tour with someone from the sales team to get in to the detail.


Free Zuant Offer

✓ Up to 20 Experiences (Matterport tours)
✓ Visitor Activity Tracking
✓ Lead Generation
✓ Email Notification


Here is an example of Sales Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com ...

=> Example of Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ZUANT3D.com


Questions that I should ask Peter and Dave on WGAN-TV Live at 5?

Happy New Year,


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Website: www.ZUANT.com
Landing Page: www.ZUANT3D.com
Book a Demo: Contact Us
Email: sales@zuant.com | info@zuant.com
Phone: 866-616-4958
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Transcript (Video above)

Dan Smigrod: Hi all. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, January 19, 2023, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

We have an awesome show for you today: Sales Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport tours powered by ZUANT.

Here to talk to us about that are subject matter experts: Pete Gillett, Chief Executive Officer of ZUANT and Dave Hickson, Chief Technology Officer of ZUANT. Pete, Dave, Good to see you.

Thanks for being on the show. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us today.

Peter Gillett: Hello, Dan. Good to join us this evening.

Dave Hickson: Nice to be here, Dan.

Dan Smigrod: I know we're Live at 5 Eastern Time. You all are in England, the United Kingdom, so thanks for staying up late for today's show to be our guests today. Pete, so that we have some context for today's topic, how about telling us about ZUANT?

Peter Gillett: Sure. Delighted. Really, it's quite interesting to compress, isn't it? The last couple of years. We all got stories because of the pandemic. But basically our business over the last couple of decades has all been about good-quality data and particularly generating good quality sales leads in the sales and marketing industry.

Our ZUANT Classic Lead Capture app has been used at literally thousands of exhibitions around the world. I would say about 200 current top-level corporate clients use the product. Companies like 3M, Tesla, Verizon, Thermo Fisher [Scientific] in the biotech industry, just to name a few. Companies may have a problem capturing leads generally at these shows because there's just so many systems to rent at the shows around the world.

It's very much having a better system, a better mouse trap for capturing sales leads consistently as a quality process running from show-to-show-to-show through the years so you got good data to compare and better leads to feed those hungry salespeople. That's very much the background to our business which was growing nicely until COVID reared its ugly head and we've all got those stories to tell the grandchildren from "where were we when the pandemic struck?"

But as we all know, the event industry was hit particularly badly and it screeched to a halt just in a matter of days. We were flying out to shows and the flights were stopped and that was it, no business.

We had to keep Dave and his team busy doing something and in the last couple of years and as often happens in life, you just get that chance occurrence and in this case it was a phone call from Airbus Industrie a couple of months after the pandemic started.

They've been recommended to talk to us because we were into 3D and our product was going to be ideal for them because they couldn't -- or their salespeople can demonstrate their new aircraft at either Paris or Farnborough [International] Airshow that year and we had to politely decline. It was very nice whoever introduced them, but that just set the thinking going and here we are two-and-a-half years later with a fully developed product.

We quickly researched the market. Matterport seemed to be ahead of the game and was an ideal partner for us. They're very keen, as well, to work with us and we've built up a good relationship with them.

Our traditional ZUANT exhibitors now use our [Matterport] 3D. Companies like Honeywell are finding it really helpful to extend the value of their shows. They sometimes spend $1 million say on a three-day show and the booth then gets scrapped.

Well, let's have a digital twin; make that available to the salespeople to allow that show to live on for weeks or months afterwards so that they can present individually to their customers and prospects and get more return on investment.

One of the key things, of course, back to our core product is the lead capture side that we've added to the Matterport package, plus a number of other embellishments that Dave's going to tell you about later.

Peter Gillett: That takes us back here, to the start of 2023: just had two huge shows, CES, of course, in Las Vegas and then the other side of the country, NRF, the big retail show I think finishes today. I've just seen the statistics coming through those shows are breaking the records for attendance back to 2019, early 2020 volumes of visitors so that's great news.

Having got back core business, we're very excited about the [Matterport] 3D space and the fact that that can open up so many new markets for us: hospitality, hotels retail on top of our core industrial base with these applications that at the end of the day need to create better experiences and more sales leads. That's what generates the cash at the end of the day. Things to show you, Dan.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Thank you. Dave, how about taking us into a demo, Matterport + ZUANT so that we can understand the sales lead generation and real-time insights and I think it's probably helpful, particularly for Matterport Service Providers.

(You can go ahead and share your screen if you want.)

For Matterport Service Providers that are watching the show today, to know that there is a special offer from ZUANT for your first 20 Matterport tours to include free use of ZUANT.

I think that Matterport + ZUANT (great slide) = sales leads; I think the context for what Dave is going to show us now -- while there are paid features, we're only going to look, at the moment, at here's all the things that you can get totally free for your first 20 Matterport tours when you sign-up at: www.ZUANT3D.com -- Dave?

Dave Hickson: Yes, thank you, Dan. This slide does tell a story. A good way to describe ZUANT 3D is that it just does add sales lead generation to Matterport tours for companies who want to use ZUANT 3D to help sell the products and services with Matterport as the backdrop for that.

For the demo today, we're going to look at ZUANT 3D from a couple of different perspectives. We'll start with the respective of the visitor or rather the customer and what they'll experience. For the purpose of the demo, if you imagine, we're an office furniture consultancy --

Dan Smigrod: Dave, I'm still looking at a slide that says: Matterport + ZUANT 3D = sales leads.

Dave Hickson: I'm just introducing the first bit of a demo really, Dan. I've got a web link. I want to go in -- I'm not going to show that ZUANT 3D portal just yet. I'm going to show you the visitor experience.

I have a web link in my clipboard. This is a web link that as a company you can send out to your customers. It could be a web link that you've put on your website or made available via social media or email campaign, but typically we have a web link. I will just drop that into a browser window. Then we'll see what a visitor sees.

You send this link to a potential customer, they click on it and paste it into the browser and they'll be dropped into the relevant Matterport space. Here we are. We've got Matterport in the background. You see that okay? Great. ZUANT 3D pops up this contact capture dialogue because the first thing we need to do is just find out who the visitor is. I'll be a fictitious visitor: Fred Dart.

Dan Smigrod: For clarification, in order to visit this Matterport tour, the visitor needs to complete this lead generation form.

Dave Hickson: Yes. In the current version, you can't get beyond this dialogue without popping in your details and then consenting to the privacy policy. Once you've done that, then the "Let's Get Going" button becomes enabled.

You know you know who the visitor is. We'll click the "Let's Get Going" button and we're just dropped into Matterport. This is now just a very standard Matterport. I am now Fred Dart who's looking around in the Herman Miller showroom.

Let's imagine that what Fred's really after are some of those very lovely, very expensive Herman Miller chairs that we all would like. I don't have one of those yet. I'm sure you got that on your list. It looks like reception seating is over there.

Let's take a trip down here in the Matterport space so you can find some of those chairs. I'm now wandering around in space. This looks like it's just more reception seating or some breakout zone type seating. Let's have a look over here; wonder in this direction.

I've got some chairs here on this rack. But that doesn't look like the premium chairs that I'm after so let's keep going. Some more breakout zone area's here. It's not quite what I'm after. Hang on a minute.

What have we got going over here? This looks more like it. Here are the Herman Miller premium chairs looking very nice. This is the sorta thing I'd like. I can hover on these MatterTags. You've got the arrow on the chair.

You've the embodied chair. This is looking good. I got some white ones here. These look quite nice. Mirra 2 Chair, that's good. Sayl Chair. This is more like it. Now, remember what we're doing here is we are Fred and we've all been observing Fred's journey through the space.

Before ZUANT 3D came along, we'd be none the wiser as to what Fred has been doing, what he's been looking at, what his journey has been. But now what we can do is head over to the ZUANT back-end portal and we can actually see some other interesting things about Fred's journey.

I'll just move on over to the ZUANT portal and we refresh this list of Activity. What ZUANT 3D has been doing. It's been recording all of that activity from Fred. You can see that here. It's in reverse chronological order so the latest thing is at the top where you hovered on the Sayl Chair. If you look down this list, you can see all of the things that Fred did.

Each step that he took, when he hovered on a MatterTag. Everything he did. It's all been recorded as individual timestamped activities. You've got the whole list here. We're now looking at this back at HQ and it's very interesting to see we've got charts as well.

There's a "View Charts" menu item up here, top left. I'll click that … and that will show us some aggregations of not just Fred, but all of the data for all the visitors. This is just a demo account.

See here, total activities so far in this account, 453. You've got some pie charts. They're showing how much time has been spent in the different Matterport spaces that we have and some other interesting stats. But of more interest really on the sales lead front -- menu at the top here -- we've got sales leads, so I'll click on the "Leads" link.

This will now show us the actual sales leads and we see Fred. Again, it's in reverse chronological order at the moment. You've got Fred Dart at the top and look across to the column on the far right, "Status" of this lead for Fred Dart that it's been "In Progress" because he's currently in there wandering around.

I can see the column to the left, the "Activity Count" of 35 activities of Fred. If I click on this Lead, then it will actually show me the individual activities for Fred. I can get in and see all the details. That's interesting just to see the aggregation there. Eventually, the system will detect that Fred is no longer moving around in the Matterport space and it will then wrap-up all of these activities and it will conclude the other leads.

Suddenly, if we look at the column on the far right here and you can see they're all concluded. Once that happens, then the system will email the details of the lead to whoever you want to be notified. You can set up multiple email recipients who will then receive an email saying, "would you like to know that Fred Dart has just been visiting this particular Matterport space?"

Here's all of the information, so that's all been readily available. While we wait for that to conclude, this one is concluded, we can just pop in and see the email that we sent.

What I'd like to do is just divert over to show you what's involved in setting up one of these Matterport experiences. Let's go and look at our "Lead Capture Spaces" menu at the top.

Again, I'll click on the "Lead Capture Spaces" link and that will take us in to look at the existing spaces that we have, then this account. We currently got four Matterport experiences and you can see on the far right that our Herman Miller London Showroom.

What I'd like to do now is create another Matterport space: apply sales lead generation to a different Matterport space. I haven' got IKEA in here as the consultancy firm, there's a whole load of different showrooms and I might want to pop in here.

I'm going to pop up and I'm now looking at a Matterport tour. What I need to do is go into Matterport and grab the share link for the Matterport space that I want to use in my lead generation space. Here is IKEA, Poland. I got lots of different countries in my accounts here.

I'm going to click-in to explore this space. Once I've clicked into the space, then if you look down towards the bottom right is a "Share the Space" icon. If I click that, this brings up the link that you can use to share the Matterport space.

There it is in front of us. I'll click the "Copy" button so that I just grab that share link. Let's come back into our portal and I click the "Create Lead Capture Space"... the blue button top right. All I do is paste that particular link in the box.

It then recognizes that, yes, that's IKEA Poland. I can change this title. Let's just call it IKEA for now. Click on the "Let's Go" button and that will now create the ZUANT 3D experience based upon that particular Matterport space.

Now we see it over on the left there. Job done. There's a small ellipsis menu here over on the right for that space. If I click that and I've got a copy of a public URL link. If I copy that URL, I'll click that now.

That's got me the URL. Now I can just switch over. Let's switch to Opera. Now we can pop that in and that now will take us into that particular Matterport space and it will capture everything that we do in here. Again, this is a link that we can send to somebody else.

Dave Hickson: Agree to the privacy policy. Let's go. Now we're in the Matterport space. It's tracking our activity. Let's have a look around here. Go wherever I like. Let's switch back to the portal here. What I'm going to do is show you something else, which is our Radar. It's tracking all of that activity. It'd be generating a lead.

If I click on the "Radar" link in the menu at the top, and that will give us a Radar. It gives us Radars into all of the activity in real time. Now I've just created that particular Matterport experience. What I'll need to do is add a Radar.

It'll show me IKEA here is the only one that I haven't got. Let's select IKEA. We use the Radar that appears in the sidebar. You can see here we've got Tom White in IKEA. It's showing on the Radar alongside some other people. We've got Fred Dart who we already observed moving around in the Herman Miller showroom, and we've got a couple of other people, Meredith Samson and Steve Williams also in Herman Miller.

This Radar screen gives you a real-time view into what everybody is up to. It shows you what they're looking at. We can see Fred Dart looking at the chairs -- the last thing that he looked at. Tom White has just moved into IKEA.

Let's move around a little bit. Let's go and have a look at these gray chairs. They're quite interesting. Let's pop back to our Radar. You see Tom White Radar; he's looking at the chairs. We can observe our visitors across all of our spaces in real-time.

In an upcoming version of ZUANT 3D, you'll be able to initiate interaction with your visitors through chat or through video. This user interface that you see here will be your route.

Dan Smigrod: For clarification, those would be paid features?

Dave Hickson: Yes. I suppose that's a conversation to have with Pete.

Dan Smigrod: Not to confuse our viewers, if we can stay focused on just the stuff that's totally free for up to 20 Matterport spaces. Just for clarification on Tom White who's looking at that space, that large nine means he's had nine scans that or is that nine interactions meaning clicked on a Matterport tour and moved on eight scans?

Dave Hickson: Yes. It's the lead score; the number that you see there. It's typically the more activities that you perform; this one is one point per activity, but we're working on some algorithms there. We'll probably have the ability to score things differently so you can bump up somebody's points.

Dan Smigrod: But again, that sounds like it's a paid feature, so let's defer to Pete on that.

Again, just for clarification, for those that are interested in taking advantage of the ZUANT 3D free offer for the first 20 Matterport tours, what we're looking at is part of what you get and you can have some sense of how engaged or involved the user is based on those large numbers indicating the number of activities that they've done within that Matterport space; whether that is going from one scan point to the next or triggering a MatterTag.

Dave Hickson: Exactly. Everything I've shown you is free including the Radar. Having seen that, we've seen how to create a ZUANT 3D experience, very straightforward, by pasting the link. Let's just switch back to our sales leads.

We'll refresh that. Got Tom at the top -- is in progress -- but we can see that Fred Dart has concluded the sales lead at 35 activities.

If I switch over to the actual email account which is associated with this, here's the email that's come in at the very top: Matterport 3D visit for Fred Dart. Let's have a look at that. It just says yeah, what you'd like to know if Fred Dart has completed a visit to the Herman Miller London showroom.

The activities are there. The email just comes in automatically. You'll just get a whole list of those coming through so you don't even have to go on to the backend.

Dan Smigrod: Dave, if you could go back to that email one more time, please, on Fred Dart.

Dave Hickson: Sure.

Dan Smigrod: If I'm the Matterport Service Provider, this is my account. That's the email that I just got alerting me that Fred Dart has looked at my Matterport space.

I noticed it says unnamed point or unnamed scan point. Does that mean I can name the scan points within the Matterport tour?

Dave Hickson: You can, but not in the free ZUANAT 3D version.

Dan Smigrod: Thank you for clarifying that.

Dave Hickson: I think later on Pete will show us the paid ZUANT 3D version that has all manner of other capabilities including [live person] guided navigation. The guided navigation really is all about dividing up your space into defined areas, named points, named zones.

Dan Smigrod: Let's save that for Pete because that's going to be on the paid side of ZUANT 3D. Just to clarify, is that for up to 20 Matterport spaces, you can do Matterport + ZUANT 3D with no charge for the ZUANT 3D service and that includes lead capture; the Radar; the email notification; and activity tracking?

Dave Hickson: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Am I leaving something out?

Dan Smigrod: You're capturing the lead. That's the form that went into my Matterport tour; then you're tracking the activity as the user moves through the space; goes from scan point to scan point; opens MatterTags. You're logging those activities. There is the lead generation. So there's a dashboard that has all the leads. You didn't demo, but you could export that CSV file to import into a database program or to use it for e-mail purposes. There's also email notification. There was the dashboard that had all kinds of interesting metrics. Is that the Radar view of the metrics?

Dave Hickson: Well, the Radar view is just a real-time view of the activity that's going on across all of your Matterport spaces. You can narrow it down to just a couple or the selected Matterport spaces that you want to monitor in real-time.

Then the charts that you see in the activity area, again, you can filter all of these things and say, "Look. I'd like to break it down just to a particular time zone, time slot, a particular experience." You can even search for individuals within that data.

You can slice and dice the data any way you like, and then it just shows you various charts. The charts do become more interesting.

Once you start to name the Matterport scan points, you get a lot of data on what's the most popular point that people went to, but again, in the free ZUANT 3D version, you get those charts. You get the lead being created, emailed to you, and so forth. I think we've covered everything that the free ZUANT 3D version has to offer.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Great. I'll come back and ask you some follow-up questions, but I'd like to see -- okay, Pete -- what is it that comes with the paid version of ZUANT 3D?

Peter Gillett: Okay.

Peter Gillet: Here we have the brand new corporate styling for a Lotus showroom. Lotus Cars have recently launched their new Emira sports car to compete with Porsche, and even Ferrari. They're very excited to roll-out this new branding, this new in-store/in-showroom design to their dealers around the world.

This is the first one that's been completed. You'll immediately see now that you've got this black box on the right-hand side, which is the navigation box that comes with the ZUANT 3D Pro, ZUANT 3D Business and ZUANT 3D Enterprise versions of ZUANT 3D.

As you see, this just adds another dimension because as you've seen Dave walking through the Herman Miller showroom. Yeah, it's quite nice to browse and wander around as you would in a real-life store and look for the item you're particularly hunting out.

But let's speed up that process and make that navigation much easier for the viewer. On the right here, you've got a good example. You can create journeys through any Matterport space. Let's go into the showroom. Either I can look around, I can look at the cars that are on display, some of the older models, the historic Lotus products.

Here's the new Emira, looks really nice. The real show car is the one in nimbus gray. Let's navigate across the nimbus gray Emira. Look at some of the stats. I'm particularly interested in the engine, so 3.5 liter supercharged V6, 400 brake horsepower. That's pretty tasty. Lotus has often been criticized for having great handling and performance, but lacking in the interior quality and competing with the luxury side. Getting actually inside the car and looking at the fit and finish looks pretty good.

Peter Gillet: Let's go back to look at the outside. We're speeding up the process of looking at a vehicle.

Peter Gillet: Wherever you are in this space, you can have a different narrative. You can have links through to more data on the website, and everything you do as a visitor through the black box navigation panel is recorded as one of those steps in the sales lead that Dave has been showing you.

I want to play around with the color schemes and the options. Well, let's wander across to the configuration table for the Lotus range. Here's an example. Taking off into the Lotus website itself.

Peter Gillet: Actually, perhaps, I'm interested in the new electric Lotus, Hyper-SUV as they call it. Then we can go off and reserve the car setup with different color schemes.

Dan Smigrod: For clarification, we are still within the ZUANT 3D player even though we are on the Lotus website.

Peter Gillet: Yes, it's still recording the fact that I've gone off from the ZUANT 3D. That will still appear in the lead.

Dan Smigrod: We're in an embedded experience with a ZUANT 3D embedded player within the Lotus website?

Peter Gillet: No, it's not embedded. It's just a link through to the website. It's recording the fact that I've gone off.

Dan Smigrod: Once you've clicked on that link to their website -- to the Lotus website -- then the tracking has stopped.

Peter Gillet: It hasn't stopped, it's paused because I've gone off into that area.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Peter Gillet: But as soon as I come back into the experience, I'm still being recorded as I was before. The steps and activities that I've taken.

Dan Smigrod: I see something in the bottom right.

Peter Gillet: Yes. That's just a little dialog box. If you want to ask a question as part of your visit, that's the opportunity to do that.

Peter Gillet: Likewise, if I go off into the activity side, you'll see how that's all being recorded.

Peter Gillet: Here we are. It's giving me the time I've spent. I'm looking around the configurator on the separate website, as well as all of the other things that I've looked at during my time in that Lotus showroom.

Dan Smigrod: I'm sorry. Excuse me, Pete. For clarification, since we can see where it says point, I presume that's a Matterport scan point. That's a rotation of the Matterport camera?

Peter Gillet: Yes.

Dan Smigrod: With a paid version of (www.ZUANT3D.com) you can label the scan points so that you can visualize what people were doing within the tour itself.

Peter Gillet: Sure, absolutely. Within the navigation panel, you can have different presentations of copy and text and links relating to what you're looking at from each Matterport scan.

Dan Smigrod: Were there other paid ZUANT 3D features that you wanted to show us?

Peter Gillet: Well, to show how this works on a larger scale, because obviously in a car showroom, you've got a number of individuals going through it at any particular time, what about the big corporate manufacturer?

Here's a hydrogen ecosystem gigafactory that was launched at the end of the last year by Plug Power in New York State. In the old days, you would actually invite the media and select VIP visitor guests to an event like that at great expense and maybe limited to the number of people that you could afford to invite or physically have space to invite.

These guys said, "No, let's use Matterport 3D within the ZUANT 3D system as part of that launch webinar." This really shows the power of the system in terms of handling a huge volume of activities.

Dan Smigrod: Excuse me, I'm looking at a still picture. I presume that's a Matterport tour and we can walk into the building?

Peter Gillet: Yes, indeed. The CEO of Plug Power -- also for confidential reasons of some new technology at play --

Peter Gillet: He was particularly keen on making sure that this guided tour only focused on the areas that he wanted his customers to see. There is a sequence that was created so that we go straight into the lobby. We have Matterport video presentations at each step. Here's a "welcome to the plant" and that introductory video.

Then the navigation black box is used to take you from stage-to-stage through the plant with different video presentations by the managers in each of those areas. You're restricted to one 360º view, so you can certainly look around from the one Matterport scan point, but it takes you through the factory and jumps you from section-to-section.

There is another little point here that we can add. It's not a feature of this particular demonstration, but we've got the concept of hyper-jump available in the paid ZUANT 3D system. That's for clients like Thermo Fisher Scientific.

They have laboratories, as you can imagine, all around the world. They like to hyper-jump from one laboratory to another to demonstrate different technical instruments in the range. That's another feature available within the whole navigation package. To put this into context, to look at the sheer volumes involved here.

Peter Gillett: This was the middle of October, I believe. It's interesting to see, in addition to myself, from time-to-time there are corporate visitors going into the site on a daily basis to look around. That's extended the use of this particular promotion. Then if I change the date range to cover that period.

Peter Gillett: It's re-running. It's fascinating to see the spike of activity, literally within an hour (90 minutes). During that webinar, we had over 64,000 activities. By that moment it was approximately 1,600 unique visitors, all taking the tour.

Clearly they were heavily engaged, 66 activities per visitor, with a wealth of information about particular points that they visited.

Peter Gillett: The top visitors here, we'll exclude Dave, of course. But outsiders have been in that space for nearly five hours. Goodness knows what they were looking at. Which points were most popular, which areas that they departed from.

It's quite interesting to see how you can change a tour to keep people in a Matterport space longer, if that's what you want to do to show them more items.

Peter Gillett: Yes. But we're going into all of these different markets, it just shows that this could be scaled. For a large retail outlet, for instance, with hundreds of visitors on an hourly basis, then there's no reason why we couldn't use Matterport 3D to keep track of all those people, and view what was most interesting through different parts of the week, different seasons, and different presentations in-store. I think this is going to be fascinating to see how this is applied in new industries like retail. Thank you, Dan.

Dan Smigrod: Did you want to talk about ZUANT Cloud at all?

Peter Gillett: Yes, that's definitely worth a mention. The ZUANT Cloud portal has been developed over the years to support the classic app. It gives you all of the metrics like ZUANT 3D. If you're at a trade show, scanning badges and capturing leads, it gives you the profile of those visitors. But in the paid packages you have the option to connect your leads into the ZUANT Cloud portal to open up other important aspects of functionality.

One of those is a "thank you" email, "Thanks for your visit." Maybe putting links to specific content, as a really nice touch to follow up the visit. More importantly, it gives you access to the whole ZUANT integration engine.

So that if you want your leads coded with a campaign -- an event ID -- so that they then go through and get distributed to the sales team in Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics, and/all marketing automation package like Eloqua or HubSpot, then the ZUANT Cloud portal just plugs in quite nicely to ZUANT 3D: gives you that extra set of capabilities.

Dan Smigrod: If you're an enterprise client and you have a need for a CRM integration, multiple team members that need access to the data -- is there anything else about Enterprise that ZUANT provides?

Peter Gillett: I think those are the main things that would relate to the ZUANT 3D side. There's the complete content management system (CMS).

Once again, Dave is going to talk a little bit about the future. It's going to be quite relevant to add the content management system side into ZUANT 3D; to add more richness in the future, that's for sure.

Dan Smigrod: Dave, you want to talk about the future of ZUANT? What's coming? What's your road map?

Dave Hickson: Sure, I can give you a preview into what the ZUANT 3D R&D team is working on. Let's have a look at some of those.

First one to mention -- we've already touched on it really. It's a "Live Receptionist" or "Live Agent" feature. We've seen the Radar, and you'll be able to -- from the Radar screen initiate conversations with the visitors. That could be text or it could be video.

We see here what the visitor would see. If we embed a Receptionist into the black box, and the visitor can be moving around in the particulate space, they've got black box there. They can receive an invite from an Agent saying would you like some assistance with that, then we can just fire up a live video chat and the Agent can see what the visitor is seeing. Chat over a video link to help them through the Matterport space, and again, with a focus on looking at selling.

Dan Smigrod: That's cool. Let me see if I understand that. For clarification, if you're a ZUANT 3D Enterprise client, one of the features that's coming with ZUANT 3D is the ability to do Live Guided Video Chat within a Matterport tour powered by ZUANT 3D.

If I'm in a retail store and I'm looking at a refrigerator and I got some questions about it, rather than doing perhaps a text chat, I could actually do a video chat with the agent that's looking at the same screen, the same refrigerator I am, and perhaps help close the sale with the three questions that I have about that refrigerator.

Dave Hickson: Much more eloquently put than my own words there, Dan. Yes.

Dave Hichson: The agent could be watching the Radar screen and could initiate the chat from there or the visitor could request the chat there and so it's bi-directional initiation.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. "Dan, I see that you're looking at this awesome refrigerator. Happy to chat with you and help answer questions about it." The video chat, the live guided Matterport tour video chat could be initiated either by the agent or by the user of the tour or both?

Dave Hichson: Yes. That's where we feel there's value in scoring points. If someone actually got inside the Lotus Samira, then maybe we'll bump them up: give them 20 points.

Just because they went to a particular point within the space, they then appear at the top of the Radar. The agent could be seeing 50 real-time Radar snapshots. But the top five that have the highest scores -- they're the ones that you certainly want to go in and chat with.

Dan Smigrod: In this case, Dave, your client, let's say Lotus for example, as a ZUANT 3D Enterprise client might say, "you know, when people spend this amount of time inside the car, the likelihood of their purchase intent is super-high. We'd like to engage them immediately in a live guided video chat."

Dave Hichson: Exactly. One of the concepts behind Radar that you have not seen is the ability to filter the snapshots that you see.

If someone spends at least three minutes inside the car, then they pop up on the Radar. Or, if they've been inside the entire space for 6.5 minutes, then they pop up on the Radar. You could have lots of people wondering about it, but it certainly once they satisfy certain criteria that they appear on the Radar.

Dan Smigrod: As set by the client?

Dave Hichson: Yes.

Dan Smigrod: As set by the ZUANT 3D Enterprise client? Okay, great. That sounds like an awesome feature, live guided video chat within the Matterport tour.

Dave Hichson: Yeah. We're quite excited about that one.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah. Today is Thursday, January 19, 2023. When is that feature available for enterprise? ;-)

Dave Hichson: Oh, "crank" here. Talking to one of the developers here, Dan, The guy that runs the development team, so I would never commit to any delivery date on that. ;-) Pete might give you a date. ;-)

Dan Smigrod: 2023? 2024? 2025?

Peter Gillett: If you ask me, you could have it tomorrow, Dan. ;-)

Dan Smigrod: Yeah. Let's hear from the Chief Executive Officer. Pete, when will this feature be available? ;-)

Peter Gillett: This is top of the list and we're doing tests with our call center partner. I guess they're going to start before the end of Q1 2023.

Dan Smigrod: Ah! New feature. Please talk to us about the call center.

Peter Gillett: Yes, indeed. For the whole lead, response management, multilingual handling, one of the networks that we've developed over the last 20 years is a call center network. They're all privately owned call centers within each major industrial nation.

It started across Europe with quite a comprehensive network, expanded to the States, Mexico, South Africa, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific region. They have a multitude of tasks from cleaning leads, making appointments for salespeople in different languages.

They are ideally suited to be sitting there ready to dive into Matterport 3D conversations for different clients. If those ZUANT 3D Enterprise clients don't have the internal capacity to do that themselves.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. You're a ZUANT 3D Enterprise client, you want to have live guided video chat with Matterport tours, you're not ready to train your internal or external call center, ZUANT has a call center client that's happy, perhaps, to provide tier 1 support on whatever those filters are before that super-hot lead is turned over to the client.

Peter Gillett: Indeed. Exactly right.

Dan Smigrod: We've talked about two awesome "coming soon" features, call center implementation and live guided video chat. Dave, what else is on your roadmap?

Dave Hichson: That's okay. I think I've quite deftly avoided that question. I've impressed myself. ;-)

Dan Smigrod: You did very well, but we went to the marketing person who immediately told us, "yesterday you can have it." ;-)

Dave Hichson: Yeah, absolutely, I'm used to that. Here we go with another feature in R&D, which is called microforms.

Basically we've seen the black box. Well, we have a concept of a white box. The black box will turn into the white box that contains a microform. Typically, just a single question. At a particular point, when they get to a point in the Matterport space, it thinks, oh, it'll be handy to ask them a particular question at this point. "Have you driven a Lamborghini before?"

It could be that it pops up, not just because they've arrived at the point, but because they've been in the space for two minutes or they've just arrived. They'll have a number of criteria again to say, "well, let's ask them this particular question." You've seen the activity lists the way that cycle gets them to the lead. The answers to these questions will go into the activities.

They can be scored, they can trigger Radar views, et cetera. That's microforms.

Dan Smigrod: Microform: is that a content billboard or is content billboard something else?

Dave Hichson: Different. Let's look at content billboard right now.

Dan Smigrod: Then I see I had a note here about CAD 3D, something you want to tell us about that?

Dave Hichson: I've got both of those things lined up here, Dan. You're on top of me here. Here we go with a billboard. Again, at the bottom, this can be triggered by arriving at a particular point or looking in a particular direction. We think, "okay, let's show them some marketing literature," "let's show them some additional content to the bottom."

This billboard, a letterbox shaped panel at the bottom will swing into view. Then as they move away from this Matterport scan point, then they will swing out of view. You can say, well, when we're looking at this particular car, a Lamborghini Aventador, let's pop up a billboard that shows some prices and colors.

They can interact with this when they're looking at other things and will pop up other bits of billboard content. Billboard again, it's embellishment. It sits just next to the Matterport space. We have the black box or white box of microforms, and a billboard at the bottom.

These are all ways of extending that Matterport space; adding value to it. Gleaming the interests of the visitor, interacting a little bit more. We're just building in a whole load of embellishments to the Matterport space to create a richer experience -- really.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Awesome.

Dave Hichson: Let me move on to CAD. This is the final thing that I'm going to show you. Again, I really care to see Matterport's wonderful platform.

You can embed 3D CAD models within Matterport spaces. The server that we're seeing in front of us with the blue lights. That can be a 3D CAD model, which we embed into the space that you can spin it around, break it apart, do all sorts of things. Again, if you think about companies like --

Dan Smigrod: I don't see any movement or my screen are you --

Dave Hichson: This is why I never commit to any delivery dates, Dan ;-)

Dave Hickson: I haven't even mocked-up the thing being broken apart.

Dan Smigrod: In terms of adding 3D models to Matterport spaces, will that be a feature of ZUANT 3D to facilitate that?

Dave Hickson: Yes. You'll be able to take your 3D CAD model and just pop it into the space.

You could have many models in there or you could just have a table that's got one thing on there, but again, bringing some logic into that, it could be that if you know who the visitor is and you know the answers to some of the questions in microform, then the server that you see on the table or the electron microscope that you are putting in front of them can be a different model depending on who they are and what their profile is.

We'll be building some tools. It's very similar to billboards and microforms.

You'll be able to control those models and decide which models you want to render into the space in real-time depending upon the profile of the visitor.

Dan Smigrod: Do you have a particular vertical that you think that would appeal to primarily, first or second vertical for that?

Dave Hickson: Well, I guess some of the biotech enterprise customers. They've got lots of interesting "tasty tech" that they would like to pop into these spaces, so that's quite a good market.

Dan Smigrod: What about AEC, construction, as-builts? Is this the thing where you might be able to pre-visualize the space with a three-dimensional, something that's been added to it?

Dave Hickson: You should certainly do that. There are companies -- Matterport Partners -- who just specialize in virtual staging spaces just statically. They'll take a space. They'll just put stuff in, furniture, for example, if you haven't got an office.

Dan Smigrod: Well, this is a little bit different. We're not talking about virtual staging because that could be done with Matterport Partners. We're actually talking about ZUANT enabling 3D elements to be imported into the Matterport space and depending on who you are, it might be different for A, B, or C?

Dave Hickson: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Let me switch gears. I'm a Matterport Service Provider. Why should I care about ZUANT 3D?

Peter Gillett: Well, I think I will dive in on that one, that's really going to be a question of differentiation. You're a Matterport Service Provider. You are in a particular niche area. By using ZUANT 3D, can you extend your service further?

Expand your markets? Maybe you've been in the real estate side and you could extend into restaurants; conference venues; wedding venues; and be able to provide live video guided tours through those locations as an enhanced service; so you're differentiated from the normal video tours that are hard to stop and start.

You can provide more choice for your customers and go into those new areas. Maybe come into our event space. If you're a Matterport Service Provider already, see what shows are around. Get photographing those exhibition booths to extend the value of those.

It opens up a whole series of new markets to you, potentially, and we're here to help you as well. If you contact us directly, we're quite happy to put together a demo site so that you can present this to your clients to get them excited with this new tech.

Dan Smigrod: www.ZUANT.com | www.ZUANT3D.com The specific landing page for the 3D: www.ZUANT3D.com or reach out by email: Sales@ZUANT.com Pete, I just want to confirm -- I think I'm hearing three things related to Matterport Service Providers.

First, if I'm a Matterport Service Provider and I'm in a busy market and I got a lot of other Matterport Service Providers competing with me, adding ZUANT 3D lead generation and real-time insights may be a way to differentiate myself from other Matterport Service Providers; to, first, retain my existing clients so that I'm continuing to add-value to those clients so that I don't lose them to someone else.

Peter Gillett: Sure.

Dan Smigrod: Second is to use ZUANT 3D as a way to get new clients in other verticals. If you're a Matterport Service Provider and you've been focused on residential real estate, now you go, "Oh! Event spaces, they really need to know who's coming and looking at the Matterport tour."

Dan Smigrod: The second is to get new clients and perhaps the third is to enter new verticals. New clients, third, new verticals.

I could imagine the reason that you're offering the first 20 Matterport tours to be powered by ZUANT 3D at no charge -- no charge for adding ZUANT 3D -- is so that Matterport Service Providers can do this -- first and foremost with their own tours on their website to gather leads for themselves so that they can see and experience this.

Second, perhaps to work with one of their lead clients to say, "hey, we have this new feature. I'd like to try it out with you to see if we can help turn that Matterport tour from a tool to a lead generation solution: from a tool to a solution. Are these the right concepts that a Matterport Service Provider should be thinking about?

Peter Gillett: For sure. I think if we work with them and create a demo site so we can take some of their best tours and add all the navigation so they've got something really nice to demonstrate to their clients, we're more than happy to do that.

Dan Smigrod: Just for clarification, if I'm a Matterport Service Provider and I hear this offer, which is I can get sales lead generation and real-time insights for myself on my website on the tours that I send to a potential client; I know whether they've actually looked at it or not because they had to fill out the form; then I could see how much time they spent in that tour. Were they really interested or not?

I'm getting that insight for my Matterport Service Provider business. Second, I'm getting that insight working with a friendly client where we could try something new and it's not going to cost them because I can use some of my 20 free ZUANT 3D experiences for that purpose or they can set up their own account directly and experiment with it and the Matterport Service Provider can work with the client.

I think I'm hearing a third thing, which is, if you're a Matterport Service Provider and you have some ideas for a specific client and you want to try something out, ZUANT is more than willing to meet you more than halfway and to help build out an example that may help land a large client.

If you're in the midst of having a conversation and you know that lead generation and real-time insights would make a huge difference, then you can certainly sign up. Don't have to talk to ZUANT.

Just go to www.ZUANT3D.com -- start a free trial, get your first 20 ZUANT 3D tour experiences at no charge, but you could also actually reach out to ZUANT either on their website: www.ZUANT.com or specifically the special landing page www.ZUANT3D.com or Sales@ZUANT.com and just raise your hand, say, "hey, I'm a Matterport Service Provider. I need some special handling. I got something unique. Can you help me with that?"

Peter Gillett: Yes. Exactly. Especially that last point because we'd be able to add the black box and some of the extra features for them so they can demonstrate the navigation, in particular.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Dave, Pete, we've covered a lot of ground. Before we say bye, is there anything that we haven't discussed that we should talk about?

Dave Hickson: I love that last point, and this is why I never commit to any delivery dates. ;-) Certainly not to senior management because there's always something coming in. Somebody would like to build a green box that has this particular feature in there.

Actually, that's a fantastic idea. I would underline that last point that we're very keen to work with people, to talk with you about your ideas so we have something that we're quite excited about. Be very interested in talking to others and partners to hear those ideas and see how we could fit that into the existing product, so do get in touch.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Pete, anything to add to that?

Peter Gillett: No. I think that's been a really useful session, Dan. Much appreciate your comments and questioning. Hopefully this creates quite a little bit of excitement and gives us some good feedback.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Dave, Pete, thanks for being on the show today.

Peter Gillett: Okay, Dan.

Dave Hickson: Thank you very much, Dan. It's been a pleasure.

Peter Gillett: Thank you.

Dan Smigrod: Just to reiterate the websites: www.ZUANT.com, the special landing page: www.ZUANT3D.com

Dan Smigrod: Email: Sales@ZUANT.com If you're a Matterport Service Provider, no brainer! Take advantage of the 20 free sales lead generation and real-time insights for your Matterport tours powered by ZUANT 3D.

Experiment with one of your lead clients and if you got something that's hot, reach out to ZUANT to get some extra help landing that special client by adding Matterport + ZUANT for sales lead generation and real-time insights.

For Pete and Dave in the United Kingdom, I'm Dan Smigrod in Atlanta, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.