Video: How to get Intro videos and GIFs from your Matterport Scan | Video courtesy Actionable Insights YouTube Channel | 18 January 2023

Transcript (video above)

Martin: What's going on? My name is Martin and this is Matterhacks, a video series brought to you by Actionable Insights.

Today we're discussing pre-generated and pre-populated videos and gifts that are included in each one of your Matterport scans. Let's not waste any more time. Let's jump into my computer. I'll show you exactly where to find them. Over here on, we have a scan that's been uploaded here. I'm going to jump over to the Downloads tab.

Then at the very top of your screen, you can see the videos. These are pre-generated, pre-populated, automatically generated for you.

Once you upload your scan. We have three different forms, a long intro with 480p mp4. We have a short intro 480p MP4 and a short intro with a 320 by 240. Though we can download these individually just by clicking these download buttons right here. Go ahead and download each one.

The other viewing option is just to click playwright in this viewer. We have the long intro here. Let's click that. See this load up in a player directly in our browser here, and make this full screen for you.

Then let's click play in the bottom-left corner. This is 12 second video, primarily showing off the big selling points of any piece of real estate. Big bedrooms, living rooms. In our case, we've got a kitchen and a garage here.

The big selling points and these are automatically generated. Check out this short intro here. Let's play, full-screen for you. This is just going to be nine seconds, really quick, primarily showing off the kitchen, jump into the doll house view checkout the entire property. Then ended back at the kitchen. Last but not least is the GIF.

You can click that just shows off the kitchen a very small file size, small format here, nothing full screen. It's only 320 by 240. You may be asking, where did these come into play? Not necessarily with settling claims directly, but it'll help your marketing team. It'll help your social media efforts. Maybe you can throw it in a company-wide email blast or something like that.

Really, you can show off the great work that your company is doing or the type of work that your company can handle. Thanks for joining today's Matterhacks.

If you have any additional questions, comments, drop them down in the comments section below. We love all of those rolling in and happy to answer any questions that you may have. Until next time. I'll catch you later.