Matterport Blog (16 November 2022) Introducing Property Intelligence, a Powerful New AI Capability to Analyze Any Property or Portfolio For Valuable Business Insights
| Accelerate your business with Property Intelligence—tailored insights exclusively from Matterport.


Matterport’s Property Intelligence is a scalable and effective alternative to the manual evaluation and in-person assessments businesses perform today. Property Intelligence opens a universe of new opportunities for customers to leverage analytics to grow their businesses with reliable and highly accurate insights.

Matterport Property Intelligence helped create a new category that was highlighted in Airbnb’s 2022 Winter Release. The platform leveraged the technology in a first-of-its-kind partnership to analyze and verify a collection of Airbnb homes to ensure they met accessibility standards for guests with mobility needs. The collection, called Adapted, features listings that have step-free entrances to the home and to one or more bedrooms and bathrooms, in addition to at least one accessibility feature in the bathroom.

Source: Matterport Blog

Matterport Property Intelligence sounds like the first solution to leverage Matterport's acquisition of Enview in January 2022:

Matterport Completes Acquisition of Enview: Property Insights and Analytics
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P.S. In the video (below), I talk about Matterport's sweet spot is spatial data at scale for enterprise. I give an example of counting objections within Matterport digital twins (a different example than the Airbnb example above).

Video: Matterport's Sweet Spot is Spatial Data for Enterprise at Scale | Video courtesy of YouTube Channel | 24 March 2022

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