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Meidansha's Virtual Tour Nominated for the Digital Twin Awards17830

Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user
Hello All,

Special thanks to the organizers of the Digital Twin Awards 2022 for nominating our tour for the awards.

It was a hot (and smelly) two days 360ing and videoing those cattle but the result I think was worth it.

Shared below with the original write up for the award entry.

3DVista Tour Link

"Virtual Cattle Barn (or Virtual Gyu-sha in Japanese) was produced for the National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu (or the "Wagyu Olympics" as they are known) held in October in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, and was intended to provide the visitors with a feeling of what a real cattle farm is like. It was primarily used with the Meta Quest rather than published on a website.

The Virtual Gyu-Sha transports you to a small cattle farm in Kagoshima Japan. It opens with a traditional virtual tour 360 and you are greeted by the atmospheric sound of the late Summer Japanese countryside recorded at the scene. You are overlooking the 4 barns. If you click any of the barns they will open a Matterport space in a pop-up window and the roar of the exhaust fans and the clanking of the cattle harnesses against the the steel enclosures can be heard clearly. Inside there are videos of the daily activities of the farmers and the cattle.

Most of Virtual Gyu-Sha was photographed with a Sony α7RⅣ mirrorless camera and A Sanyang 14mm Fisheye lens. The photos were converted to 360s and super-imposed on the original Pro2 scans of the 4 barns. The Pro2 scans were mosty hidden as the cattle move too fast for the Pro2's shutter. The mirrorless camera 360s were heavilly HDR edited to make the dark cattle easier to see in the dark barn which also has a lot of sunlight coming in as there are no walls.

There are several videos embeded in the virtual tours. Most of the videos were made by us here at Meidansha (except the scene of a cow giving birth which was made on the farmer's phone). The video editing was by Kevin Doyle Jr.

A special thanks to Kagoshima Prefecture and the National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu (or the "Wagyu Olympics" as they are known) for choosing to use virtual tour technology and Meidansha for this production."
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user


Fun to see how you embed Matterport tours within a 3D Vista environment.

Nice touch with the farm sounds.

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