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New! Labpano PilotPano: a Versatile 360 AI Camera with 3.1-inch Touchscreen17820

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Labpano Media Release

[Buy via: Labpano | Amazon]

Image courtesy of Labpano

#Labpano #PilotPano Introducing the Versatile 360° AI Camera PilotPano | Video courtesy of Labpano YouTube Channel | 10 November 2022

Video: New! Labpano PilotPano: a Versatile 360 AI Camera with 3.1-inch Touchscreen | Video courtesy of | Thursday, 10 November 2022

WGAN Forum Podcast | Episode Number: 153

Labpano Announces PilotPano: a Versatile 360-Degree AI Camera with 3.1-inch Touchscreen
The combination of performance and functionality gives entrepreneurs and daily life vloggers many exciting and pragmatic use cases.

PilotPano Product Highlights

1. 5.7K HD resolution and 4K HD Livestreaming
2. 3.1" touchscreen and fluent Android-based operating system
3. 2300mAh replaceable battery provides a 100-min runtime
4. Efficient street view capture with high-precision GPS
5. Pilot open API ecosystem for self-development
6. PilotSteady real-time stabilization
7. AI Auto-tracking/editing

Shenzhen, Thursday, November 10, 2022 - Labpano, the leading panoramic hardware and solution provider, launches PilotPano, a versatile 360-degree AI camera that is user-centric in appearance and functionality with professional-level features.

Feature-packed 360°AI Camera

Empowered by the Pilot OS operating system based on Android 10, a smooth and intuitive operation is within reach. The large 3.1" HD touchscreen allows you to adjust camera settings, preview footage easily, and frame a subject.

PilotPano has a dual 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and dual 210° F2.0 ultra-wide fisheye lenses. The dynamic range makes every detail true to life, enhancing the image quality while keeping lifelike shots. PilotPano supports up to 5.7K/30fps, 4K/60fps, and 2.5K/120fps video. Moreover, real-time HDR photos and video let every capture be more vibrant.

PilotSteady real-time stabilization with a built-in 9-axis gyroscope and upgraded stitching algorithm achieves real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images, expanding the possibilities of creating panoramic content.

A 2300mAh swappable battery promises up to 100 minutes of runtime. Team up with an exclusive power supply accessory, you can fuel your video-shooting journey all day and all week long.

The four built-in 360°panoramic microphones with intelligent noise reduction locate the sound source and eliminate echoes, fully enhancing the overall radio effect of the camera and giving the creator an immersive experience.

The 1/4 threaded hole and 3.5mm audio port allows you to install a selfie stick, microphone, and camera cage.

A Camera with Flagship Performance

Inheriting the advantages of Pilot series cameras, PilotPano also allows you to capture street view efficiently thanks to the high-precision GPS module. It generates premium 5.7K images up to a speed of 7fps and enables you to upload from the camera directly.

The Android-based Pilot open API ecosystem provides third-party and individual developers with the independence of self-developed apps and third-party programs. Furthermore, the Pilot OS 6.0 system offers regular system and software updates to improve performance and allow you to fully utilize the camera at all times.

Excel in Vlog and Live Streaming

Apart from panoramic video, PilotPano also supports 90°, 120°, 135° and 150° video. 9:16, 16:9, and 1:1 aspect ratios are available for better social network sharing.

The Pilot Go App lets you master all the tricks including AI editing, AI auto-tracking, reframing, beautifying and filtering, etc.

PilotPano plays an excellent role as a standalone camera to start a 4K30fps Live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, as well as customized platforms. Real-time stitching, stabilization, and real-time AI auto-tracking tune to live streamers’ taste.

Wearing a VR headset, an immersive world will unfold for you to experience new Metaverse live streaming.

Pricing and availability

PilotPano Standard US $479, £489, €579 [Buy via: Labpano | Amazon]
Available at Labpano's Official Website and Amazon.


1. Dimensions: 138 mm x 54.5mm x 45.7mm
2. Weight: 295g (10.41oz)
3. Touchscreen: 3.1 inch
4. Battery capacity: 2300 mAh replaceable Li-Po battery (Labpano | Amazon)
5. Sensor: 1/2.3'' Sony Sensor *2
6. Lens: 210°/F2.0 fisheye*2
7. Storage: RAM: 4GB/ROM: 32GB (External storage supported)

Labpano Links

1. Website:
2. Facebook: Labpano
3. Instagram: Labpano
4. YouTube channel: Labpano

Source: Labpano


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[Buy via: Labpano | Amazon]
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nholshouser private msg quote post Address this user
Links need correcting.... The Amazon link goes to Pilot One at $1149. You have to click into the LabPano store and then on PilotPano to find the camera advertised in the post for $479. When you finally get to that page the listing says not available until Jan 17 - Feb 7.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Good catch.

I corrected the WGAN affiliate links for:

1. Amazon: Labpano PilotPano
2. Labpano Store: Labpano PilotPano

It looks like the replaceable battery is not presently available, so I used the same links as above (until the Labpano PilotPano Batteries are available.

What are your initial thoughts - based on the specs - of the Labpano PilotPano?

What is your use case(s) and which cameras are you comparing.

My initial thought is that the Labpano PilotPano may be a great entry level Google Street View camera. It's less than half the cost of my Labpano Pilot ONE EE and, I believe, the specs are as good or better.


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