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MP Pro3 Acceleration Bundle on Order? Can you make an unboxing video?17768

WGAN Forum
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Unboxing The Matterport Pro3 Camera + Initial Reactions | Video courtesy of Openhaus YouTube Channel | 27 October 2022

Video: [MUST SEE] Matterport Pro3 Unboxing | Video courtesy of Sparks Media Group YouTube Channel | 3 November 2022

Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Bundle on Order? Can you make an unboxing video?

Hi All,

While I posted at least two Matterport Pro3 Camera unboxing videos (above) in the WGAN Forum in the discussion ...

Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera/Scanner Media Coverage and Reviews

... a WGAN Member would like to see a ...

Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Bundle unboxing video
Originally Posted by @Wingman
Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera/Scanner Media Coverage and Reviews

If/when you do one, please post below to this WGAN Forum discussion.




WGAN Forum Discussion: WGAN Cheat Sheet: Cost Worksheet for Matterport Pro3 Camera

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Matterport Pro3 Camera | Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit
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WGAN Forum
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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Wingman
Sorry it is just photos but I have never planned to do any unpacking or other videos. I simply has no spot for it, no decent cameras apart from 360, dslr and mirrorless to do such videos.

So here are photos of the kit with a bit of notes.

This is a box it has come in. The box is quite big but can be handled by one man.

This is what you see when you open it.

Now taking pieces out and I only show what's worth and may be an interest for those who has most stuff like tripods/bags/dollies. However I took a picture of everything that was inside out of the box all together.

1x backpack, soft type, black with Matterport logo. Useable and may be a good idea of it not to be made with hard shell. It will be easier to carry on yourself while scanning. It should have enough space for the Pro3 in its carrying case(picture of it will shown below) and there should be some space left for a DSLR/mirrorless with a 2-3 lenses. May be more if you do not need to put there a charging dock for the pro3 and extra battery.

1x tripod with Matterport logo. Hard to say what brad it is copy but it is not bad. I will keep it and use it as it will be second working tripod for me plus one Manfrotto that is a bit broken but still useable.

1xMatterport dolly. The one I bought before is slightly different. I cannot say so far which one is better but what I do not like on the supplied one for sure is smaller in diameter wheels than on mine.

1x pelican type of a case with a Pro3 camera, batteries, mounting adapter and two door jams(picture showing all it inside a case will be shown below)

To the bottom below the backpack. On the left a small carboard envelope with a manual and a card for Matterpacks/e57s.

On the right of the envelope is a box with a power adapter and a charging dock for a single battery. I'd rather get a dual battery dock since they give you 2 batteries with the kit but it is what it is.

There are three plugs supplied with the adaptor to fit three different power outlets depending on what country you are in. Here it is with an Au plug applied. If you travel overseas to scan two extra may be very handy.

The following four images showing a pelican type of a case open to show its content
1x a Pro3 camera in a carrying case
2x batteries(it is all in total)
2x door jams
1x tripod adapter or a mounting plate

And the last one showing the camera inside a carrying case plus I will add below a photo of a tripod. I put my hand next to it so others can estimate its size.

I will post my thoughts below as a reply.

Originally Posted by Wingman
Ok, my first impression is that a Pro3 is smaller than I thought. Weight wise is pretty much what I have expected.

Everything apart from may be door jams is quite a good quality. These are just made of plastic but still good to have. I usually carry with me door stops only and in some cases I cannot use them due to much bigger gap between the bottom of a door and a floor. That where door jams should help a lot.

There have been a few reports on MOUG that the tripod adapter does not lock the camera well. I must say so far I have not had this problem. Once the lock is applied the camera does not have any play and seems to sit tight.

The tripod is quite good and I will use it with my Pro3. The maximum height with a central column all the way up is about 152cm. That does not include the adapter height and the camera height. Even set to its maximum height it seems to be quite stable. Footprint of the tripod legs in its maximum with a minimum angle is about 105cm.

Now about scanning. First do not forget to remove a cap from a camera lens. I did not notice it, tried to scan with the cap on and it was no fun looking at the result :-)
The cap seems to have a magnet so it just snaps on and stays on until removed manually.

I first tried to scan indoor on my ground floor. This is technically a ground floor only on one side of my property. The other side has another floor under for a garage. After finishing this floor(about 95sqm) in about 10-15 minutes I decided to try outdoor and quickly went full circle around scanning actually the whole my land parcel which is about 850sqm. It took me may be another 30 minutes top but I was not even rushing.

The best thing everything has been scanned properly.. even my concrete path and outdoor tiles have all been matched with multiple scans. At the end I closed the loop going around my house and a start of it matched the end without any visual error on a minimap.

About distances between scans. During scanning I have not really tried to push anything to the limit. I was just scanning around with distance at least 50-100% bigger than it would work for a pro2. Later I did extra scans to another model where I checked how far I could move the camera for a next scan in a direct line. Moving it about 10 meters gave me a scan align error but changing it to 7 meters worked with not problem and no messages about low overlap.

Sorry I cannot show you all models as it is a private property with a lot of mess as I am replacing a deck around my pool and it turned out into a long project.

As on my thoughts with comparing it with a BLK360. I believe if you do not do anything for AEC and is using your BLK360 just to beat sunlight for Matterport tours then I guess a Pro3 is a very good and cheaper replacement.

I would keep my BLK360 for a while but it is simply because I do not need to free funds locked in it. It has been paid in full from the day I bought it. My Pro3 is going to be paid under a lease program. At this point I literally paid nothing for a Pro3 and a lease fee will kick in soon only as less than AU$500/month.

If I'd needed money to pay in full for a Pro3 and knowing about it what I know now I would have sold my BLK360 to buy a Pro3.

BTW, there is a firmware update for my Pro3 camera popping up in the capture now. Not sure if I need to update as I heard others complained about getting an occasional errors during scanning after updating.

Once I scan anything commercial with a Pro3 I will share it. I have a university and a quite cool old church asking me to do a tour. Not sure if I can sell Matterport to university as it is 5 campuses spread over 200km that already have a dslr tour and they are asking for update only. However the church seems to be very interested in doing it with Matterport so I hope they will go with it.

If anybody wants extra pictures of any component of the kit or have some questions I am happy to help.

BTW, my code with 10xMatterpacks and 10xe57 is for sale. I may find a use for one of two but the rest for sure will go to waste. So I'd rather sell it with a discount to anyone interested.

Dan has created two posts for it but in reality I do not think I can sell it to two different MSPs. It has one QR code on a card and since applied both will be added to one Matterport account.

Originally Posted by DanSmigrod

WOW! Thanks for sharing.

The photos and commentary are super-helpful to anyone considering buying the Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit.

Interesting that the the 10 Matterport MatterPaks and 10 Matterport E57 Files are tied to ONE QR code. At least it appears to be transferable to others ...


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