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INMAN (20 January 2023) Jonathan Klein: 'Proptech is everyone's friend'

In advance of his appearance at Inman Connect New York on Jan. 24-26, [2023] the founder of PropTech Consulting busts myths about this burgeoning area of the real estate industry


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Long-time We Get Around Network Member -- and PropTech Consulting Founder -- Jonathan Klein (@Jonathan_Klein) did a long interview with INMAN in advance of an Inman Connect New York session this week (24-26 January 2023).

I saw the obvious use case of virtual reality within real estate. After an experience with a previous company that was a Matterport alternative, I decided to start my own business rather than referring customers to the usual suspects. Our business model is a hybrid between being a service provider in the virtual tour concierge space, and also advising early stage startups on the go-to market, navigating within the unique industry that is real estate.

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Jonathan's session at Inman: [2:30 pm | Tuesday, 24 January 2023]

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