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Z1 nudged out of alignment17853

Deano private msg quote post Address this user
Bumped my Z1 when out on a shoot. Images are perfect, no scratches on the glass but it is out of alignment and onboard stitching has been impacted. Since I use it primarily for matterport, this is a showstopping issue. If I use PTGUI, I can actually still get a good stitch.

Precision camera, the only certified repair company is a big scam - won't even talk to me and the only option is to send it in to be inspected for $800!!!

Has anyone ever opened up a Z1? Is it possible if I open it that I can re-align it or snap the guts back into place somehow?

Really bummed on Ricoh - so much I doubt I'd ever replace this with a new product from them.

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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

I lost a Z1 in the lake last summer when a boat went by and rocked the dock. I have had a 360 camera tip and fall from time to time but, have never experience it out of alignment for auto stitching.

Have you checked firmware versions to see if your Z1 is up to date? And do the auto HDR JPG's come out alright?

For a little extra piece of mind I through a plate weight on the foot of my monopod which has greatly lessoned the chance of the camera tipping due to a breeze or anything.

I have 3 Z1's and a Theta X that live in my camera bag that I primarily only use for Zillow 3D home tours but, it is nice to be able to hot swap a camera if needed to complete a job
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Deano private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the response, lilnitsch!

HDR is fine but still won't stitch properly because of the misalignment. It is not drastic enough to prevent stitching manually as it is 84 pixels off horizontally and 20 pixels off vertically. But can't stitch manually with matterport.

Not sure about the firmware but that won't make a difference since the images show it is out of alignment. Already have plenty of weights on the tripod and the bump was not really that bad TBH.

Ricoh support is among the worst in the business. I called them a few days ago and their only imaging support transfers you to a vendor that hasn't been the certified service support for several years. They were shocked that the phone tree hasn't been updated yet. Precision Camera won't even talk to you unless you send them $800.

Right to repair legislation is important but of course our government is too busy trying to 'gotcha' or send the the other side to prison that they don't even do their jobs. Ridiculous.
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
So, is this misalignment only when using within the Matterport ecosystem or does the issue also appear in something like the Zillow tour app or a straight up auto HDR jpg from the Z1
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport typically uses a Auto HDR jpg when using the Ricoh Cameras

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