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Converting real estate agents from cell phone listing photos to Matterport?17828

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Moving the cell phone listings discussion from here to this new WGAN Forum discussion topic (below).




Originally Posted by @GETMYVR
All this stuff is amazing... but the reality for me, in my market, is that real estate agents don't care about 3D tours, and still shoot portrait mode from their cell phone cameras on $400,000+ properties. I'm the only one pushing & doing 3D tours in the Buffalo Niagara area for heaven sakes with a few small exceptions. What am I missing guys and girls? Do I need to move!!!?

Originally Posted by @aerialpixels

profound question. one that i ask myself often, though in other industries.

tech is there and ready.
why no customers?

from the point of view of marketing of the tech, or us vendors-

it could be because the end user/customer does not know of its existence
(or they do know, but its not front and center in their mind)
so one form of marketing is making them aware such tech exists and why they need it, and keep
bombarding them with this reminder.

as opposed to a tech/service that they know about something already -eg, a lawyer,
and they know how and when to search for it)

from point of view of the realtor-
I am already selling properties with my mobile phone, why do i need to spend more for virtual tours?
(especially since covid is now on a decline)
So they dont take it up until others take it up, until it becomes more mainstream.

But also, consider yourself in a good position.
You are the only one in Buffalo area doing this.
Limited Supply. you COULD price a bit more advantageously.
If this were popular, the low barrier to entry would mean other people coming into your market
and doing low pricing.

Heck, where I live, there are people who shoot for free (using 360 camera) and charge only for hosting.

Originally Posted by @GETMYVR
@aerialpixels your post definitely makes sense. I also surmise that I barely reached the majority of agents in my region, so you're right, most of them don't even know this exists. But as a digital marketing guy, I'm a little astonished that their sales leaders aren't up to date on this type of information. Leadership by example. You're post Offered encouragement for what it's worth.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
For residential properties over here is another problem arising - privacy.

More and more people simply don’t want their private property to be shown in detail on the internet - buyers and sellers. And I can partly understand this - this is why I completely skipped the residential business.
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