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Video: The Best Add-Ons for Real Estate Photography17848

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: The Best Add-Ons for Real Estate Photography | Video courtesy of Nathan Cool Photo YouTube Channel | 16 November 2022
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London Ontario, Canada
Andrew_Lampman private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for posting this Dan.

As great as this content is it does not reflect what is happening in real-time with my photography business or what I see in the markets I research.

Now I will say that the best add-on is doing all 3 - Floor Plans, Virtual Tours and Video
My #1 package that realtors order is Video with Floor plans & photos delivered on a Single Property Website.

When I talk to my Realtor clients they say the same thing to me - video increases inquiries 5-7 times more than just photos, sellers are selecting the Realtor who is doing more for marketing the home which they want video & floor plans .... and it just adds to marketing for the Realtor. Video contact on social media is a lot cheaper than getting multiple billboards.

When I added Floor Plans my business increased 25% and revenue increased 25% in 2019 with Floor plan and then Floor Plan tours increased to 45% of all bookings in 2021, which adds ~$100 per to profit.

When I introduced video in May 2021 my business increased another 30% with 20% of tours in 2021 had video, and so far YTD Nov 2022 videos are 53% of all tours booked and they add $200-$300 per shoot to profit -- and typically only 10-20 mins on site.

So if you do 50 shoots per month and 50% are video and you make min. $200 each you have increased your profits by $5,000/month!
And if you are not doing floor plans or video and you add them both you potentially add $7,500/month.

In less than 2 years adding video my business sales have tripled ... yes tripled!!

All my tours come on a Single Property Website and my stats are from Quickbooks Reports breaking down what I have billed for.
YTD - Nov.21, 2022
53.69% - video tours with Floor plans and photos
26.63% - Floor Plans with photos
17.69% - Photos

19.79% - video tours with Floor plans and photos
45.73% - Floor Plans with photos
34.48% - Photos

So I guess my point is as great as floor plans and virtual tours are --- leaving out video will leave money to some other photographer ... and for an extra 10-20 mins on site that is by far the best upsell in the business.
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