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RICOH360 Tours Accelerates Photographers Virtual Tour Service for Real Estate and Marketing Companies
With the combination of features automated through AI to the highest quality, photographers, and real estate photo marketing companies will complete jobs faster and capture more business.

RICOH360 Tours for Real Estate Photographers
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CAMPBELL, California, Wednesday, October 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RICOH360 Tours, a service of RICOH Company Ltd, the only truly complete and affordable 360° virtual tour solution under one global brand, has announced a string of new professional AI generated content for real estate. The latest allows for multi-brand banners at tour level.

RICOH360 Tours which has delivered more than 13,000,000 virtual tours to help real estate agents sell and rent billions in residential and commercial listings is seeking to accelerate the adoption of professional real estate photographers to its virtual tour platform.

From the vast amount of visual data accumulated since the launch of the RICOH THETA cameras in 2013, Ricoh’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology creates rich content that buyers and sellers value most highly as property listing content in the home search process.

Research by the National Association of REALTORS® shows increasingly every year that nearly 60% to 70% of buyers and sellers have come to expect virtual tours and floor plans as part of their online home search journey. Mostly on average only 17% of listings on the top real estate websites incorporate a floor plan and 6% a virtual tour.

“With professional real estate photographers accessing RICOH360 Tours platform for such offerings as unlimited active tours with unlimited images for one-time fixed pricing, virtual staging, floor plan generation, engaging 360˚ walkthrough videos and 2D photo cropping delivered through powerful patented AI technology,” said Director of Data Services Yasuo Nishiyama. “Real estate photographers will complete more jobs in less time and become more profitable doing so.”

RICOH360 Tours all-in-one marketing solution provides some of the richest contents for property seekers which has proven time-after-time the best way to drive sales for both residential and commercial brokerages and agents.

RICOH360 Tours for Real Estate Photographers

About RICOH360 Tours

RICOH360 Tours is the official virtual tour platform of the RICOH THETA camera. A game changing technology that supports the sales and marketing operations of real estate agents, brokerages, photographers and other industries as a cloud-based software that allows anyone from anywhere to virtually view spaces online without having to visit the site.

With a RICOH THETA camera and mobile app, anyone can easily create and publish a virtual tour to a real-estate marketplace or MLS in minutes. There is no limit to the number of virtual tours you can publish and the number of images you can insert in a tour.

Furthermore, customers can use AI image enhancement, AI Video Maker, AI Virtual staging beta and Floor Plan Generator, which use Ricoh's original AI technology, and are available for all plans, making it easy to create professional content.

About Ricoh Data Service Business

Ricoh is the leader in the development of high-quality immersive 360° cameras and platforms for prosumers and professionals to easily capture and share 360° views of physical spaces from a mobile app in minutes. Ricoh creates intuitive solutions that require no professional, technical or photography experience to create immersive digitized photo-realistic views of a physical environment.

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