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Commentary: Matterport Pro3 Camera versus High-End LiDAR Scanners17794

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport Digital Twin courtesy of Atlanta-based RC Monkeys Director Silviu Stoian

Screen Grab 1

Screen Grab 2

Screen Grab 3

Screen Grab 4

Screen Grab 5 | Screen Grabs courtesy of: Atlanta-based RC Monkeys Director Silviu Stoian

Commentary: Matterport Pro3 Camera versus High-End LiDAR Scanners

Hi All,

The following is reprinted with the permission of Atlanta-based RC Monkeys Director Silviu Stoian.


Is Matterport Pro3 a "scanner"?

I have heard a lot of people referring to a Matterport Tour as a “scan”. Since the new Matterport Pro3 is using a LiDAR sensor along with a high-resolution camera to capture a space, should we call it a scanner? To come to a conclusion, we put it to the test.

The project: A 1844 church. We captured a total of 5000 SF divided into three levels. Both the interiors and the exterior were captured.

Control scan: Leica RTC360 registered with Leica Cyclone Core.
Alignment between the control scan and the Matterport e57 was done into Cyclone Core using a cloud-to-cloud constraint and black/white targets.


▶ Given the duration of the capture, the resolution of each scan, and the gridded pattern of the points, I assume the point clouds are generated using only the LiDAR sensor.

▶ The data is NOISY. Each scan shows a kind of ripple effect that is starting from the center of the sensor and spreading throughout the scan. This effect is causing a 1.5”-2” noise. Details, like trims, door and window casings are almost impossible to make out.

▶ The exterior scans are unbearably noisy. Tree foliage was not properly captured and there is sprayed data throughout the exterior environment.

▶ The registration produced by the Matterport cloud service is full of alignment errors and it shouldn’t be acceptable to any architect. Once you start moving away from the starting point of the capture, alignment errors start to become noticeable. One thing that I assume you can do to improve the registration is to unfreeze it and optimize it using proper registration software.

▶ Can you create a basic floor plan using the point cloud and the 360 Tour? Yes, you can. However, the accuracy will be questionable. My assumption is that the larger the project, the less accurate the floor plans will be. If you were to create a floor plan for the little church we scanned, I believe the best accuracy you could achieve is +/-3”.

Would I use the Matterport Pro3 to scan a building? Definitely not. For now, I will use the camera for what is great for: taking 360 photos.

Source: Silviu Stoian on LinkedIn


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Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
Glad I own a Pro2 then.
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
Very true, we have also seen from the e57 files and did a side-by-side, it is way off. The Pro3 is good for outdoor scanning, no more broken artifacts like the Pro2, and that's about it.

The Leicas and Faros of the world still reign as King in this domain.

Using the Pro3 for Bim or AEC is like using a screwdriver when you need a Hammer, it is not the right tool for the job. But I see there are enough professional MSPs on here that know the difference and can sell the right solutions to their customers, not like a 3-year-old that gets excited by a dollhouse view but actually understands this business and their customers.

Thank you for this honest review, I don't think if you post this truth piece on the Matterport Facebook forum, it and you get canceled in 1 min, for giving an honest review. faster than Twitter ;P

Thanks, @DanSmigrod for this forum, which shows transparency in our business, and industry, and helps people build their business on facts and not a bunch of fabricated marketing ploys.
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